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How long can Russian citizens stay in Dubai without a visa?

Сколько можно находиться в Дубае без визы гражданам России?

Holidays in Dubai attract many Russians. A trip abroad in most cases requires an entry visa, which limits the stay in the country for a certain period. Is it possible to stay in Dubai without a visa, how long and what documents will be required? This is our article.

Do Russian citizens need a visa to the UAE

The great news is that since February 2019, Russia and the UAE have signed an agreement on easing the visa regime when crossing the border for citizens of both countries. Now you do not need a visa for travel and recreation.

How long can I live in Dubai without a visa?

If your passport is valid, and the purpose of visiting the country is recreation or tourism, you can freely enter the territory of Dubai and any other emirate and spend 90 days here for six months. The permit stamp in the passport, which is placed at the airport, is free of charge.

A visa is still required if you are going to work, study or live.


Passport requirements

  1. Every traveler should have it, including children under 14 years old. If the child is simply entered in the parent’s passport, he will not be missed.
  2. At the time of crossing the UAE border, at least six months must remain before the expiration of the passport.

How to visit the UAE with children

To cross the border with children, you will need additional documents:

  1. If the child shares the same surname with his parents, a birth certificate must be presented at the border.
  2. If the child and the parents have different surnames, then the original birth certificate will also be required, but translated into English and certified.
  3. If a minor crosses the border with a third person, a birth certificate and a permit from the parents will be required. In this case, both papers must be translated and notarized.

In the UAE, the age of majority comes at 21. Young people younger than this age can only cross the border accompanied by adults.

How much does a visa to the UAE cost

a 90-day tourist visa is free, at the airport they will simply put the appropriate stamp in your passport. If it needs to be extended for a month, it will cost 100 dirhams.


Which apps for tourists to download before a trip

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has introduced some security measures. In addition to documents confirming the absence of COVID-19, which must be presented at the border, some tourists (selectively) must pass the test on arrival. Its results can be obtained through a mobile application, with which the authorities can also track those infected and provide them with emergency care.

If you are going to visit Dubai, you need to install the COVID-19 DXB Smart app in your phone in advance. In other emirates, you need to install the Alhosn application. These applications should always be with you when visiting public places.

Is medical insurance required for a trip to the United Arab Emirates

Yes, it is necessary for both adults and children. It must have international coverage and include treatment for covid. There is no exact cost, but a suitable option can be issued at a travel agency or when buying a ticket: many carriers have begun to include medical insurance in the ticket price.

Other documents required for entry

In addition to the passport, the border service can check the availability of:

  • hotel reservations;
  • return ticket;
  • insurance policy.

You should have these documents with you, but in practice they are rarely asked. But the certificates of the absence of coronavirus are treated very carefully: you cannot cross the borders without them, especially since the need to be quarantined on arrival has been canceled for Russians.

All certificates must be printed and translated into English or Arabic and have QR codes. Certificates written by hand, as well as in digital or SMS versions are not accepted.


Vaccination certificate

Certificates confirming vaccination with drugs are recognized:

  • “Astra Zeneka”;
  • “Kovaxin”;
  • “Kovax”;
  • “Jansen”;
  • “Modern”;
  • “Novaksavid”;
  • “Pfizer/Bioentech”;
  • “Sinopharm”;
  • “Sinovak”;
  • Sputnik-V.

Medical report on recovery after coronavirus

It is necessary to present if the person recovered 30 days before the trip.

PCR test

It is valid for 48 hours, i.e. it must be submitted no later than two days before entering the Emirates, at the same time in a certified laboratory.

Questionnaires for arriving in the UAE

This document is required only from those who travel to Abu Dhabi.

PCR test on arrival

In Dubai, testing is carried out selectively among arriving passengers. There is a laboratory at Abu Dhabi Airport where unvaccinated passengers can take a test for 40 dirhams and get a “green status” in a mobile application.

PCR test

Who is exempt from presenting the results of PCR tests and vaccination certificates

  • passengers with moderate and severe disabilities;
  • children under 12 in Dubai, under 16 in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah.

Anti-weed restrictions

  1. In Abu Dhabi, the mask mode is mandatory for everyone, starting from the age of 2. Public institutions can only be accessed with a “green status” in the Alhosn application. Unvaccinated people with medical withdrawal and children aged 12 to 15 years should take a PCR test once a week.
  2. In Dubai, you can visit public places without masks, and to participate in events with a large crowd of people, vaccination is required.

Is it possible to stay in the Emirates for more than 90 days?

Perhaps. To do this, you need to contact the immigration service of the country and issue an extension of the residence permit. It can be received only once for a period of 30 days, the service is paid.

Useful information

  1. For women of any age, escorting men to enter Dubai and or another emirate is not required.
  2. If there is an Israeli visa in the passport, there will be no problems with crossing the border with the UAE. Entry is prohibited only to Israeli citizens.
  3. With a UAE visa, you can make a tourist excursion to Oman to the Musandam peninsula, but only as part of a group.

So, how long can you stay in Dubai without a visa? According to the new rules, the period is 90 days within 6 months, but the purpose of the trip should not be educational or commercial. If necessary, the length of stay can be increased by a month. Documents confirming the absence of coronavirus are still required for entry.

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