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List of the best banks in Abu Dhabi

Список лучших банков в Абу-Даби

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, a thriving metropolis that is known for a luxurious lifestyle and a booming economy. The best banks of the region are concentrated on the territory of the city. Regardless of whether or not you have a residency, a reliable financial organization is very important for financial management. Consider Abu Dhabi banks that provide innovative digital services, personalized customer support and much more.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

The leading bank of the UAE is the third largest in terms of assets among others in Abu Dhabi. The organization has 48 branches in the country and abroad: 2 in India, 1 in the Cayman Islands in the UK.

All of ADCB’s activities are focused around retail services, futures transactions, and fund management. It also affects commercial, brokerage and investment activities. The Bank guarantees consideration of the received service request within three days, excluding weekends.

Advantages of the organization:

  1. Transparent banking is the pursuit of clarity and directness in its activities for the best solutions.
  2. The ability to open corporate accounts with a minimum average monthly balance of 25,000 AED.
  3. Companies from the trade sector can use all the advantages of the ProTrade online platform.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Islamik Bank in Abu Dhabi owns financial, banking and investment products, solutions for SMEs, individuals, as well as corporate and institutional clients. Its representative offices are located in Iraq and the UK. The organization has leading forms in its work. We are talking about cooperation with large customers and the retail segment. There is also an individual service system.

Areas of work:

  • bank cards;
  • transactions;
  • treasury;
  • corporate finance and investments;
  • private equity management.

Also the company:

  • is engaged in financing purchases of cars, real estate, equipment, provides letters of credit;
  • acts as a sponsor in investment funds;
  • provides solutions related to property management and valuation.

Since the bank operates according to Islamic laws, it will not be possible to obtain loans for the production of alcohol here.

Al Hilal Bank

Al Hilal Bank

A government facility with a wide range of financial products. We are talking about:

  • deposit accounts – reliable investment with the ability to receive monthly income;
  • debit and credit cards – the ability to travel and make payments safely around the world, as well as manage money through online banking around the clock, withdraw funds in the UAE for free;
  • wholesale solutions;
  • currency markets;
  • consultations;
  • treasury products.

It was made part of large banking groups in the Emirates in May 2019. Specialization: large and medium-sized businesses, retail direction. The Bank provides an opportunity to buy your residential property or refinance the mortgage of another financial institution on favorable terms.

Al Masraf

Al Masraf

The Organization of Investments and Foreign Trade was founded in November 1975. From the very beginning, it aspired to become the first among other A banks for customers with the best products in their field.

Now it is a commercial bank in Abu Dhabi with a wide range of services – from consumer, corporate, Islamic to treasury, investment. The company works with private and corporate clients – it benefits investors through sustainable return on investment (ROI) and continuous success, and also contributes to the development of the economy.

An important caveat: to open a personal account, the applicant must provide Emirates ID – an identification number that can only be assigned to tax residents.

Blom Bank France SA

Blom Bank

Since its foundation in 1975, the financial company has been working with private and corporate clients, providing them with a wide range of highly personalized services. The basis of its activity consists of two segments: the first includes trade and project financing, and the second – current accounts, term deposits.

The bank’s staff positions this place as a benchmark in the field of corporate services. As part of their work, employees take into account the busy schedule of customers and difficult business conditions. They manage to provide the flexibility to explore any new venture/investment in the market, and then help make choices.

As retail operations, they work with current accounts, as well as term deposits. We are talking about savings with attractive interest rates.

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

The largest financial institution with strategically formed offers. Here you can take advantage of market-leading services, as well as private service products.

The international network covers more than 19 countries, which allows customers to use global financial opportunities both in the country and abroad.

Advantages of FAB:

  • reliable and safe – for five consecutive years he has been on this list;
  • professional bankers with experience work here;
  • provides a full range of solutions;
  • is distinguished by its international presence in major financial centers.

His services:

  • trading operations;
  • consultations;
  • trust management;
  • discretionary mandates for portfolio management;
  • operations with immovable objects;
  • financing.

Mashreq Neo

Mashreq Neo

It is considered the only digital bank in the United Arab Emirates. It offers various products and services – from credit, debit cards, personal loans to money transfers, investment opportunities.


  1. Security – thanks to the multi-level transaction limits, instant messages and facial biometrics, the client gets additional peace of mind.
  2. Digital support. Each client’s time is very valuable, so any request is processed online through frequently asked questions on the Mashreq Neo website or application.
  3. Digital card management. This solution will make it easy to manage, for example, unlock/lock the card.

Noor Bank

Noor Bank

Another bank in Abu Dhabi with a large selection of unique and personalized services. They are regulated by the Sharia Council, consisting of leading Islamic scholars with experience and knowledge in legal and financial matters. Main tasks:

  • stimulate growth;
  • create jobs;
  • develop communities;
  • to help economic mobility.

Most of the products of this organization take into account the business specifics and personal needs of customers. Efforts are focused around providing professional services and building long-term relationships. It is this approach that allows you to win new customers, most of whom are individuals, companies, government agencies, investors, institutions.

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