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When and why do Russians need a transit visa to Dubai in 2022?

Когда и зачем нужна транзитная виза в Дубай для россиян в 2022 году?

Dubai Flight Harbor is a place where thousands of transfers are made and hundreds of flights connect connecting the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Russia with popular resorts in Southeast Asia. If the flight to the resort is made through a travel agency, then it takes care of all the documents. However, if a tourist makes an independent trip, the question arises how to apply for a transit visa to Dubai and whether it is needed at all.

What is a Transit visa (TV) and is it needed in Dubai

TV is a permit document granting the right to temporary stay in the country (usually no more than 72 hours) travelers who do not have the right to a visa-free stay on its territory while they are waiting for a transfer to another flight. Different countries, as well as the single Schengen area, have their own rules. In some cases, TV design is not required at all. But do I need a visa to transit through Dubai?

If you plan to stay in the country for more than a day, for example, waiting for the next flight or just want to stay for a couple of days and see the sights, you need to issue a residence permit. It is valid for 2 months, during which it must be used, but you can stay within the Arab Emirates for no more than 96 hours, i.e. 4 days.

Restrictions on entry to the UAE due to coronavirus

Many restrictive measures introduced during the pandemic have already been lifted. So:

  • wearing masks in public places is optional;
  • bans on visiting public places, as well as restrictions on the number of tourists, have been lifted.

However, the requirement to present a negative PCR test, a certificate of complete vaccination or a certificate of full recovery remains. The certificate and test must be provided with a QR code, the certificate of recovery must confirm the fact of recovery at least one month before arrival in the UAE. The PCR test is valid for 48 hours.

When you can do without TV

Dubai airport

For Russians whose stay at Dubai airport waiting for another flight does not exceed 24 hours, TV is not needed. At the same time:

  • they are forbidden to leave the transit zone;
  • it is necessary to have booked tickets along the entire route;
  • departure further along the route must be carried out from the same air harbor;
  • the passenger has no right to return back to the airport from which I arrived in the UAE.

For some, being in the waiting area for 15-20 hours seems very tiring. Perhaps this is true somewhere, but not at Dubai Airport, which is considered one of the most accurate in the world. Here the flight schedule is docked with such accuracy that the average interval between flights does not exceed 4 hours. Luggage is not lost here, information signs will not allow you to get lost, even if you speak only your native language, any information can be obtained at the reception desk or at an electronic terminal, and the waiting conditions are close to fabulous.

For passengers there are cafes, restaurants serving dishes of all cuisines of the world, swimming pools, comfortable recreation areas with lounge chairs, free shower and capsule hotel Snooze Cube. Not to mention boutiques that sell goods from souvenir trinkets to cars of the most prestigious models.

Thus, if you just transfer to Dubai at the same airport, you do not need to apply for a visa.

Reasons for leaving the transit zone

  • the next flight is from another airport;
  • if the interval between arrival and departure is less than a day, but you want to walk around the city;
  • the passenger has two tickets purchased from different air carriers.

Tour visas are very expensive. Therefore, many passengers flying through the UAE use the opportunity to get acquainted with local attractions: 4 days is more than enough for this.

Ways to obtain a transit visa to Dubai for Russians in 2022


The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates serves only diplomatic passports. Ordinary travelers or businessmen need to contact intermediaries:

  • to the visa centers of Moscow or St. Petersburg;
  • to the airline;
  • to the Hala Service upon arrival.

Questionnaires and bank statements are submitted in English.

Via airline

The availability of sponsorship is the main condition for providing TV. They are issued by two air carriers – Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways – they act as a visa sponsor.

According to the reviews of people who often visit the Emirates, it is better to use the services of Emirates, since the second company often has malfunctions. To apply, go to the website fill out the form, be sure to leave an email address, attach the required documents and send a request. The application must be submitted at least 4 working days before departure. After 2-4 days, an electronic document with an ID number in the form of a PDF file will be sent to your e-mail. It must be printed out in A4 format and presented at passport control upon arrival. They will not make any additional marks in the passport. For the absence of a printout, you will have to pay a fine of $ 10.

You can also submit a request at the airline’s office.

You will be required to:

  • a questionnaire with a personal signature;
  • copies of Emirates Airline tickets for the entire route;
  • a photo of the passport page with personal data in color (there must be at least six months before the expiration of the document);
  • a color photo for the questionnaire measuring 4.3 X 5.5 cm, made on a white background;
  • a copy of the internal Russian passport (all pages where there are entries);
  • a document confirming the status of the traveler or financial independence.

