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Employment of employees in the UAE and obtaining a residence permit

Registration of employees in a company registered in the Mainland or Free Zone

We will help you prepare documents for the employment of an employee for any position
We will guide the employee through all stages of employment
We will receive all the necessary documents as soon as possible. The period for obtaining a residence permit is from 2 to 3 weeks
Let's explain what rights and obligations an employee and employer have in the UAE
The cost of employment of an employee "turnkey" — $3,000

What documents will your employee receive:

Labour Card

Company employee card, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor and serves as a form of employee identification.

Residence Visa

The UAE Resident visa is a permit that allows foreign persons to reside in this country for a long period of time.

Emirates ID

This is the main identity card in the UAE.

Step 11-2 days

Verification of company documents

  • Before the start of the process, our team will check whether the company has all the documents and grounds for the employment of employees.
  • If at this stage you will lack documents or your company has not yet been registered with the Ministry of Labor, our team will help you get all the necessary documents and pass the checks preceding the employment of employees.
The result of the step:
Your company will have a package of all necessary documents and will be ready to hire employees.
Step term:
1-2 working days, if no additional documents or procedures are required.
Step 21-2 days

Collecting information and documents for an employee

  • At this stage, we will send a complete list of documents for each employee, based on what position you want to hire an employee for.
  • In this case, the list of documents will depend on the qualification requirements of the employee for each specific position.
  • At this stage, information is also collected that is necessary for the formation of an employment contract.

The result of the step:

Your future employee has a full package of documents and is ready for employment.

Step term:

1-2 working days, if no additional documents are required, which the employee needs to prepare for the selected position.
Step 310-14 days

Employee employment process

  • At this stage, we will determine where the employee is located and, based on this, how the document submission process will take place.
  • At each stage of employment, our employee will be in touch with you, who is located in the UAE and is engaged in filing documents, so all stages will be clear to you.
  • At this stage, the employee will also need to take a medical test and fingerprints in the UAE. The whole process will be supervised by our employee.

The result of the step:

Your employee is employed by the company within the framework of the UAE legislation and has received permission for a long-term stay in the country.

Step term:

10-14 working days before receiving all necessary documents including Emirates ID*
*the timing will depend on the work of government agencies, national holidays and the timing of visits to government agencies by an employee of the company
Step 41 day

Receiving documents

  • At this stage, the employee receives the entire package of documents that are necessary for work and residence in the UAE.

The result of the step:

Your employee has received all the documents, including the Emirates ID card, and is officially employed by the company.

Step term:

1 working day.

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