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Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) area Overview in Dubai

Обзор района Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) в Дубае

The JVT Dubai area (Jumeirah Village Triangle) is one of the fastest growing in the city. Construction began in 2005 and has already been fully completed. The developer managed to realize a lot of ideas by creating a zone of elite seed housing. It has everything you might need for a comfortable stay, walks, recreation, sports.

From a bird’s-eye view, the shape of the area is clearly visible: it is a triangle (hence the name). The whole area is divided into 8 microdistricts, where you can find real estate from luxury villas and townhouses to quite budget one- or two-bedroom apartments.


Jumeirah Village Triangle is a closed area under round–the-clock security. Located near the city center, the area is completely devoid of city noise and bustle. The community resembles a quiet, cozy suburb with narrow winding streets, low-rise buildings, numerous green areas, sports grounds. But if you wish, you can get to the neighboring noisy, bustling and fun districts of Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers in no more than 15-20 minutes by car.

When you get into JVT Dubai, just one glance is enough to feel the high status of the community: silence, regularity, coziness, comfort, emphasized cleanliness and well-groomed terrain, restrained luxury of architectural structures. There are extensive golf courses here, where fans of this sport from other areas come. Kindergartens, schools, sports and playgrounds have been built for children.

It is allowed to have pets here, for which all conditions are also created: special places for walking, pet stores, veterinary clinics.



The community was created as a zone with a high level of comfort for families with several children of different ages, and parents are in an active form. Therefore, in parallel with the construction of residential buildings, the main urban infrastructure was built in the form of kindergartens, schools, outdoor sports grounds and indoor sports centers, as well as many outdoor areas for a relaxing family holiday, barbecue areas.

Bright fragrant flower beds are laid out in shady parks, artificial water bodies have been created, wide comfortable paths for walking are paved between them, and there are many playgrounds. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people walking here in the evenings, life is quiet and measured: no unnecessary noise, midnight parties with fireworks, the noise of cars.

You can have a good time in spas and restaurants with a variety of cuisine. There are several pharmacies in JVT, but there is no medical clinic yet, residents turn to hospitals in neighboring communities. The nearest Mediclinic Spring Hospital is a 10-minute drive away, it is a general hospital, it has an intensive care unit. If a four-legged pet gets sick, then the veterinarians of the city clinic, considered one of the best in Dubai, will treat it. There is also a large Pet Village pet store.


For kids, JVT has a kindergarten Jumeirah International (Jumeirah International Nursery), it is famous for its comfortable and friendly atmosphere. If desired, parents can arrange their child in the kindergartens of the neighboring districts of Kids World and Stepping Stones. All groups are small, which allows you to pay a lot of attention to each kid, take into account his individual needs in development and training.


Sunmarke School

Several schools are open for older children on the territory of Jumeirah Village Triangle, each has its own approach to education and upbringing, and also differs in profile specialization. For example, at Sunmarke School, the idea of positive communication is at the heart of the educational process. Here children are not scolded or punished, and learning takes place in the form of a friendly conversation. Graduates receive IB diplomas.

In the British Arcadia School, the approach to education is more classical. There are primary and secondary school classes, after which teenagers receive a full secondary education.

In the neighboring community of JVC there is a school with a sports bias – JSS. Here children play football and cricket. Education is conducted in several programs in English. There are all stages: primary, secondary and higher. In addition, students can master advanced courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, business management and some others.

Teaching in all schools is conducted according to international programs, and the diplomas issued are recognized abroad. In case of relocation, the child will not lose a year, but will be able to continue his studies at another school operating under a similar program.

Shopping malls

The community does not have its own shopping center yet, but the developer plans to build the Al Khail Avenue shopping center. In addition to shops, cafes and restaurants, there will be a cinema with 14 halls. In the meantime, the residents of JVC buy everything they need in the shopping centers of neighboring locations, all of them are at a distance of no more than 15 minutes by car. The closest shopping centers are Springs Souk and Marina Moll with hundreds of shops, restaurants, bowling and a lot of other entertainment for adults and children.

Moll Al Khail Avenue with an area of 185 thousand square meters is located a little further away. There are about 300 shops selling both everyday goods and luxury goods from the world’s leading brands.

In the neighboring location of Jumeirah Village Circle, another shopping giant with an area of more than 100 thousand square meters – Circle Mall, also with a full range of services and entertainment, has recently opened.

Beaches nearby

Jumeirah Beach Residence

There are no beaches in the location, but thanks to the well-developed road infrastructure and public transport system, you can get to the most famous Dubai beaches of Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Beach Residence in no more than 15 minutes from here.

The most popular places nearby

A few minutes’ drive from Jumeirah Village Triangle is the famous “Garden of Wonders”, connected to another attraction “Butterfly Garden”. Trees, shrubs and flowers from different tropical countries grow here, which in itself makes an indelible impression. But this vegetable paradise is still home to thousands of bright tropical butterflies, which, fluttering in the air, enhance the fabulous impression.

Sports infrastructure

Dubai Sports City

Its own sports structure is represented by several large sports halls, there are swimming pools. But even more opportunities are offered by the neighboring area – Dubai Sports City. There is a golf course, a cricket and rugby stadium.


Jumeirah Village Triangle is a community closed to tourists. This is a quiet, family-friendly, fashionable residential area. There are no attractions here. All architectural solutions are made in Arabic and Mediterranean style, successfully combined with the landscape. The location itself could become a landmark, personifying the comfortable lifestyle of the prosperous middle class. But one of the conditions for this comfort is just being closed from prying eyes.



The location is ideal for owners of personal transport. Each house has at least two Parking spaces, some have special verandas for vehicles. Spacious parking lots have been created near each public place. Since the area is closed and is under round-the-clock security, there are no bus stops here, as well as metro stations: the nearest of them are in neighboring communities. But this does not create problems, since the lifestyle of the local population by definition involves traveling only by private transport.

Investment attractiveness

The district is among the top five in terms of investment attractiveness. Its potential is more than 13,000 offers, and the profitability of housing varies from 5 to 7% depending on its type. The most expensive are villas and townhouses, which were originally positioned as luxury housing. But there are also more acceptable options – small apartments

Trends in the sale and rental of real estate

At Home

In JVT, wealthy married couples with children or pensioners, specialists in the field of IT, medicine, and other highly paid professions most often buy housing. Here, more often than in other places, people buy real estate as primary housing when moving from another country. Later, having settled down, people here also buy one or more objects for rent, which brings a good annual income.

Despite the high prices, real estate objects are being bought up briskly: most of them are already owned. This is the result of a successful combination of location near the center of Dubai and a sense of suburban tranquility, tranquility, which the developer managed to embody. At the same time, the Dubai JVT area continues to develop: the construction of a shopping center, new transport hubs, and a multi-lane road is next in line. All this will only increase the attention of businessmen engaged in the resale of real estate, as well as leading a rental business.

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