Confirmation of the status of a traveler implies the provision of a foreign passport, in which a visa of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand has been issued for the last 5 years. It does not matter if it is valid or its term has expired. The second option is stamps in the passport of entry and exit from any country of the world at least twice in the last 2 years. The exceptions are the poorest countries in Asia: Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.


Confirmation of financial viability implies the presentation of one of the official papers:

  • confirmation of annual income in the amount of at least 400 thousand rubles,
  • bank account statements with a monthly turnover of at least 33,500 rubles,
  • certificates from the place of work with salary confirmation in the amount of at least 33,500 rub.;
  • account statement with a balance of at least 33,500 rubles.

The sent files should be no more than 200 KB in size, and the photo should be 40 KB.

Through the Visa Application Center

The submission procedure is approximately the same as when receiving through the airline. The application is submitted online or in person in the office, the deadline is 2-3 working days. You can get a ready-made permit by e-mail and print it yourself or do it at the visa application center.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • photo of the page with personal data from the passport in color;
  • one color photo;
  • a copy of the ticket;
  • proof of financial independence or a valid permit to enter the Schengen countries, the UK or the USA;
  • application form (when applying online, it is filled in on the spot).

Upon arrival

Contact Hala Service and present:

  • a passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months by the time of arrival in the UAE;
  • if there are old foreign passports, they will also be required to check the visa history;
  • purchased tickets or reservations;
  • hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in the Emirates (in this case, the hotel acts as a visa guarantor);
  • confirmation of financial independence (bank account statement with a balance of at least 30 thousand rubles);
  • one color photo on a white background.

A retinal scan will also be required. This is done on the spot, as well as filling out the questionnaire.

Design online

A transit permit can be issued using the services of other intermediaries. To do this, you need to register on the selected site, open your personal account and follow the instructions.

How to register a TV in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi airport

If you need to transfer to Abu Dhabi, it is better to use the services of Etihad Airways. The main condition is that the entire flight is carried out only by this company with a stay at the airport of at least 8 hours. The permit is also issued for 96 hours, but it must be used within two weeks. The standard processing time is 3 working days.

The application is submitted through the website .

The application must be accompanied by:

  • scan of the passport page with personal data;
  • one color photo;
  • tickets of this company only for the entire flight route;
  • questionnaire (the form is on the website);
  • booking at a local hotel;
  • proof of financial viability (a certificate from the place of work indicating a monthly salary of at least 40,000 rubles or a copy of a bank account with a turnover of at least 10,000 dollars in the last six months or a permit to enter the territory of the United States, Great Britain or the Schengen area, received for the last 5 years).

Permission to cross the border will be sent to your email address, it must be printed out and presented upon arrival to the migration service inspector, who will put an appropriate mark in the passport.

The cost of registration

Depends on the receiving method. A transit visa to the UAE, issued through an airline, costs 65.5 US dollars. The amount includes the consular fee. For urgency, they will take a double price – $ 130. Registration on arrival will cost about $ 60.

Who can be denied entry permit

Young women under the age of 30 are most often faced with refusals. They can refuse if a woman:

  • travels alone unaccompanied by an adult man;
  • has indicated her married status in the questionnaire, but cannot present a marriage certificate;
  • is not married and she does not have a special deposit account with an amount of at least 15,000 rubles.

Also, refusal awaits all Russians who have an open but unused permit to enter the UAE. It must first be closed, and then submit a request for a new one.

Sometimes there are curiosities: because of confusion, refusals come to citizens with too common Russian surnames like Ivanov or Petrov. In this case, it is necessary to file an appeal, and then file a second application.

Do I need a transit visa to Dubai for a child


Children, as well as adults, need permission to cross the border.

If the child does not have his passport, but his photo is pasted into the parent’s, then they will be required to:

  • birth certificate;
  • a copy of your passport page with a photo of the child.

It is also necessary to notify the relevant services in advance about the absence of a child’s passport.

If everything is met, then a transit visa to Dubai is issued automatically and without paying a visa fee.

If the child has his own passport, then it is necessary to collect a full package of documents, as for an adult, and pay the fee.

If a child travels with one parent, the written consent of the second is required, if without parents, but with third parties, then the consent of both parents.

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