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Overview of Arjan district in Dubai

Обзор района Arjan в Дубае

Arjan is a new district of Dubai, located on the outskirts of the city. Its construction began in 2006. Some of the residences have already been commissioned, others are at the completion stage: delivery is scheduled for spring 2024 and 2025. The suburban location is by no means a disadvantage, but on the contrary, one of the main advantages of the young community: the houses are naturally isolated from the round-the-clock bustle and noise of the big city. Residential buildings are low– and medium-rise buildings designed in a modern style, taking into account any requests that may appear from residents. Houses, house territories and streets are densely planted with greenery. Architectural and natural solutions are the embodiment of luxurious style and comfort. This is a quiet, cozy area, perfect for family life.



Within walking distance there are shops, kindergartens, schools, medical clinics, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants. Fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds are available on the territory of each residential complex. Residents have no problems with parking: there are enough places near houses to stop for a short time, and in parking lots.

Of particular interest are the unique park and architectural areas Butterfly Garden and Miracle Garden. The latter has 4-kilometer walking routes. Due to its suburban location and abundance of greenery, the community is considered one of the most eco-friendly in the city.

Highways connect Arjan with other popular places of the city: the island of the bizarre Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Mall.

For lovers of a quiet elite sports pastime, a golf course is laid out on the territory, and a race track has been built for thrill seekers.

Transport accessibility

Arjan is located next to two major highways Umm Suqeim and Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, which provide access to other parts of the city. However, the public transport infrastructure is not well developed: there are few bus stops, there is no metro. Personal cars remain the main mode of transport. Taxis are also popular among the residents of the community.

Real Estate

Arjan is a great place not only for living, but also for business. The area is considered prestigious, equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, amazing views open from the windows of the houses.

Most of the residential properties are studios and premium apartments with 1-3 bedrooms. The living space is thought out to the smallest detail: there is a lot of space, light and air in them, the layout is thought out and comfortable, the interiors are exquisite.

Real estate can be bought or rented. The rental price starts from 25,000 AED, the minimum purchase price for the property is from 410,000 AED.

Residential complexes

Elevate by Prescott

Elevate by Prescott

The premium residential complex, which is a tower with original and sophisticated architecture, thin facade lines and panoramic balconies, perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for March 2025.

Elevate by Prescott includes 223 residential premises. In order to simplify the management of everyday life as much as possible, the developer took care of the introduction of the “Smart Home” technology.

Residents of Elevate by Prescott will be able to spend their leisure time in the swimming pools, barbecue areas, cinema, fitness center, gym or on the terrace for yoga classes. Children’s playgrounds (open and closed) will be organized for children, a swimming pool for kids is being built.

From here you can get to the center in 20 minutes, and to the airport in 25.

Two–room apartments with an area of 70-80 “squares” will cost 230-240 thousand dollars, three-room apartments with an area of 110-145 square meters will cost 350-460 thousand dollars.

It is always more profitable to purchase real estate at the construction stage. In this case, there is a payment plan in which you can pay 20% of the cost when booking a home, 30% – during construction, and 50% – after handing over the keys.


This is a 33-storey building with premium class housing: from compact studios to more spacious 2-bedroom apartments. The facility has already been commissioned. This means that the payment must be made in full immediately after the keys are handed over.

The cost of a minimum studio (36 square meters) is 131 thousand dollars, a maximum 76-meter studio is 240 thousand dollars, a three–room apartment is 317 thousand dollars.

The developer saved future tenants from problems with the selection of furniture and design. All living quarters are fully furnished and equipped as comfortably, functionally and aesthetically as possible.

The tower of the residential complex rises on an elegant podium, in which everything necessary for recreation and leisure of residents is concentrated:

  • shopping malls;
  • landscaped recreation areas with fountains;
  • amphitheater for mass events;
  • outdoor pools;
  • tennis courts;
  • entertainment centers for children.



17-storey building with straight facades and panoramic glazing. The podium is designed in a Middle Eastern style and organically fits into the environment. It is decorated with flower beds, fountains, landscaped gardens. All elements are designed to create a complete sense of oasis.

The project is completed. Payment for real estate – 100% after handing over the keys. Jewelz is a center of all kinds of benefits and amenities both inside each apartment and within the complex itself. These are playgrounds for recreation, barbecue, sports, there are swimming pools, a sunbathing area, for children’s games.

The cost of housing is from 108 to 308 thousand dollars. You can get a small but comfortable studio with an area of 38 “squares” or buy a full-fledged bright and spacious two-bedroom apartment with an area of about 100 sq. m. meters.

Vincitore Volare

The project of this monumental residential complex is different from all the others. Here, every element of architecture and decoration is designed to emphasize the luxury lifestyle. The building is devoid of classic Middle Eastern flavor and minimalist rectangular lines.

