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List of the best banks in Dubai

Список лучших банков Дубая

The banks of Dubai and other emirates are stable and are considered strong financial institutions around the world. They serve their customers qualitatively. The entire banking system consists of local financial organizations and branches of large foreign institutions. Let’s look at their features and rating.

Bank specifics

The very first bank was opened in 1946 – Imperial Bank. Today it is part of the global banking structure. The dirham was put into circulation in 1973. 

According to data from last year, 52 local and foreign facilities were localized in the country. Almost every one of them has internet banking. Wherever you are in the emirate, you can always easily withdraw your funds – there are more than 5,000 ATMs in the UAE. Working days – all except Friday. Usually the opening hours are from eight to three, but on Thursday – until twelve. 

The system of banks consists of financial objects, each of which has its own tasks:

  1. Central – deals with the regulation of other financial organizations, investment firms.
  2. Commercial – local organizations that offer commercial services. They act as public joint-stock companies, and branches of foreign banks require a license from the Central Bank.
  3. Investment – attract capital for the largest market participants, for example, Rasmala.
  4. Islamic – engaged in the implementation of all banking operations. Their activities are controlled by sharia law.



A bank in an offshore financial center helps to minimize the tax burden and preserve assets in a financially unstable situation. In such organizations, customers can use any banking service.


  • stability from the point of view of politics and economics;
  • the ability to open a multi-currency account;
  • higher % due to reduced overhead costs;
  • anonymity of bank accounts;
  • the ability to open an account if you have $ 300.


  • high risk of funds storage;
  • often “offshore” is seen as the same as money laundering or tax evasion, so be prepared for reputational consequences.

Types of banks

  1. Commercial. This is a large part of the banks. They are engaged in accepting deposits, issuing loans, opening settlement accounts and issuing products for individuals and SME companies.
  2. Universal. In general, its activities include wholesale, retail and investment banking. Almost every major organization follows this model. 
  3. Investment. The work is focused around banking services for large clients, for example, municipal and state institutions, corporations, etc.

Dubai accounts


List of possible bank accounts in Dubai:

  1. The current one is simple and salary. Suitable for standard operations that people perform day in and day out. When opening such an account, the client is given a checkbook, with which it will then be possible to pay off the landlords.
  2. Savings account – provides penalties for early withdrawal of money. It can be opened in different currencies.
  3. Investment. The opening is available after the conclusion of an agreement with the bank for a period of one to ten years.
  4. Offshore – available to any person who has a residence visa. This option assumes a reduced% rate. Its main purpose is to protect assets from crisis situations and sanctions. 

Rating of TOP banks in Dubai



The commercial type company was founded in 1982 and since then has been distinguished by its successful work in the UAE banking sector. Here you can choose any of 4 possible accounts for your business. Deposit accounts and overdraft are also available for opening. In the first case, if we are talking about a term deposit, it can be opened in major currencies. The second one has competitive % rates, and you can choose the repayment period yourself.


Emirates Islamic

In the second place of the rating of Dubai banks is one of the best organizations in terms of products and services offered with the highest standards of Sharia principles. The bank was founded in 2004, and is now the second largest among the Sharia. The services can be used by individuals, as well as representatives of SMEs. The main company has more than 60 branches subordinate to it, which act as subsidiaries of Emirates NBD PJSC.

Thanks to the tools of Islamic finance, representatives of the institution managed to reduce uncertainty in transactions and provide suitable solutions for their clients, whether it is an individual seeking to save money or a large corporation in search of a long-term partner.



Cancer Bank in Dubai has been operating since 1976, therefore it is considered one of the oldest. He specializes in providing commercial services to individuals and legal entities in the UAE. In 2001, he changed his focus from providing services to enterprises, legal entities and institutions to personal and entrepreneurial banking. The institution has employees who speak English well.

All activities are represented by a wide variety of financial services – from providing services to private clients to asset management and lending. It also issues debit and credit cards and has 40 branches.



Mashrek Bank in Dubai is one of the oldest private organizations in the UAE. She started working in 1967. Since its foundation, Mashreq has applied the principles of social responsibility, integrity and transparency in all aspects of its activities.

Here you can use:

  • retail, commerce, investment services;
  • underwriting;
  • asset management;
  • broker services;
  • islamic banking;
  • investment consultant services.

More than half of the country’s population owns bank accounts in this organization. 



CBD Bank in Dubai was founded in 1969. Over the years of his work, he managed to turn into a developed and modern company with a stable material base, which is managed by experienced management.

Today, the bank specializes in corporate, commercial and Islamic activities and offers various kinds of financial services and products.

The assets of this large institution reach more than $ 10,000,000.0000, which makes it possible to firmly occupy a position in the ranking of the largest banks in Dubai.



The year of foundation of the Dubai joint-stock company is 1997. We are talking about a credit institution whose activities are carried out in accordance with the Islamic principles of Sharia. It offers services for both individuals and legal entities. The organization is also engaged in financing the purchase of cars, real estate, equipment, provides letters of credit, acts as a sponsor for funds and evaluates property.


Dubai Islamic Bank

The Islamic Bank of Dubai has been operating since 1975. He cooperates with both local and foreign partners. Among the wide range of services, the main ones are:

  • settlement accounts – standard and with an additional package;
  • investment deposit accounts;
  • car loans;
  • credit cards;
  • lending for housing and personal needs;
  • electronic services.

The company offers its clients services for opening digital accounts. To do this, just download the DIB Mobile app, open your account, after scanning the document and taking a selfie. The account will be opened in a few minutes.



ADCB Bank in Dubai was created in 1985 through the merger of 3 financial organizations. As part of its activities, it works with retail, futures, fund management. It also provides commercial, investment and broker services. All activities are carried out through a developed regional network of 48 branches in the Emirates and 3 abroad.



Another big bank. It was created in 2017, after the merger of two organizations – the National Bank of Abu Dhabi with First Gulf Bank. Standard services are provided as part of the activity.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD

NBD Bank (NBD) in Dubai was established in 2007. Its network consists of 220 or more branches, as well as 900 ATMs disbanded throughout the country and beyond. He holds the main positions in the field of basic banking services, including:

  • mortgage;
  • segment of capital raising banking operations;
  • investing money in large corporations and developers.

The organization holds a leading position in the asset management and intermediary services sector. She has great growth prospects. In addition, she is trusted by shareholders, customers and employees. 

Banque Misr 

Banque Misr 

Misr Bank (Misr) in Dubai is state–owned – all shares are fully owned by the Egyptian government. Since its foundation (1920) It is the No. 1 banking institution for clients in both the UAE and Egypt. Its 25 branches are located on the territory of 4 countries. The bank has a BM Online application that simplifies the management of its finances. It also issues bank cards and provides many services – from retail and corporate to private. The organization’s staff speaks English.

Bank Melli Iran (Bank Melli Iran in Dubai)

Bank Melli Iran

Bank Melli takes an active part in Dubai’s trading activities. Its founding year is considered to be 1970. Since that moment, it has consistently been one of the most influential Iranian financial institutions.

The process of working in the company is based on the provision of a wide variety of services – from current and savings accounts, term deposit accounts to loans and trade finance. The Bank has 3328 operating branches inside, 14 operating branches and 4 branches abroad, as well as 180 ATMs.

Thus, it is very important to choose a good and reliable bank in Dubai. Now you are familiar with the best of them and will be able to determine which one is right for you.

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