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How can a resident get a sponsor visa in the UAE

Как резиденту получить спонсорскую визу в ОАЭ

A sponsor visa to the UAE is a permit to stay in the principality, which is issued by an employer or a working spouse (parent). In order for a foreigner to live and work in the UAE, he needs to have a resident visa. It is issued for 2 or 3 years and, if circumstances require, extended any number of times. One of the advantages of a resident visa is the ability to bring a family with you, which is covered by its validity. In this case, the resident becomes the sponsor of his household.

Requirements for the sponsor

A working resident has the right to become a sponsor for:

  • your other half (wife or husband);
  • native children (an unmarried daughter, a minor son or an adult under the age of 21 who is a student at a local university);
  • stepsons;
  • parents.

To obtain an entry permit for family members, you must meet a number of requirements, have:

  • permanent earnings not lower than the established minimum;
  • a certain profession.

Husband visa

Young couple

A man has the right to become a sponsor for his spouse (including a non-working one) if his salary is not less than 3000 AED plus accommodation or 4000 AED, which also covers living expenses. Muslims are allowed to sponsor two wives if they are able to provide them with a decent living. This moment is evaluated by the Inspector of the General Directorate for Residents and Foreigners (GDRFA). He also issues a written permission.

There are more requirements for women. If she works as a teacher, doctor, nurse or engineer, then it is also enough for her to earn 3000 dirhams per month with the possibility of covering housing costs or 4000 dirhams, including these costs.

If a woman has a different specialty and works in a different industry, then each application for sponsorship will be considered individually by the GDRFA. In addition, the applicant’s salary must be at least 8000 dirhams plus accommodation.

Husband (housewife) visa is valid as long as the sponsor’s visa is valid. If it ends or is cancelled prematurely, then the dependent also loses the right to reside in the UAE. The visa can be extended within a month after its expiration. If this is not done on time, you will have to pay a fine:

  • for the first six months, 25 AED per day;
  • for the second six months, 50 AED per day;
  • from the second year to 100 AED per day.

At the same time, all this time your stay in the UAE will be considered illegal.

Family visa


To be able to transport your parents with you, you need to have a monthly income of at least 20,000 dirhams. In addition, the sponsor is required to provide a document on the rental of an apartment that will have at least two bedrooms. Only two parents can be sponsored.

For the maintenance of children, it is required that both parents work, and their monthly earnings are 3000 dirhams plus housing costs or 4000 dirhams.

List of required documents

The list depends on several factors:

  • emirate (everyone has their own requirements);
  • who is the sponsor (state employee, company owner, investor, employee of a private company located in or outside the frison);
  • for whom the permit is issued (spouse, child, parent).

At the same time, there is a set of documents that are mandatory for everyone. It includes:

  • application form;
  • originals and scans of passports of the sponsor and all sponsored family members;
  • visa of the resident who is the sponsor (copy);
  • a certificate from the place of work indicating monthly earnings;
  • certified employment contract (copy);
  • copy of the identity card (Emirates ID);
  • lease agreement registered in EJARI;
  • utility bill for the last month;
  • medical certificate for all family members over 15 years old, obtained in the UAE;
  • bank account statement for the last 3 months (if the sponsor has been living in the country recently, then it is possible for one month);
  • three photos for each family member.

A legalized marriage certificate will be required for a spouse, and birth certificates for children. If the child is not native, then it is necessary to issue a written permission from one of the biological parents to consent to move to the UAE. For an adult daughter, a document confirming her unmarried status is required, for an adult son-a student studying for the first year – a certificate of enrollment in a university.

Registration procedure

Transfer of documents

In many large firms there is a position called Public Relation Officer. The duties of the employee include obtaining permits for family members of foreign employees to stay in the country. However, often the resident has to do everything on his own. He must:

  1. Legalize all necessary certificates (about marriage, about childbirth).
  2. Collect a package of documents and submit it to the General Directorate for Residents and Foreigners. Fill out the application form there.
  3. Pay the visa fee (360 AED per person).

If at the time of filing the documents, the household is in the country on a temporary visa, then it is enough for them to pay a fee of 510 dirhams and change their status to a resident one. If they are outside the Emirates, they are given two months (from the moment of entry) to undergo a medical examination, issue an identity card and residency.

Why legalize a marriage certificate

The legalization of a marriage certificate is necessary to make sure that the relationship between a man and a woman is official. For Russians, this procedure is carried out only in Moscow. The marriage certificate must be translated into English or Arabic and certified in:

  • Ministry of Justice;
  • MFA;
  • Embassy of the UAE.

Before submitting to the Embassy, you must pay a consular fee of 150 dirhams for each document.

Is it possible to work on a family visa

Having a sponsor visa in the UAE such as a Husband (housewife) or Family visa, you can work. The only condition is the availability of permission from the sponsoring party. The permission is written in any form, it must be attributed to the employer.

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