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Companies setup and business support in the UAE

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Tax solutions for EU citizens
Opening personal and corporate accounts
Tax and financial consulting
Obtaining a residence permit and Emirates ID

Company setup

10 - 14 days

Free Zone | Mainland

from 5500$

Company setup + residence permit!for one company unlimited of residence permits

from 28 days

Free Zone | Mainland

from 8500$

Our goal

Help companies from EU to obtain the necessary financial, legal and geopolitical benefits of the UAE jurisdiction.

  • We create a business community in the UAE for the exchange of experience and networking

  • We share the nuances of opening a company and doing business in the UAE in our YouTube channel

Personal manager


is in touch and accompanies during the whole process and advises on emerging issues

Transparent pricing


of the cost of setup actions and license price

About us


20 companies

open monthly

Over 90%

of the largest Free Zones have accredited us as a partner

Company support

More than 100 clients trust us with business accounting in the UAE

We provide access to a database of reliable counterparties in the UAE that will help you solve your problems in the following areas





Get advice from an expert:

  • 01 All about business administration in the UAE
  • 02 Choice between FreeZone or Mainland
  • 03 Structuring EU-UAE cash flows
  • 04 Opening personal and corporate accounts in the UAE
  • 05 AML/KYC
  • 06 CFC issues
  • 07 Exchange of tax information with EU

Opening a company in the UAE is a simple task

But we are well aware that our clients do not need a company, it is just a tool. The main goal for them is to complete specific business tasks: from parallel imports to registration of intellectual property. We help solve these problems


We identify the needs of the business and offer the optimal Free Zone

2-4 days
  • we form a shortlist of 2-3 Free Zones most suitable for the request
  • our expert helps you choose the best

We set up a company and prepare it for conducting commercial operations

7-14 days
  • preparing a Memorandum of Association
  • get Trade License
  • issuing an Establishment Card

We help to work out the structure of the main cash flows and their legal registration

2-4 days
  • we advise on the structuring of cash flows and transfers to the UAE of the EU
  • we give recommendations on interacting with banks in terms of cross-border payments

We employ employees and obtain a residence permit

21-28 days
  • we prepare the entire package of documents
  • we accompany and advise during the whole process

If necessary, we obtain additional licenses/permits

  • Food Safety Department (restaurants/shops)
  • Dubai Municipal (any retail facilities)
  • Dubai Land Department (permits for brokers/developers/Real estate Management Company)
  • Roads and Transport Authority (permits for businesses interacting with transport infrastructure)

Accounting support

  • we will prepare and submit reports to the tax service
  • we control accounting and submit VAT declarations for transactions within the UAE

Our services

Business structuring in new realities
  • Selection of the optimal zone in the UAE for company setup
  • Development of an optimal corporate structure with a simultaneous presence in the UAE and Russia
  • Elaboration of the structure of the main cash flows and their legal registration
  • Structuring relations with a Russian company on the transfer of rights, assets, cash flows
  • Elaboration of financing models taking into account locations and imposed restrictions
  • Issues of corporate governance and control, reconfiguration and re-registration of relations with investors
Commercial and operational activities of the company
  • Development of a commercialization model and cash flow structure
  • Assessment of the need to obtain licenses, permits, membership in SROs for certain types of activities
  • Studying the issues of the features of experimental regimes and obtaining benefits in the UAE
  • Assistance in the selection of a bank and in opening bank accounts, the formation of a dossier and a package of documents within the framework of AML / CTF / KYC procedures
  • Legal reorganization of the entire perimeter of commercial operations (domestic and cross-border), support for the transfer of current relations (corporate, IP, contracts) to a company in the UAE
  • Analysis of the tax burden of the group, taking into account the tax regime in the UAE, including an analysis of the various ways of financing the company, the distribution of assets and cash flows in the structure of the group
  • Analysis of the company's tax liabilities when receiving profit from trading activities / licensing, transferring rights and using software products, when repatriating profits in favor of beneficiaries through the distribution of dividend, interest income and royalties
  • Analysis of the tax liabilities of the beneficial owner of a company in the UAE, including CFC requirements
  • Analysis of the requirements of currency legislation regarding the opening by a currency resident of the Russian Federation of accounts in foreign banks and non-banking financial organizations and the conduct of operations on them, including the receipt of dividends
Services for business owners
  • Management of private assets during relocation - development of an optimal plan for the restructuring of personal assets
  • Full legal support of procedures for obtaining citizenship, residence permit, residence in the UAE
  • Legal and tax support of the client upon obtaining the status of a UAE tax resident and subsequent support on all legal and tax issues - preparation and filing of tax returns, notifications, payment of applicable taxes, etc.
  • Advising on currency legislation, special restrictions in the Russian Federation, sanctions and counter-sanctions

Get advice from an expert:

  • 01 All about business administration in the UAE
  • 02 Choice between FreeZone or Mainland
  • 03 Structuring EU-UAE cash flows
  • 04 Opening personal and corporate accounts in the UAE
  • 05 AML/KYC
  • 06 CFC issues
  • 07 Exchange of tax information with EU

There are no taxes on income, personal income and dividends in the UAE.

The UAE has an excellent geographical location, developed infrastructure and the national currency, which is pegged to the dollar and has not changed for 20 years

  • Does not provide tax information to other countries
  • There are no international treaties on legal assistance in civil arbitration cases
  • To support innovation, growth and business, Dubai continues to invest in smart strategies such as Dubai Data Strategy, Dubai 10X, Smart Dubai 2021, Dubai Blockchain Strategy and Dubai Pulse Platform

Income tax up to 375,000 AED (~100,000$)


Income tax over 375,000 AED


Payroll tax


Tax on dividends


Capital gains tax

Interesting facts about the UAE

  • 01

    Top 5 best cities in the world

  • 02

    Top 3 safest countries in the world

  • 03

    350 sunny days a year

  • 04

    Top 5 most visited cities in the world

  • 05

    Logistics center

  • 06

    Top 1 in terms of money spent by tourists

  • 07

    Dubai Airport Top 5 in terms of passenger traffic (plan Top 1)

  • 08

    Top 6 Medical Tourism Index

  • 09

    Top 1 in terms of private investment in the healthcare sector

138 Fortune 500 companies open office in Dubai

Inflation rate for the last 10 years
Stable exchange rate of the national currency

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