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Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City is considered the largest business center with global and local brands, commercial sites and retail outlets. The main difference between this frizone and others is that you are immersed in the Media Community, which provides all the infrastructure in the media industry. Therefore, this option is good for those whose business is connected with the media environment. In addition, the location is one of the top, as it is located in the center of business activity and tourist life. Let’s look at how to register a business in DMC.

Free Zone History

DMC was founded in 2000 on the personal initiative of Sheikh Mohammed, and officially launched in 2001. It appeared to implement the government’s new strategy – to attract international companies from all over the world to Dubai. The goal was also to make Dubai the best in every field: technology, media and knowledge.

Currently, 34 thousand people work in the media cluster of the free zone and about 3 thousand companies are registered. Of the 450 media segment companies, more than 50% are global, for example: CNN, BBC, SKY News and others.

Advantages for business in the DMC free zone

In this zone you can open a company from the sector:

  • advertising and communication;
  • event organizations and support services;
  • business information;
  • freelancers and associations (non-profit);
  • media consultations;
  • new media;
  • media support services;
  • media and marketing services.

The main advantages for business in DMC:

  • 100% ownership;
  • repatriation of capital and profit in full;
  • no personal, income and corporate taxes (exemption for 50 years);
  • simplified business registration;
  • networking opportunities;
  • fast immigration process;
  • availability of regulatory framework and laws for business-friendly organizations;
  • exemption from customs duty for services and goods;
  • availability of global infrastructure supporting cluster growth;
  • visa service around the clock;
  • availability of public services, for example, licensing, visas, transport and mail services.

Opening a company in DMC

Opening a company in DMC

The free zone includes more than 20 commercial buildings where you can rent an office you like.

What is important to know before opening?

Before proceeding to the opening of a company, pay attention to the following features:

  • 100% foreign ownership and 0 taxes;
  • the authorized capital is formed on the company’s bank account. Its minimum is 50 thousand dirhams or $ 13,698;
  • the license in the UAE is valid for 1 year. If there is a need to extend it, then it should be done before the expiration date expires;
  • in the FEZ, it is necessary to submit audit reports every year.

Available types of companies

2 types of companies can be opened in DMC: Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) and a branch. There is also an option to work as a freelancer.


In Dubai Media City, you can get a freelance permit and a commercial type license for the areas described above. The cost of a commercial license is 15,010 dirhams or $ 4,112.

A freelance permit costs from 7.5 thousand dirhams – an option for those who do not want to open large companies. For example, for photographers, videographers. When you open a company and get this visa, in addition to the legal basis to reside and do business in the UAE, you get access to the entire infrastructure of the frison – from DMC to special business incubators, which are located nearby.

Approximate costs

Costs of starting a business in Dubai

The cost of registration depends on the type of office chosen, as well as the number of quotas for visas. Approximate expenses:

  1. Approval of the business plan – 2,000 dirhams or $ 548.
  2. The registration fee is 3,510 dirhams or $962.
  3. License – 15,010 dirhams or $4,112.
  4. Office space rental (74 m2) – 152 000 dirhams or $ 41,644.
  5. The final check is 172,520 dirhams or $47,266.

At the same time, the size of the office space affects the number of permissible visas – one visa per 8 m2.

Further actions with the company

There are some actions that you need and can perform with the company after you complete all the registration steps:

  1. Initial approval – within five days.
  2. Office space rental.
  3. Payment.
  4. Registration – within six days.

License renewal

You can renew the license yourself, or through a representative, if you are not located in Dubai. To do this:

  1. Extend the office lease.
  2. Renew the license.
  3. Notify the bank where the corporate account was opened.

Registry changes

As for changes, the owner has the right to make any number of them. The price will vary and depends on the type of change. Changes in the registry consist of a shift:

  • the name of the organization;
  • the working name;
  • the name of the parent company;
  • the financial year;
  • the composition of the directors (additions/deletions).

License changes

Changes in the license include the following:

  • the name of the manager;
  • the location/address when changing the license;
  • the type of activity/its addition within one segment;
  • the current segment;
  • the type of activity within segment.

In addition, these changes include the addition of a new publishing segment and new channels.

Liquidation of the company in DMC

Liquidation of the company in DMC

If you want to cancel the company and remove it from registration, contact the administration. If you do not renew / cancel the license, it will cease to be considered working. In this situation, the administration of the frison independently initiates liquidation.

When making a refundable deposit to the administration, the funds will be returned after the company is removed from registration.

UAE Resident visa to Dubai Media City

There are different visa packages in the free zone – they depend on the type of office you choose. For example, there may be from 1 visa package to 100 or more. The main condition is the availability of a warehouse.

