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The best restaurants in Dubai with Michelin stars in 2023

Лучшие рестораны в Дубае с звездами Мишлен в 2023 году

More than 10,000,000 tourists from different countries come to Dubai every year, so the restaurant business in the emirate is very well developed. There are various cuisines here – from European to Indian. Choosing the best restaurants in Dubai is not easy, but we will look at those establishments that have the most refined interior, excellent service, delicious food.

11 Woodfire (modern kitchen)

11 Woodfire

The restaurant has a fashionable style and a relaxed atmosphere. 11 Woodfire is located in a villa on Jumeirah Beach Road. It will be appreciated by those who like to spend time in a friendly company talking by an open fire.

The strengths of the establishment are considered to be a huge open kitchen and grill. Also impressive is the variety of delicious dishes with vegetables, seafood, meat. They are mainly cooked on a wood-burning grill and use various types of wood, for example, oak, hickory. This solution allows you to create your own distinctive flavor shade. Seasonings are also used in cooking. 

Beef kebab (wagyu meat), sea bass baked with tamarind in a salt crust, and ti-bon steak are especially popular.

Another advantage is considered to be a relaxed, but professional service. The service in the restaurant is at the highest level – there is air conditioning, a car park, a terrace. Accept payment by credit and debit cards.

Al Muntaha (french)

Al Muntaha

The establishment is located at the top of the most beautiful hotel in the world – on the 27th floor of Burj El Arab. From this height there is a beautiful view of the Emirate.

The basis of the menu is the author’s preparations from fresh ingredients. Of the popular ones, truffles and caviar, sauces, desserts are used. 

Thanks to his high precision, the chef manages to create modern products with a bright taste and pleasant texture. You should definitely try tartlets with king crab, sea bass with spices, homemade cheese from farms. 

For a full assessment, you can order a tasting set with six signature restaurant preparations. One of the most delicious desserts is a tart sorbet with the addition of orange, basil and citrus.

The restaurant has an unusual serving of each serving, attentive, professional staff. You can also pay with a card here.

Armani Ristorante (italian)

Armani Ristorante

The elegant restaurant is located on the territory of the Armani Hotel on the lower floors of the Burj Khalifa. The room is quite spacious – high ceilings, conveniently placed tables, marble floor and a large cooking room with a glass facade in the center of the hall. The latter solution makes it possible to observe the work of chefs.

This exclusive place fascinates with refined combinations of dishes – you get a modern interpretation of traditional recipes. Agnolotti del plin, filet scorfano are popular among the preparations. Wine lovers should definitely get acquainted with an interesting wine list.

The team of the institution attentively treats each visitor and pays great attention to the submission. 

Such an authentic restaurant is suitable for dinner, after which you will want to walk around the beautiful center of Dubai. If you like the view of the fountains, book a table on the terrace. On-site parking services and wheelchair access are available.

Hakkasan (chinese)


The premises of the global brand are localized on the territory of the Atlantis Hotel. There is an unusual atmosphere of privacy here. In general, the interior is decorated in light blue tones. There is a lush hedge around the terrace with oak trellises, and the lounge area is decorated in black and gold shades. Luxury design is a new take on Shanghai glamour. It is best to occupy tables to the side of the living room – near the bar with blue lighting.

The chef together with his talented team create masterpieces based on classic recipes of Chinese cuisine. Only selected ingredients and innovative culinary technologies are used in the work.

The menu is quite diverse. For example, you can try lobster with lychee and yuzu pearls, and if you like spices – Assam seafood toban. Don’t forget to leave room for one of the creative desserts. Drinks from world-class mixologists are also prepared here. 

For those who do not eat meat, there is a vegetarian menu.

avatar (indian)


The restaurant is located on the territory of Voco Dubai, but in the middle of this year it should move to a private room in Dubai Hills. This is the first and only vegetarian cuisine in Dubai at the moment. On request, it is prepared for those who adhere to vegan and gluten-free diets.

Each chef’s creation has its own story. In cooking, he does not use garlic and onions, so that the taste is more open. The usual recipes were reinterpreted in a modern manner. The main idea is to dispel the idea that vegetarian cuisine is “bland” and demonstrate the new possibilities of such food.

Guests are offered 16 expertly prepared dishes. The ingredients used are pure, natural and energy-intensive. Dairy products come from local farms. The pleasure of dinner can be enhanced by a pleasant wine accompaniment.

Ossiano (creative)


Imagine that you are trying a gourmet dish, and stingrays, sharks, snappers, hamurs, lionfish at this time float past your table. All this becomes possible with Ossiano – an underwater restaurant, which is accessed by a marble spiral staircase. The room is located at the Atlantis Hotel, The Palm. His images can often be seen on the covers of tourist brochures. More than 65 thousand marine inhabitants live in a huge aquarium from floor to ceiling. 

Childhood memories and travels prompted the chef to create a set menu with fish and shellfish. The presentation often ends with some theatricality.

In general, traditional Catalan cuisine is prepared here.

Ossiano Bouillabaisse’s interesting dishes include fish stew with saffron confit potatoes and kimchi, as well as caramelized black cod with homemade linguini and almond foam.

In such a place, a romantic dinner will be unforgettable. It will also be appreciated by families with children. There is a water park on the territory.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (English)

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

The atmospheric restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Atlantis The Royal Hotel. The chef of this establishment is inspired by the ancient cuisine of England. He translates the recipes of the XV, XVI, XVII centuries in a modern way, strengthening them with the best ingredients. In general, this place is considered a rare gem for experienced gourmets and connoisseurs.

