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What is the validity period of a passport for a trip to the UAE for Russians?

Какой нужен срок действия паспорта для поездки в ОАЭ для россиян?

Russians have a weakness for comfortable rest. This is partly why the Arab Emirates has become one of the most popular resorts. But not only for the sake of recreation, our compatriots are ready to fly to the end of the world. The conditions for doing business in the UAE are more than attractive, besides there is a visa-free regime for visiting the country. Given all these factors, many people are reasonably interested in what the validity period of a passport for a trip to the UAE should be for Russians so that there are no questions at customs. In this article we will try to understand this issue in more detail.

Rules for visa-free entry to the United Arab Emirates in 2022

The visa-free regime between Russia and the United Emirates has been in place since 2018. Based on it, it is located in the country without any additional registrations. The visa that is affixed at the airport or ground checkpoint directly to the foreign passport of the person staying is sufficient.

In addition, you will have to get insurance that will cover, if necessary, treatment for coronavirus infection. You can do it yourself remotely or when ordering a tour from a travel agency. You also need a fresh test confirming the absence of coronavirus infection, done no later than 3 days in advance.

Airport Security Service in the UAE

Passport requirements for entering the UAE

Foreign passports of those entering the Emirates must comply with two key principles:

  • document without visible damage;
  • the validity period of the passport for entry into the UAE is at least 6 months from the moment of arrival on the territory of the country.

Tourists can start counting their stay in the country from the moment they cross its border. In some cases, other papers may be needed. For example, a birth certificate for adult citizens of Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt and some others. Russia is not on this list, as it is not on the list of states, adult tourists from which need to present a notarized, translated into English or Arabic certificate.

Features of entry for children

A child will not be able to enter the territory of the Emirates without his own passport, regardless of age. It will not be possible to cross the border if it is simply entered in the parent’s document. Since, according to the law of an Arab country, only upon reaching the age of 21, citizens can be considered adults, until then they are children.

In addition to having a passport, in order to successfully cross the border of the Arab state, you will also need a birth certificate for every family member under the age of 21. At the same time, it must be translated into English and notarized. Another certificate will be needed if the parents have different surnames. Also, in case of crossing the border with only one of the parents, you will need to present an export permit from the other, where the period of stay in the country is indicated.


When a tourist crosses the border of the Emirates, the visa is affixed to the document for free, that is, there is no need to pay any fees for this procedure.

Other entry rules

Other rules of entry to the UAE include the fact that a tourist is granted a single-entry visa that allows him to stay in the Emirates. That is, after departure and re-arrival, you will need to apply for a new visa, even if the 90-day period from the moment of the first registration has not yet expired.

Passport control in the UAE

Sanctions for violation of the rules of entry and exit

If a tourist violates the rules of entry, sanctions may be applied against him. In particular, a fine of 2 thousand dollars threatens those who do not leave the country at the specified time. In addition, almost $ 50 will have to be paid for each overdue day. If the violator himself cannot be found, the penalty, instead of him, will be imposed on relatives or guarantors. Violators will also be banned from visiting the Emirates.

Features of staying in the UAE

Everyone knows that the laws of Muslims are very strict and may even seem cruel to some. And the Emirates is a Muslim state, here they are sensitive to traditions, customs and perfectly observe the laws drawn up on their basis. So, for example, if the police stop a tourist who turns out to be drunk, then it will not be possible to get away from a fine or disciplinary punishment. The same goes for any gambling, even cards.

Women in the Emirates have a special status and must obey Muslim laws. The locals will not tolerate tourists if they flaunt too open clothes. It is allowed to walk as you please only in specially designated areas for visiting tourists. It is not allowed to show too violent feelings in public, as well as smoking and drinking alcohol. In the amount of almost $ 150, every tourist who litters will be fined.

The ban on visiting the mosque applies to all tourists who are not Muslims. It is extremely cautiously recommended to shoot on video or take pictures in the Emirates. You should definitely ask the permission of a local resident to capture it on film, but it is not recommended to approach military or state facilities with a camera at all.

Tourist in the UAE

Popular questions

Oddly enough, passport requirements for arrival in the UAE are not the most popular question for those who want to come here on vacation. There are others that Russians are no less interested in.

Is it true that when entering the UAE, all tourists have their retinas scanned?

Such a procedure is indeed present at UAE airports, but not for all tourists, but only selectively. If there are concerns about the safety of such manipulation, it is best to contact your optometrist in advance so that he determines whether it can be carried out in a particular case.

The presence of a stamp in the passport of crossing the border of Israel may affect the admission of a foreigner to the UAE?

The fact of the presence or absence of a mark on the crossing of the Israeli border in the identity document will not affect the desire of customs officers to detain or let a tourist pass. For a long time now

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