When you get a business license, it will be very easy to get a resident visa:

  1. The card of the institution of the organization.
  2. Entry permit.
  3. Status change.
  4. Honey. research.
  5. ID card in the UAE.
  6. Affixing a resident visa in the passport.

To help your family members who are dependent on your visa, prepare the following documents:

  1. Marriage certificate. The document must be certified by the UAE Foreign Ministry and translated into Arabic.
  2. Birth certificate (for a child), certified and translated identical to the first document.
  3. Lease agreement. You will need to rent an apartment in the Emirates.

Business infrastructure

DMC business infrastructure

DMC includes a well-developed business infrastructure.

Commercial premises

Frison has many strategically located commercial offices. Thanks to the latter, a creative environment for business prosperity is created. Most of the rooms are equipped with wooden parquet, floor-to-ceiling windows and many others. At least, the office rent will be 88 thousand dirhams. The cost will vary depending on the size of the office space. A two-level office can be rented for 200 thousand dirhams.

Trading premises

In the area, you can join the most successful retail businesses in Dubai. The community is rapidly developing and already has more than 25 thousand professionals.


The business environment includes a variety of shared and private spaces with huge tables, conference rooms and much more. The capacity of one meeting room is about 15 people. The rooms have large windows, which offer a great view of the greenery.

in5 centers

in5 is a platform that promotes ideas and business. It is designed for startups and entrepreneurs. Its advantages:

  1. Sets up a business.
  2. Provides creative jobs.
  3. Conducts seminars.
  4. Opens access to investors.
  5. Offers mentoring.

In5 Centers offers include:

  • business incubation program;
  • rental of premises;
  • annual membership.

A student, an entrepreneur and a startup can work in their favorite 3 specialized centers:

  1. in5 Technology – focused on helping novice entrepreneurs to implement revolutionary ideas. Members of the center can use the creative workspace, technical facilities and event venues.
  2. in5 Media is aimed at creating content and creative product. The members of the center have access to a unique workspace, high-quality facilities and equipment, cinema halls, editing kits and more.
  3. in5 Design – designed for beginners in the field of design. The members of the center can use not only the workspace, but also the one-of-a-kind prototyping laboratory.

Light industry

Dubai Media Center

Dubai Media Center offers strategic multi-purpose enterprises in the field of light industry. This is a great opportunity to expand their own business, because they have ready-made infrastructure and first-class construction standards.


  1. Dubai Production City – 7500-13800 sq.m.feet.
  2. Dubai Science Park – 5000-6000 sq. ft.
  3. Availability of modern fire protection systems.
  4. The ability to join multiple units.
  5. Mezzanine office space.
  6. Round-the-clock security.
  7. Availability of parking and loading areas.
  8. It can be used for storage, production, exhibition hall.
  9. Availability of service roads for heavy trucks and forklifts.


It is possible to optimize business logistics thanks to the strategic multipurpose warehouses of the frizone. Advantages:

  • capacity – 5000-11000 sq.m.feet;
  • the presence of internal lighting;
  • the ability to join several units at once;
  • the presence of offices and trade show halls;
  • a suitable option for light production, logistics and storage;
  • the presence of a 6x6m sliding entrance door, modern fire protection and round-the-clock security.

Sound scenes

You can unleash your creative potential thanks to the presence of the largest and most modern sound stages in the region in the free zone. They were built specifically to meet the more complex needs in entertainment and production.

3 types are available:

Sound scenes

Each of the 5 green rooms has its own furnishings and modern equipment. Sound stages are complemented by offices for teams, space for auditions, meetings, makeup sessions and wardrobe.

Other advantages:

  • sound insulation;
  • water tanks;
  • podium systems and more.

How to become a freelancer in DMC

To become a freelancer at DMC:

  1. Complete the registration and get the data to log in to the axs portal.
  2. Log in to the portal and submit an application.
  3. Pay up and get ready to work.

Freelancer status gives a lot of advantages:

  • get round-the-clock access to business centers;
  • start collaborating with freelancers from various fields, for example, media, design and others;
  • get uninterrupted high-speed access to Wi-Fi, conference hall;
  • you can use the exclusive platform , which has united many companies and freelancers;
  • you get the right to apply for a visa for a period of 1-3 years with a Gofreelance license.

Residential real estate in DMC

On the territory of the frizone there are mainly skyscrapers and high-rise towers. But there are also offices, several apartments and villas for rent. This is due to the fact that it was originally conceived as a commercial territory.

Studios are available for rent, as well as apartments for 1-2 rooms. These are residential units with spacious bedrooms, a pantry, equipped bathrooms and a kitchen. Many apartment complexes have a parking space.

