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Dubai’s Al Jaddaf District: features, attractions, pros and cons

Район Дубая All Jaddaf: особенности, достопримечательности, плюсы и минусы

Dubai’s Al Jaddaf district is dynamic and popular. It successfully combines residential complex, cultural attractions and amenities. It doesn’t matter how you ended up on its territory – you came to solve business issues or relax, the area is considered a convenient location for exploring the city. In the article, we will consider in detail its features, pros and cons.

About the area

The territory is localized in the west of Dubai. The area was built along the bay of Dubai Creek, so the type of development here is coastal. Important places of interest are located at a short distance from it.

Dubai airport with high traffic is located just ten kilometers from this territory. There is also the Dubai Festival City Mall and the Healthcare City medical facility nearby.

The area has its own metro station. And nearby are Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai and the DIFC Finance Center.

Historical information

Dubai Creek Bay

Once upon a time, at the very beginning, the Dubai Al Jaddaf area could only be called fishing and shopping. It was all about the coastal localization at Dubai Creek. The bay was used as a harbor for ships, so the area became one of the important port locations in the region. Its name translates as rower, which confirms the connection with the maritime business.

Until the oil field was discovered, the territory was important in the field of pearl mining and was highly valued economically. Merchants and catchers of this organomaterial gathered at it, due to which the area continued to grow and develop as a shopping center.

Historically, it is believed that it was the center of the construction and repair of ships. There was construction and maintenance of traditional wooden dhow boats, on which they fished and traded. Since then, the importance of the area as an object of maritime activity has further strengthened.

At the end of the twentieth century, during the growth of Dubai’s economy, Jaddaf was also modernized. The expansion of Dubai’s infrastructure and the development of new ports has pushed back the need for conventional shipyards. This was the main reason for the district’s shift in focus to other industries.

Recently, the territory has become multi–purpose – it successfully combines residential facilities with shopping and leisure facilities. Many high-rise buildings, hotels, and residences have been built here. All this has allowed the district to significantly increase its importance.

The metro station, which is part of the Dubai metro network, has made it possible to improve transport links with this area – the movement of the population has become much easier. In addition, due to the proximity of the location to the sights, the popularity of the area as an attractive area for living has grown.

Geography and architecture

Architectural structure

Various buildings, both residential and commercial, have been built in the Jadaf area of Dubai. Each of them combines modern architecture with traditional design elements.

The layout of Jadaf is represented by a network of streets and roads, which makes it very convenient to get to any part of the area. Here you can see multi-apartment high-rises, hotel complexes, residences.

The skyscrapers are presented in an up–to-date style with the addition of smooth glass facades – this is a symbol of the cosmopolitan Dubai character. At the same time, some of the elements resemble the traditional architecture of the UAE. A striking example is the use of patterns in the form of geometric shapes, arches, and complex details.

Outstanding places

  1. Jamil’s art center. Various exhibitions and programs are often held here, where you can get acquainted with the works of local and foreign artists.
  2. The spa at Palazzo Versace is a top–of-the-line spa in a luxury hotel. Here are anti-aging treatments as well as wellness treatments.
  3. The Waterfront is a wonderful place from which you can contemplate a magnificent view of the Emirate and the bay. Here you can take a walk, relax in a cafe and just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  4. The Doe Marina is the place where the famous Arab sailing ships are built. Many people come to get acquainted with Dubai’s maritime heritage and look at the construction work of dhow boats.
  5. The arched Rashid Bridge is also called “floating”. The architectural structure connects the district with the rest of the emirate. There are beautiful views of the city.
  6. Hotels. Guests can visit luxury resorts with all amenities. This is a solution for tourists who are looking for high-class places to stay.
  7. Proximity to places of interest. There are many such places on the territory, but you can also visit them in neighboring areas. For example, a popular shopping mall is located near Juddaf, as well as the tallest skyscraper.

There are several recommendations that will help visitors to spend time usefully when visiting attractions:

  1. It is better to come to Juddaf in the cooler season – from November to March. Then the weather will be pleasant, and you will get more pleasure from walking around beautiful places.
  2. It is better to check information about tickets in advance on the official website, as somewhere they may charge an entrance fee. Moreover, spa treatments at the Palazzo Versace also need to be booked.
  3. You can travel around the city by taxi, metro, buses.
  4. It is necessary to observe the customs of the local population – to dress modestly. There are also certain rules that are set directly in public places.

Lifestyle and national culture

The hospitality of the Arab people

The entire local culture is based on the traditions and customs of the Arab people, taking into account modernity. 


  1. A welcoming atmosphere. The Emiratis treat their guests warmly and cordially. You will certainly be greeted kindly here.
  2. The dress code. Representatives of either sex should dress modestly – cover their shoulders and knees, especially if they visit religious sites and public places.
  3. Ramadan. It is considered a holy month in which Muslims fast. During this period, it is worth showing respect to the locals and not eating or drinking in public places.
  4. Prayers on Fridays. Since this is a sacred day, some businesses and government agencies are even closing down. Therefore, take this into account and plan your time.