The menu is really different from what you might have tried before. “Meat Fruit” are two classic snacks that everyone loves to photograph. There is also a chicken liver parfait similar to tangerine and many others. You should definitely order a “Drunk cake”, where there are pineapples fried on a spit. Here, even the most ordinary recipes, for example, triple-cooked chips, will be prepared correctly.

The service is also at the highest level – the chef’s team is always aware of the food and ready to answer questions. The staff offers impeccable serving, and, within each serving, emphasizes the advantages.

Ariana’s Persian Kitchen (persian)

Ariana's Persian Kitchen

The establishment is located on the ground floor of Atlantis The Royal. Its design is made in pastel colors. There is a tent-like atmosphere, there is a covered terrace overlooking the gardens.

The restaurant offers to plunge into the world of fragrant Persian delicacies.

The menu was made according to family recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. For example, sea bass with rose flavor, Caspian fillet kebab, ice cream with rose water and pistachios.

Guests are offered bright salads, grilled meat, a wide selection of tea, specially prepared liqueur.

The main difference is an exquisite combination of meat products with vegetables, as well as cereals with fruits and nuts. Spicy herbs and spices are also used in the preparation.

For payment, you can use American Express, MasterCard, Visa credit cards, as well as debit cards. You can book a table both inside and outside on the beautiful terrace. 

Trèsind Studio (Indian)

Trèsind Studio

The chamber restaurant is located in Nakheel Mall near a wonderful garden.

The chef offers a surprise tasting menu with traditional Indian dishes. It contains aromas and tastes from each of the four cardinal directions of India.

The menu is updated every season, but the most favorite dish is left unchanged. We are talking about pan puri – crispy balls from the text, which are served as an aperitif. And the serving here is so creative that it begs to take a photo.

The service is completely thought out to the smallest detail – from the sequence of submission to its speed and presentation. Each masterpiece is a small theatrical act that causes delight at least twice: first when viewing a dish, then when omitting its taste.

While the chefs are working in the open kitchen, the team of waiters describes in detail each element of the creation to the customers. The presentation is characterized by a little theatricalization to enhance the impression. There are 20 seats in the dining room, so attention is paid to each guest. 

Regular visitors can take advantage of bonuses, for example, get an additional portion of their favorite dessert. Also, for holders of Restocard UnionPay from ZENIT Private Banking, there is a 10% cashback and the possibility of priority table reservations.

Tasca by José Avillez (Portuguese)

Tasca by José Avillez

The establishment is located on the 6th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It offers visitors a breathtaking view of the sea and the city. There is a swimming pool on the terrace.

The restaurant got its name after the Portuguese word Tasca, which means “Tavern”. 

The culinary genius offers dishes based on recipes from his native Portugal. The menu is quite diverse – from author’s versions of classics, for example, avocado breaded tempura to fried cod. For dessert, it is mandatory to try tart with custard and a ball of coffee ice cream. 

There is also a wine list with the largest selection of Portuguese wines and signature cocktails.

The staff takes care with trepidation to make the guests’ dinner pleasant.

You can eat indoors and on the outdoor terrace. There is also a live entertainment program on Fridays and Saturdays.

STAY by Yannick Alléno (french)

STAY by Yannick Alléno

The establishment is located on the territory of the luxury beach resort One&Only The Palm. The elegant room is designed in a colonial style. There are tropical gardens and a private jetty near it. 

Here you can taste the specialties and unique desserts of the culinary master.

The chef individually approaches the preparation of any food – from seasonal caviar to all variants of truffles. The main dish is a langoustine pie. 

In general, the principle of “less is more” is used in the preparation of some ingredients.

There are hot and cold snacks on the menu. For example, you can order a set for two with beef, leg of lamb and fried halibut. In addition to meat and fish, you can try food from vegan cuisine. For example, it can be a STAY complex of four dishes. Citrus souffle in mendarin jelly is suitable for lovers of sharpness, and for those who love chocolate – chocolate and coffee dessert.

The unique preparation is complemented by carefully selected service and pleasant staff.

Il Ristorante-Niko Romito (italian)

The best restaurants in Dubai with Michelin stars in 2023

Stylish, but at the same time discreet restaurant is located in the Bulgari Resort Hotel.

The interior is made in an elegant style, and the walls are decorated with black-and-white pictures of Italian film actors. There is a cocktail bar and a terrace overlooking the marina.

Guests can get acquainted with exquisite modern Italian food from an experienced chef. All dishes are balanced. Most of the ingredients are delivered by plane from Italy.

The highlight of the restaurant is fish masterpieces and pasta. Among the popular delicacies, the leading places are occupied by cheese soup Parmigiano Reggiano, spaghetti with sea urchins, black cod. Sorbet or any other dessert is perfect for finishing lunch/dinner.

The establishment has impeccable service – friendly staff will be happy to recommend something, as well as tell you how it was prepared in childhood.

moonrise (creative)


Completes the list of the best restaurants in Dubai moonrise – it is located at the top of the luxurious Eden House residential complex. Designed for 12 seats – even true gourmets will appreciate it. Externally, the object looks like a smooth glass box with a view of the city from each side.

The tasting menu consists of several branded creations, for example, pani puri with mushrooms and original omakase. The cook uses Japanese notes and techniques in cooking. The strength is a non-standard approach to the combination of ingredients.

The arrangement of stools for guests is made in a row behind the counter so that everyone can observe the table setting during service. It is better to arrive on time, as they will serve everyone together at once.

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