Round-the-clock security and a repair team are on duty in the buildings for the well-being and safety of residents. Cordoba Residence is one of the popular residential towers with upscale apartments and beautiful views. One–room apartments will come out about 100-110 thousand dirhams per year, and two-room apartments – 110-180 thousand.

Villas for rent include 2-4 bedrooms. The rental price depends on the number of rooms and amenities. For example, renting Media City villas with 4 bedrooms will cost 140-145 thousand dirhams.

There are also hotel apartments. They are beneficial when you need to rent a house for a while. The cost varies from 78 to 355 thousand dirhams per year. One of the popular options is Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites Hotel Apartments with sea views and easy access to public transport.

Life in Dubai Media City

Life in Dubai Media City

Despite the fact that Media City is considered a commercial area, there is a wide selection of hotel apartments and other facilities.


There are 4 famous hotels on the territory of the frizone:

  1. Radisson Blu: 12 conference halls, 3 outdoor terraces, several restaurants, lounge, 246 rooms and suites. The metro station, highway and tram stops are also easily accessible from the hotel.
  2. Arjaan by Rotana: 242 furnished rooms, suites with 1,2,3 bedrooms, 18 premium suites with private pools, high-speed internet, daily room cleaning and much more.
  3. Media One: 9 restaurants and bars, stylish rooms, suites, conference halls.
  4. Grand Plaza Mövenpick: 235 rooms and suites, a modern conference center with a ballroom for up to 800 people, 9 conference rooms with audio-visual and lighting equipment.

Transport and parking spaces

Life in Media City is suitable for those who like public transport. The area is easily accessible by metro, bus and tram. There are 2 bus stops, a tram stop and a metro station nearby.

As for parking, there are difficulties with it. The offices have reserved parking spaces, but they are often not enough for all staff. Paid parking is quite expensive, and they can be hard to find.


There are many supermarkets in the area. The closest supermarkets are Swiss Mart and Plus Point.

Churches, temples and mosques

Gurudwara Gurunanak Darbar

DMC employs many people who hold different beliefs.Nearby there are churches, temples and a mosque. The nearest are the Yalchin Malikanesi Church, a 9–minute drive away, and the Dubai Fraternal Church is 8 minutes away.

For Hindus, there are Shiva and Krishna temples in Bur Dubai 30 minutes away, and Sikh residents visit Gurudwara Gurunanak Darbar 15 minutes away.

There is no mosque in the area itself, but prayer rooms are located in the buildings. But a 10-minute drive away there is the Mosque of Mohammad bin Ahmed Almullah and Hamel al–Ghaith – an 8-minute walk away.


Schools on the territory of DMC:

  1. Choueifat International School with SABIS curriculum.
  2. Dubai College with a British curriculum.
  3. GEMS Wellington International School with UK Curriculum / IB.   

There is also a Knowledge Park with universities nearby.

Clinics and hospitals

There are two hospitals located on the territory of Dubai Media City: American Hospital Clinic and Black Diamond Dental Clinic. There are also dental clinics and other hospitals near the area.

Nearby areas

The Free Zone is located among the top commercial and residential areas of Dubai. The Emirates Hills gated complex is located opposite Sheikh Zayed Road E11. Nearby is Greens, Barsha Heights. The latter is considered an excellent option for those who are in search of affordable housing.

Shopping malls

There are no large shopping centers on the territory of the frizone. Near the area is The Greens Souk – a small shopping center with a supermarket Choithrams and several retail stores, cafes.

In 15 minutes drive there is another shopping center – Golden Mile Galleria. There are many coastal restaurants here. The larger shopping malls – Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Marina Mall are a 10-minute drive away.


There are many cafes and restaurants on the territory. The most popular are Circle, Pascal Tepper, Joga, Cafe Bateel. There are also options for a night out – Jetty Lounge and Beach Bar & Grill in One and Only Royal Mirage. 

Beaches nearby

There are 2 beaches near the area: Al-Sufuh (secret beach) and Umm Sukeyum.

Entertainment events and famous attractions

Skydive Dubai

The area is surrounded by a variety of places for recreation and entertainment:

  1. Dubai Marina and JBR with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and nightclubs.
  2. Skydive Dubai is an option for those who are in search of adrenaline thrills.
  3. Dubai Media City Amphitheater is known for hosting many events, for example, Taste of Dubai, Redfest and others. 
  4. Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab – from them you can watch spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Active recreation, fitness and beauty

As for fitness, there is a basketball court JLT and the Emirates Golf Club within an 8-minute walk.

Within a 5-6-minute walk you can find beauty spaces: Wow, Nicolas, Jean, Tulip and the Solo Tre Spa.

Public events

Dubai Media City hosts many award ceremonies, concerts and festivals. There are various radio stations, as well as an amphitheater, where events have been held for many years. In winter, the largest festival takes place here.

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