Kindergartens and schools 

There is a Dazzle Kids kindergarten for young children – it is located near Zabeel Stadium. Alternative options are located in neighboring populated areas:

  1. Mini Miracles.
  2. Yellow Brick Road.
  3. Kinderville Early Learning Center.

The first two are localized in Al Garhoud – a 10-minute drive away.

The same applies to schools – two are localized in the neighboring area: private Dubai Jam, public English DESS. A Swiss International Scientific School has also been opened.

Clinics and hospitals 

The largest Latifa hospital is located near Judduff. It provides maternity and children’s departments. There are also other options nearby where emergency medical care is provided. They can be reached by car in a few minutes:

  1. Mediclinic City.
  2. Cardinal Health.
  3. Emirates Specialty.

Local cuisine

Local cuisine

The dishes here are different and reflect the multinational character of the city. Guests can try traditional cuisine or choose some international dishes. The first option is most often based on a mixture of aromatic spices with herbs, meat, fish and dates.

Dishes such as:

  1. Makbus is a fragrant rice in spices, cooked with meat/fish.
  2. Lukaymat – deep-fried doughnuts with a crispy crust on the outside and an airy-soft filling inside. Before serving, they must be watered with syrup made from dates. 
  3. Haris is a wheat porridge with meat.

The best restaurants and cafes in Dubai:

  1. La Piscina is a restaurant with a unique concept, its own atmosphere, where guests can eat by the pool. Here you can taste Middle Eastern cuisine. The service is so attentive that visitors feel at home.
  2. Vanitas is a restaurant where the flavors and flavors of Italian cuisine seem closer. Here, every dish is cooked with love and care. Guests can enjoy excellent service and a cozy atmosphere.
  3. Enigma is an innovative restaurant inspired by the idea of creating unique dishes from the best ingredients. Talented chefs work here, ready to surprise guests with their culinary masterpieces.
  4. Giardino is a restaurant with a refined atmosphere where guests can enjoy a variety of world cuisine. Live cooking stations add charm to the atmosphere, and the choice of dishes allows each visitor to find something to their liking.


Shopping in Dubai Mall

There are no shopping malls or bazaars on the territory of Jaddaf, but you can go to nearby ones:

  1. Dubai Mall is just a few minutes away and you are there. This is one of the largest shopping malls – there are most of the world’s brands, luxury boutiques, and leisure facilities here.
  2. The City Festival is localized on the waterfront. There are also many shops with things, accessories, appliances, household goods. You can also have lunch or dinner at restaurants or visit the entertainment center.
  3. Vafi Mall is located 6 kilometers from the district. The shopping center combines shops with restaurants and leisure facilities. There are many boutiques here – from expensive clothes to jewelry. There is also a cafe, a wellness salon, and a wellness center on site.
  4. The Deira Shopping Center is located 12 kilometers away. We are talking about a city center where they sell clothes and electronics. There is also a Carrefour hypermarket, a food court, a cinema, and a bowling alley on site.
  5. Burjuman is located 13 kilometers away. Here you can buy brands in both the medium and high price segments.There is a Carrefour supermarket, a children’s play area, a food mall, restaurants, and clothing stores on site.

Accommodation for living

  1. Hotels and resorts. They offer rooms with luxurious amenities in the form of spas and wellness centers. We are talking about a special space in the hotel where you can take care of your health.
  2. Hotels of the middle price segment are hotels with comfort. They provide well-equipped rooms, and some even have additional facilities in the form of swimming pools, gyms.
  3. Guest houses and hotels. They are designed for those who have a limited budget. More often these are cozy rooms with basic amenities.

Any visitor will be able to find a place to stay here. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The luxury Palazzo Versace is a luxurious establishment with top–class amenities and service. There are spacious rooms, as well as restaurants, a wellness salon.
  2. Marriott. On its territory there are restaurants, a sports club, a swimming pool with panoramic views.
  3. Budget Premier Inn with comfortable rooms, affordable price, necessary amenities.

There are also cottage settlements on the territory, where residential premises and private gardens are located. Such villas often include 4-6 rooms – suitable for a large family or those who like privacy.

And for those who want to open a company or start a business here, there are several commercial-type facilities. For example, office buildings, shopping areas. 


Taxi in Dubai

There are several options:

  1. Metro. Connects the main areas of Dubai, and also provides convenient access around the city.
  2. The bus network. You can take a bus to any of the surrounding attractions.
  3. Taxi. You can order on the street or order in the app.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the area:

  1. Transport security – a well-developed road network allows you to get to any corner of Dubai.
  2. The newest residential buildings meet high standards of living.
  3. Cultural education – residents and guests can get acquainted with various culinary and cultural solutions.

There were also disadvantages:

  1. Expensive accommodation – it is more expensive to rent a house here than in other emirates.
  2. There are practically no green areas – there is a shortage of large park areas.

Development prospects

Dubai’s Al Jaddaf district continues to grow and develop. Residential and commercial facilities will soon be built on the territory, infrastructure will be improved, green and recreational areas will be created. Each of these measures is aimed at making the area an even more interesting place.

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