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AEEDC Dental Exhibition in Dubai in 2024

Стоматологическая выставка AEEDC в Дубае в 2024 году

From February 6 to 8 this year, the UAE will host a major medical and at the same time scientific and practical event – the International Dental Conference and Exhibition of Specialized Technological Achievements (AEEDC). The meeting of scientists and doctors will take place in Dubai at the World Trade Center. This annual event will bring together dental experts from all over the world for the 27th time in order to share their accumulated experience, demonstrate new achievements and set new benchmarks in the development of the industry. The official language of communication is English.

About AEEDC Dubai 2024

The first dental conference was held in the Emirates in 1996. It was a small-scale event, mainly involving specialists from the Arab world. The importance of AEEDC grew along with the development of the principality as a center of world science, medicine and finance. After almost three decades, AEEDC has turned into a landmark scientific event and rightfully earned the world’s highest award, becoming the largest annual scientific dental conference and exhibition in the world.

Why should the company take part in the exhibition?

The audience of AEEDC Dubai is not only scientists and developers of specialized technologies, dental practitioners, technicians and nurses. Students and teachers from various universities, manufacturers and traders of medical equipment and medicines come here. Here business relations are established between developers and manufacturers, between research institutes and production, between representatives of various universities. As a result, new ideas and projects are being born, which at the next conferences are already being presented as new milestones in various areas of dental and restorative practice.

AEEDC Dental Exhibition in Dubai

It is enough to familiarize yourself with the topics of the speeches to understand how wide the range of issues discussed is. Experts will discuss the problems:

  • anesthesia;
  • pediatric dentistry;
  • Radiology;
  • periodontics;
  • laser, digital, radiological dentistry;
  • Implantology, ergonomics and prosthetics;
  • pathology and oral hygiene;
  • profile robotics;
  • infection control;
  • technologies of dental laboratories;
  • emergency dental care;
  • aesthetics.

At the exhibition, guests will be able to get acquainted with the achievements of science, technology and pharmaceuticals:

  • tools;
  • laboratory, therapeutic and anesthetic equipment;
  • sterilizers;
  • surgical supplies;
  • infection control products;
  • innovative materials for treatment and implantation;
  • laser and ultrasonic devices;
  • equipment for dental offices and clinics;
  • products for the control and control of plaque;
  • means for cleaning and caring for teeth and oral cavity;
  • teeth whiteners;
  • casting of alloys;
  • materials for bone grafting;
  • anatomical models;
  • abrasives, grinding discs, tips.

This is only a small part of everything that is declared for demonstration at the exhibition.

Visiting this landmark event is very important and useful for a company associated with the production of equipment or medical clinics. It is here:

  • you can find out about the latest profile achievements;
  • get an idea of trends and innovations, consult with experts;
  • find business partners;
  • take your own clinic to a new level;
  • meet with old and find new customers, as well as strengthen ties with decision makers, key distributors, buyers, and treating specialists;
  • enter the markets of the Middle East, Africa, India, and other regions of Asia;
  • get an unforgettable experience from meeting representatives of the global dental industry in one place.

A platform for startups 

AEEDC offers an excellent platform for startups. The organization of the startup platform is aimed at creating a creative ecosystem for new participants. This section of the exhibition demonstrates the latest technologies, as well as innovative products of the dental industry. The format of the platform will become an interactive networking zone inside the exhibition, which will be attended by representatives of 155 countries, more than 66 thousand scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and guests, and stands of 4,800 brands will be located on the exhibition grounds.

Participation in the program is a great chance to be noticed by the global dental community in just 3 days, as well as an opportunity to accelerate your business on a global scale.

AEEDC Dental Exhibition in Dubai

Main events

World Orthodontic Conference

The 9th World Orthodontic Conference will be held within the framework of the AEEDC on February 5-6.

The theme – «Traditional and futuristic» – touches on modern issues of orthodontics and includes a rich scientific program. This is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience directly from experts that will help change your practice.

The two-day scientific meeting includes an extensive program covering such areas as:

  • transparent aligners;
  • interoceptive orthodontics;
  • mini screws and skeletal fixation in orthodontics;
  • digital orthodontics.

The field of orthodontics requires constant updating. Participation in the annual orthodontic conference allows you to always be one step ahead of the competition thanks to timely acquaintance with innovations, as well as the exchange of experience with other participants.