The ground floor is an open terrace with arched vaults, Facades are complicated by protruding structures, winged sculptures hover above the roof. Panoramic glazing lets in maximum light. The color scheme of the exterior and interior is white and gold with the addition of neutral shades. The luxury of the building is emphasized by high-quality finishing materials.

In the dark, spot lighting gives the structure lightness and exquisite refinement: it seems that this powerful building structure simply hovers against the background of the southern night sky. 

The cost of housing in Vincitore Volare is high, starting from 162 thousand dollars for a 40-meter studio. However, since the construction has not yet been completed (delivery is scheduled for March 2025), buyers can take advantage of a favorable deposit plan: 20% – reservation, 30% – before the end of construction and 50% – after handing over the keys.

Prime Gardens Arjan

Prime Gardens Arjan

The residence is at the final stage of construction, the completion of which is scheduled for March next year. Those wishing to buy luxury housing in this complex still have the opportunity to pay the cost in installments: 10% of the cost – for booking, 40% – during the current year, 50% – upon receipt of keys.

Prime Gardens Arjan is a six–storey residential complex with a separate basement and fully furnished apartments. The highlight of the residence is the maximum implementation of the elements of the “Smart Home”, which simplify and facilitate many household concerns, save electricity, water consumption. Designers, in collaboration with designers, focused on the introduction of an eco-friendly lifestyle: in addition to devices that allow economical use of resources, wherever possible (on verandas, balconies, terraces, roof), green spaces were placed so that residents were constantly surrounded by greenery and flowers.

The rest of the residence is equipped with a standard set of amenities: swimming pools for adults and children, sports and playgrounds, a cinema. There are also shops, cafes, restaurants.


This is not a single residential complex, but a real microdistrict, which includes 7 five-storey buildings, a courtyard with greenery and a swimming pool and a park area. But also outside the residence there is a very densely planted area. Thus, it can be argued that Torino is surrounded by greenery on all sides, which improves the quality of the microclimate.

The apartments are equipped with all the necessary communications for a comfortable life and recreation, high-quality materials safe for health are used for finishing. Additional facilities for recreation, entertainment, sports, are located in the basement and in the courtyard.

Completion of construction is scheduled for March next year. The payment plan involves making a 20% deposit for booking, another 29% can be paid before the end of construction, and after the transfer of housing to the property, the remaining 51% can be paid.

Vincitore Benessere

Vincitore Benessere

A very ambitious project with luxury apartments. Its distinctive feature is vintage neoclassical architecture, embodying the features of Greek and Roman architectural classics. Vincitore Benessere is 380 spacious rooms, comparable in luxury to a 5-star hotel. The apartments are sold fully finished and equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom.

The project has been commissioned, but the payment plan is valid in parts: the reservation – 10% of the price is paid immediately, the remaining amount is distributed in accordance with the concluded contract.

ELZ Residence

It includes 240 apartments with a unique balance of comfort, quality of infrastructure, environmental friendliness and price. Studios and apartments with 1-3 bedrooms are for sale. All rooms are spacious, bright, and have stylish interiors. The “chip” of ELZ Residence are transformer rooms: sliding partitions allow one space to be divided into two and vice versa. There are green areas around the residence.

The minimum area of the property is 63 “squares”, the starting price is $ 193,000. When buying, you can use a special payment plan: make a 20% deposit at the time of booking, and then 80% after completing the documents. Inside the podium, on which the living area rises, residents will find everything they need for a comfortable pastime.

Return on investment in Arjan

The acquisition of real estate for the purpose of renting in Arjan – one of the districts of Dubai – refers to a profitable business. The average annual income from renting studios here is 6%, and apartments with 2 bedrooms – up to 5.7%.

Amenities, schools and healthcare



There are three supermarkets in and near Arjan. The first of them, Lifco, is located in Platinum One Tower, the others – Blue Mart Arjan, Loyal Minimart, JMA – in Lincoln Park. Here you can buy groceries and basic necessities.

Larger supermarkets are located on the border with Arjan – in My City Center Barsha. South of Arjan in Motor City there are also two branches of Carrefour Market and Spinney’s supermarket.

Churches, temples and mosques

To attend the Sunday prayer service, the residents of Arjan do not have to travel far. There are several churches belonging to different denominations within a 15-30 minute drive. The nearest (15 minutes drive) are the United Christian Church of Dubai and the Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Hindu temple of Shiva is located a little further, half an hour’s drive from Arjan, in Al-Suk Al-Kabir. It’s on Al Fahidi Street, opposite the Dubai Museum.

The Sikh Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara operates in Jebel Ali. You can get there by car in a quarter of an hour.

