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Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone

For those who want to successfully organize and develop their business in a progressive country, Meydan Free Zone opens a window of opportunity. Surrounded by beautiful views, high-class service and like-minded people, use a world-class infrastructure to develop your brand and trust in it. Business and tax environment in the heart of Dubai.

A little bit about Meydan Free Zone

The free zone attracts many investors from all over the world. Small companies and global brands have found here what they were looking for for their business. The 5-star Meydan Hotel is a great place to work with a view of the hippodrome. Guests can hold business and informal meetings at golf or tennis clubs, spend time at the SPA or restaurants. To develop in MFZ is to secure a competitive advantage.

Vision and mission of SEZ management

The administration faces the task of making entrepreneurship more accessible, creating an inspiring environment for its partners to develop and achieve success in business. It becomes easier to grow and lead within a dynamic, interconnected business ecosystem. The SEZ plans to become a world-class center for entrepreneurship and innovation.


The Free zone is located in the heart of progressive Dubai, near the logistics corridor, near the city of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. The location is quite remote from the busiest highways, but, at the same time, it is located near all the necessary infrastructure. It perfectly combines opportunities for work, life and leisure.

MFZ is optimal for residents who do not need a physical office. A comfortable version of a flexible desktop is offered here – a cost-effective solution for business.

The territory of Meydan is not only a legendary stadium where international horse racing is held. This is a lot of commercial facilities, hotels, sports facilities, modern hospitals, schools, business parks, entertainment venues. Comfortable villas for living and shopping centers have been built on the territory, where local and global brands are represented.

Meydan Free Zone

Advantages of Meydan Free Zone for Business

In MFZ, you can open a license to conduct more than 1.5 thousand types of activities. There are many advantages for new investors:

  • 100% ownership;
  • combined workplace (Flexi Desk);
  • safe environment;
  • repatriation of capital and profits 100%;
  • access to offices 24/7;
  • flexible approach to visa issuance;
  • high-speed internet;
  • no taxes;
  • online interaction;
  • banking support.

The registration process is completely focused on speed and convenience. A resident in a matter of days gets the opportunity to work in a free zone on the basis of competitive packages and tariffs.

Main activities

Dubai is the center of entrepreneurship throughout the Middle East. Here they keep a course for the development of entrepreneurship and offer a flexible approach to the choice of activities. The free zone offers to set up your business in the field in less than an hour:

  • e-commerce;
  • management consulting;
  • technical service;
  • HR and recruitment;
  • web portal;
  • general trade;
  • real estate consulting;
  • advertising and marketing;
  • holding company;
  • accounting.

On the official website, calculate the cost of registration using the built-in calculator.


The cost of licenses

Small startups and freelancers choose Meydan FEZ due to the quick and easy business registration. All types of licenses that can be obtained for work are grouped into three groups:

  1. Media. Permits the conduct of any media activity, the provision of advertising and communication services.
  2. Consulting. Provision of consulting services in the field of business management, personnel and other related areas.
  3. Commercial. Permission to import and export goods, trade and distribution.

Those who wish to engage in the production of products should keep in mind that storage facilities in MFZ are not yet provided. You will have to pay 12,500 AED for opening a license without a visa. 14,350 AED will have to be paid for a permit with one visa and 18,050 AED with three. Each package includes a workplace rental agreement and cashback for 500 AED.

Nuances to consider

A future resident should remember that the minimum amount of authorized capital for the opening of a company is 100 000 AED. At the same time, it is not required to deposit this amount to the account. There are also a number of requirements for filing annual audit reports.

The Meydan free zone works with some features that a potential investor must be prepared for:

  • registration takes from 2 weeks to a month;
  • the license is issued for a year;
  • the presence of the authorized capital;
  • the presence of the head and at least one shareholder is mandatory;
  • all securities must be paid;
  • a manager with a visa is required;
  • it is only possible to open a company “LLC-FZ”, which should be indicated in the name;
  • work only on the Flexi-desk system.