World Conference on Maxillofacial Surgery 

It is scheduled for February 7-8. This two-day specialized event provides invaluable information, promotes collaborative discussions and demonstrates innovative approaches to aesthetic, traumatological and orthognathic surgical procedures. Target audience:

  • certified surgeons;
  • consultants;
  • scientific staff;
  • senior trainees who are actively involved in the surgical treatment of the maxillofacial region.

The participants will discuss the issues within the framework of four planned topics:

  • Orthognathic surgery;
  • Aesthetics in orthognathic surgery;
  • Facial aesthetics;
  • Trauma and facial reconstruction.

Over the years, there has been a significant transformation in oral and maxillofacial surgery with the advent of advanced technologies that are changing traditional practice. Traditional methods have been the foundation of patient care for generations, and modern technologies such as computer planning, 3D printing, virtual modeling, and robotic care bring unprecedented precision and innovation to the discipline.

The dynamic interaction of tradition and progress raises important questions about the effectiveness, safety, and effectiveness of treatment. The conference aims to shed light on the advantages and limitations of both paradigms. Another goal is to provide a deeper understanding of how their integration can lead to improvements in surgical techniques, as well as to optimize patient care.

During the two-day event, participants will focus on the main learning objectives covering the most important aspects of maxillofacial surgery:

  1. Understanding the evolution of surgical approaches, the introduction of advanced technologies, as well as awareness of the impact of these changes on patient treatment outcomes.
  2. Comparing the pros and cons of traditional measures compared to technological innovations, discussing best practices to achieve successful results.
  3. The study of innovative technologies, including computer surgical planning, 3D printing, virtual surgical modeling.
  4. Analysis of aesthetic principles, as well as their application in maxillofacial surgery, comparison of traditional and modern approaches to achieve optimal aesthetic results.
  5. The study of methods of primary and secondary reconstruction in maxillofacial injuries.
  6. Familiarization with innovations in orthognathic surgery, their impact on the accuracy of treatment and patient satisfaction.

Education and innovation transfer

A number of educational events are planned for the International Conference, which will be conducted by experts in various fields of dentistry. On February 6, those who wish will be able to attend courses on the topic:

  1. Recent advances in the field of composite materials and their use in pediatric dentistry.
  2. Management of dental practice.
  3. Improving the effectiveness of dental procedures, as well as dentoalveolar surgery.
  4. The development of bioceramic materials.

Courses are scheduled for February 7:

  1. New heat treatment methods for safer and more predictable molding.
  2. How to observe the anatomy of the root canal when forming in difficult cases: concept, movement and sequence.
  3. Perfection with aligners: tools for planning in three space plans.
  4. New clinical methods in pediatric dentistry: pediatric restorative dentistry.

Educational meetings on the topic will be held on February 8:

  1. From planning to preparation – understanding indirect ceramic veneers.
  2. New clinical methods in pediatric dentistry: frenectomy.
  3. From concept to practice: improving accuracy in endodontics.

What other events are planned within the framework of AEEDC Dubai?

AEEDC Dental Exhibition in Dubai

Competition for dental students

It will be held 15 times. Future doctors will be able to participate in the competitions through their universities. Each university will be represented by a team of 5 students of the 4th and 5th academic courses. The contestants will be asked to answer questions on various subjects in the field of dental medicine, from infection control and four-handed dentistry to implantology and surgery.

Last year, teams from 21 universities from different countries took part in the competition.


  • to attract dental students to participate in AEEDC Dubai programs;
  • create an environment for interaction among dental students from different institutions;
  • to help students expand their knowledge in various fields of dentistry;
  • to create a cohesive professional environment for future scientists and doctors.

Global Humanitarian Charity Initiative OCEAN

Her mission is to provide health care providers (specialists) with tools and knowledge to promote oral health as part of overall health. The aim of the initiative is to reduce preventable diseases of the oral cavity (for example, caries as an indicative disease).

Among the tasks that the organization sets for itself, the most important ones include:

  • informing the public about the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health;
  • involvement of health workers in oral health counseling;
  • to involve public and private medical organizations and companies in this humanitarian initiative.

Traditional awards

The ceremony will touch upon the best specialized researchers and manufacturers:

  1. The Dubai Personality of the Year Award is awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to oral health on a global scale.
  2. The Young Researcher Award is awarded annually to young talents in the field of dentistry. The award will allow young dentists to share their ideas, innovations, and observations with institutions, government officials, and businesses, and gain well-deserved fame in business circles.
  3. The award for Outstanding achievements in the development of innovative clinical equipment is awarded for an invention that, according to the jury, can be classified as revolutionary.

Participants of the Dubai dental exhibition will also receive awards for the best booth, photos, and presentation.

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