There are many large mosques near Arjan. To the north of the community is the community of Al-Barsha South, which has several equipped mosques in which it is easier for parishioners to perform Friday prayers. The nearest large mosques — Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq and Khalfan bin Shannaf – can be reached on foot in 5 minutes.

Kindergartens, schools and universities

Kindergartens, schools and universities

There are no kindergartens in the community, but you can find a suitable option in the neighboring ones. Popular among young parents are Kids World kindergartens in JVC, Raffles in Arabian Ranches and the British Emirates Kindergarten in Motor City.

Students can be assigned to one of several prestigious schools, also located outside the community, but not far away. An excellent option for education is the Nord Anglia International School. It operates according to the British educational program and has all the necessary equipment: comfortable classrooms, a scientific laboratory, a library, a swimming pool, a gym. Highly qualified teachers are engaged in teaching.

Safa Public School is just a two-minute drive west of the center of Arjan. This educational institution provides basic, primary and secondary education based on the educational standard of the British and International Baccalaureate (IB). There are also sports facilities, including a swimming pool, a football field and a running track. Schools in Al-Barsha enjoy a high reputation.

The nearest university can be found in the Dubai Knowledge Park or in the Dubai International Academic City, which can be reached in 15-20 minutes.

Clinics and hospitals

There is a Seven Dimensions medical center in the community, where you can get a variety of services. But to solve more serious health problems, you will have to go to Dubai Motor City. There you will find the Medicentres Clinic, the Prime Medical Center, the Emirates Hospital Day Surgery Center and HealthBay.

For emergency help, you can contact the Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. It is a fully equipped hospital that meets international standards and offers the highest level of service. The hospital is located in the eastern part of the neighboring village of Al-Barshe, near Umm Sukeyum Street. You can walk to it in just three minutes.

Shopping, restaurants and nightlife

Nearest shopping malls

Nearest shopping malls

There are no large shopping centers in Arjan yet. The nearest full-fledged shopping mall My City Centre Al Barsha is located just outside the community. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, exchange offices, boutiques of famous brands and many other useful objects.

Another shopping mall worth visiting is Center Me’aisem, located in Dubai Production City. You can get to it by car in a quarter of an hour.


There are several expensive restaurants in Arjan: Noodle House is famous for Oriental cuisine, Khanna Badosh – Indian and Pakistani, Zest Restaurant – fusion and modern cuisine, Papa Murphy’s Pizza – Italian.

For those with a sweet tooth, the popular Saj 2 Go Bakery is just a three-minute walk away in Dubai Miracle Garden, where fresh sweets and Lebanese-style confectionery are prepared.

My City Center Al Barsha also has a food court, which houses several popular fast food eateries with a relaxed atmosphere such as McDonald’s, Hatam, Papa Murphy’s, Tim Hortons. Here you can also sit in an upscale cafe.

There are many good restaurants in the neighboring communities: in JVC, Motor City and Sports City. The establishments of Marmarita, Pinza and Saladicious Grillz (JVC) are very popular.



Arjan occupies the southern part of the city. This means that there are several beaches nearby. To the nearest one – Al-Sufuh – you will have to drive 20 minutes. Al-Sufuh Beach is very popular, as it is considered the “secret pearl of Dubai”. This beach offers panoramic views of Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. In addition, this beach is ideal for swimming because of the shallow water, which means it is safe for children.

Entertainment and attractions

Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower park, which houses dozens of different structures, intricately decorated with flowers. It impresses with its scale and unusual installations — it is an exciting adventure for children and adults and an ideal place for outdoor photo shoots. In addition, here you can learn a lot about the most outlandish and exotic flowers. The park is a national-level attraction.

Arjan is also home to the Dubai Butterfly Garden, where thousands of butterfly species of the most unimaginable types and colors flutter. The Butterfly Garden is also a local attraction, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

The Dubai Motor City Circuit is also located nearby. There are many car-themed events held here, such as karting, superbike racing and other types of motorsport.

Active recreation, fitness and beauty

Active recreation, park

There are at least 10 parks where residents can spend time outdoors. The nearest of them is Gatton Park in Motor City, perfect for a picnic with friends or family. Public parks in JVC are popular with families with young children.

Most buildings in Arjan Dubai have a gym, but you can go to Sands Fitness/CrossFit Oasis, Snap Fitness and Beautfort Gym in Motor City.

Sands Fitness/CrossFit Oasis offers classes for all levels of training. It also attracts local fitness enthusiasts and is a great place to stay fit and meet new people.

Salons and spas in the Arjan area of Dubai are represented by three objects:

  • Karaz beauty salon;
  • Ladies Salon;
  • Senses of Asia Spa.
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