Technically, it is prohibited by law to trade outside the NW, but international trade does not fall under this requirement. This should be taken into account when planning entrepreneurship.


How to register a company in Meydan?

As in many other free zones of the Emirates, the registration procedure in Meydan is clear and simple. It consists of several stages:

  • determination of the structure of the company and the number of founders;
  • selection of the name and filing an application for its approval;
  • collection of documents: resume, passport, photos, proof of residence address;
  • signing registration forms;
  • determination of the company’s address;
  • registration of the license.

In Meydan, it is enough to have a virtual address to register a business. However, if there is a need to open a bank account, then a physical address within the SEZ may be required.

Approximate cost of opening a company in MFZ

The cost of opening a company in MFZ is much cheaper than in other SEZs in the Emirates. Nevertheless, you will need to invest. Approximate cost calculation:

  • application fee – 545 AED;
  • visa – 2,000 AED;
  • registration fee – 12,500 AED;
  • immigration card – 3,065 AED;
  • virtual office – 6 320 AED;
  • refundable deposit – 10 000 AED.

As a result, the registration of the company will cost at least 34,430 AED or about $ 9,500.

Solutions for business inside the free zone

Meydan Free Zone is one of the best for digital businesses, freelancers and startups. There are proposals within the ecosystem that can simplify and speed up the process of discovery, development, and reputation strengthening.

Computer work

Meydan Pay

So that the resident does not have to independently look for a suitable financing option for his company, Meydan FZ offers a ready-made solution. It is enough to apply for opening your own account with partner organizations and state your expectations. Consultants will select a suitable deposit or current account, connect it with the right bank.

To open an account, you will need to provide:

  • license;
  • certificate;
  • certificate of registration;
  • company charter;
  • copies of passports of all shareholders;
  • Emirates ID;
  • bank statements for 3 months;
  • summary of all shareholders;
  • basic data of the company;
  • confirmation of the contract with suppliers or customers;
  • utility bill services.

Meydan Plus

The built-in business configuration platform makes all processes simple and accessible. On the portal, you can request business transactions, document delivery, make an immediate payment, book a conference room, open a bank account. Connect Meydan Plus to access:

  • personal mailbox;
  • mail management;
  • medical services;
  • assistance with Emirates ID registration;
  • office premises;
  • registration of additional visas;
  • assistant of the bank account.

Meydan Commerce

Free Zone Meydan is constantly working to expand business opportunities. Residents are offered ready-made solutions to create a brand presence on the Internet. Technically complex, multi-component process can now be delegated to professionals.

Partners help to create an electronic store on the most popular global platforms, such as Amazon, Noon, Instagram. All processes that are necessary for the stable functioning of the store and increasing profits will be automated due to the experience of specialists. Individual packages worth from 6 000 AED, adapted to the needs of each investor.

Meydan Academy

An exclusive educational platform is ready to offer effective tools for expanding professional experience. It is easy to feel confident in a new business environment, being close to high-level professionals who are ready to support, transfer their invaluable experience, teach effective methods of commerce.

Free zone

How does Meydan Learn benefit your business?

The function of the structure is aimed at providing a holistic approach to learning, developing interpersonal communication skills, creating a real commercial return on investments in knowledge. Using the platform:

  • develop your knowledge about SZ;
  • influence sales efficiency using innovative assessment tools and digital learning materials;
  • get convenient access to analytical data and reports on students, groups, departments, regions.

A variety of skill modules help to adapt, improve the qualification value of personnel, accumulate and exchange knowledge. Classes are also held in the format of face-to-face meetings.

Training and Development

The advantages of the Academy’s training modules are the ability to adapt to business needs. From more than 200 modules, you can choose the appropriate option after consulting with an expert. In-depth training is available for founders of companies and their employees with a certificate of completion of the course.

The Academy in Meydan Free Zone has created training modules that focus on the most important sales, customer service, communication, government regulation. These factors are the most important in any direction of commercial activity.

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