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How to get a Digital Nomad visa in the UAE and Dubai

Как получить визу цифрового кочевника в ОАЭ и Дубае

Today, many people’s lifestyle is not tied to a specific place of residence. They are called digital nomads, because they work from every corner of the world. Last year, Dubai had the opportunity to issue a visa for these people. The UAE Digital Nomad visa entitles employees who are outside the country to work in the emirate remotely. Let’s consider the subtleties of this process.

Advantages of living in the UAE

  1. Thriving trade and commerce, and, therefore, a stable growing economy of the country.
  2. Modern architectural experience.
  3. Luxury shopping malls, high-class service.
  4. A popular area for the stay of diverse cultures – 85% of Dubai are foreigners.
  5. High level of security and life.

About Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa

Freelancers get a digital nomad visa to live and conduct their business in Dubai. It can be renewed every year. The recipient is automatically exempt from the mandatory taxes of the country. Also, he may not apply for a residence permit / citizenship and live peacefully on the territory of the state.

But in order to get a job, you will have to confirm your financial security.

What is the difference between Digital Nomad Visa and other Emirates visas ?

The difference between a visa and others lies in the advantages that its holders can receive. We are talking about:

  • access to life, work in Dubai for up to a year (minimum period).
  • the ability to travel with your family (if it meets the requirements for obtaining a permit). You can’t travel with your team;
  • opening an account in a Dubai bank;
  • opportunities to get children into a city school;
  • opportunities not to pay taxes;
  • opportunities to use services in the country at discounted prices.

What documentation will be requested from you

Mandatory list:

  1. Application form – completed, printed, signed, stamped.
  2. Photocopy of a digital passport photo – the face should be visible by 80%.
  3. A photocopy of the passport in color with information about yourself. We are talking about initials, date of birth, citizenship, etc. The validity of the passport must be valid for six months before the trip.
  4. Path data.
  5. Confirmation of the fact of residence.
  6. Bank statement for the last six months.
  7. Confirmation of the ticket to Abu Dhabi and the 3rd destination to continue the flight from the airport.
  8. Sponsorship letter.
  9. Confirmation of the address.
  10. Booking of air tickets.
  11. Visa payment.
  12. Cover letter.
  13. Travel medical insurance certificate.
  14. Medical conclusion.
  15. Proof of ownership of the company (for businessmen).

Documentation requirements:

  1. The format is “JPEG”.
  2. The maximum size is 1 megabyte.

Sometimes the embassy requests additional documents.

How do I apply?

Man at computer

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Select the type of permit, the local consulate where you will apply for a visa.
  2. Download the questionnaire form from the Emirates Immigration website.
  3. In the 1st part of the questionnaire, enter information about yourself: nationality, date of birth, activity, etc. A prerequisite is an application in two languages: Arabic, English.
  4. In the 2nd part of the questionnaire, enter the passport details.
  5. Fill in the next part with the sponsor’s data.
  6. Make the payment.
  7. Submit the application form to the embassy.
  8. Expect a response and issue.

Current conditions of Emirates visas upon entry

For entry

The entry permit is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. It can be extended for the same period after payment of the fee. In order for a visitor to receive such a visa, he needs to be a family member/ friend of a person who lives in the country.

Regulations on visiting the country

Within the framework of the executive regulations, there are 8 types of temporary permits. They are issued to foreign citizens for one or more trips. If the deadline has expired, you can extend it.

Classification of Emirates visas

The classification of Emirates permits is directly related to the purpose of the visit.

Visa issuance

You can get a visa at the Federal Office that deals with citizenship issues. This is possible only after it is approved by the competent authorities.

People often ask

How long can I stay in the territory of the Arab Emirates with a nomad visa?

A year with the right to extend for the same period. During this period, it is possible to live, work, send children to participate in school events.

What is its price?

The cost is $287. The price is higher in comparison with the payment of other visas due to demand.

What should be the income to receive it?

Monthly income should be at least $5,000.

How fast is the UAE digital Nomad visa processed?

More often – 1-5 days. Different embassies handle it differently.

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