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How to check a company in the UAE

Как проверить компанию в ОАЭ

If you plan to work with a company that is registered in the United Arab Emirates, you need to check its official registration and availability of a license. Checking the UAE counterparty will help to avoid a situation where, after receiving money from you, the company simply sells. Let’s consider what the verification process is.

UAE Business Registries

Company registries are represented by a single resource where data on organizations is collected. When an entrepreneur starts working with the UAE, there is a need to check his partner for the legality of his activities. The peculiarity is that there is no single resource where all organizations would be concentrated. Their availability varies. For example, in some cases, information is freely available, it is enough only to use the Internet. In others, on the contrary, it is possible to obtain data only from the authorities with a special request. For FEZ businesses, resources can most often be freely viewed on the Internet. 

Checking the company’s electronic documentation

According to the register of the Taxpayer’s Registration Number


When you register a business, you are given a unique code of 15 characters, as well as a tax number. There is even a separate list of companies that can be checked for the latter. There are 2 ways to get a registration number:

  1. By visiting the DED web page – for local businesses.
  2. Via the NER web page – if there is one company name.

The second option is generally available for online viewing of information about one’s own business license, provided that it has been registered by the government. Here you can also get up-to-date information about the operating business in the Emirates. 

NER is an integrated platform for federal and local government agencies. It serves the state policy, which is designed to expand opportunities and stimulate the economy. The platform provides an opportunity for government agencies, entrepreneurs, researchers, and clients to receive fast, accurate information about current business activities.

According to the registry of the Dubai Economic Development Department

The list allows you to check the availability of a license and the business as a whole. This solution is suitable for checking local businesses if you only know the name.

Every company that is registered in any emirate is listed in the Development Department. You need to find out exactly where, and then open the website of the necessary registry, where to specify the name.

According to the Abu Dhabi registry

Abu Dhabi

The following company characteristics are available to everyone:

  • name;
  • the date of the registration process and its number;
  • status;
  • address;
  • types of activities.

According to the registry in DFSA

DFSA is the financial control body of the FEZ, DIFC. Its activities extend only to a certain territory. The main task is to provide a regulatory framework that must comply with international standards. Therefore, this resource has data on businesses that are localized in Dubai.

According to the register of companies registered in DIFC

Dubai World Financial Center

The Dubai Global Financial Center has concentrated a registration division in its structure, which is the registry of companies. It has been operating since 2010. 

According to the registers of FEZ

To carry out verification of the UAE counterparty in this case, it will not work according to the previously described methods. A personal resource has been allocated for any of the FEZs with the publication of information about registered organizations. It is enough to open the website of the desired free zone and enter the company name / registration number.

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