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TOP best ideas for online business in the UAE

TOP best ideas for online business in the UAE

The legislation of the country has created all the conditions for the organization of a successful online business: investor protection, actual tax-free, developed IT infrastructure, ultra-modern logistics solutions, solvency of the population – factors contributing to the rapid growth of Internet services and retail. The best online business in the UAE is the one that brings maximum profit and minimum problems. There are a lot of opportunities here, so everyone will find how to apply his talents.

Why is UAE attractive for online businesses?

The Emirates has long received worldwide recognition as an ultra-reliable and promising platform for creating online businesses of various scales — you can open an online store in this country, rent a Rolls-Royce Gate or a Lamborghini, or organize an entire marketplace of international level. Online business in Dubai without investment has become real. It is important to determine the direction that can bring real benefits, and think through all the pros and cons.

Modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure

The government has long decided that it is necessary to get off the “oil needle” and earn in a new way. And they chose the sector of IT technologies, fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency, the Internet of things and drew up a large-scale plan to transform a raw country into a “smart state” of the latest generation, built on the mass adoption of information technologies.

One of the main goals is to turn the country into a leading financial center in the world, the country’s authorities welcome all financial innovations and do everything possible to keep up with the times. So, cryptocurrencies simply could not remain without the attention of the authorities. The country is striving to become one of the first states in the region and the world to create a legislative framework for this technology.

In 2018, the country began issuing licenses to firms trading cryptocurrency. Already now in this country it is possible to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency completely officially. That is why there are frequent cases of buying apartments, cars and other property for digital money from official companies. The government is not just going to legalize cryptocurrencies and introduce blockchain into all spheres of life — they want to become world leaders in the adoption of this technology on an everyday level. And this is already happening at the state level, since blockchain technology is one of the pillars of the development of a smart city.

Tax benefits

Taking advantage of the loyal policy of the state, the absence of basic corporate taxes and taxes on personal income, foreign investors can create a highly profitable business related to online activities.

Low or zero taxes, which starting from June 1, 2023 will be applied to all licensed companies at a rate of 9% if the amount of profit exceeds 375,000 dirhams (about $102,000). Companies whose annual income is below this level will continue to enjoy zero benefits.

Large online business opportunity

Online business

Online business ideas occupy the minds of an increasing number of young people today – and not only young people! – people. This is not surprising. Many companies, if they have not yet gone completely into the Internet space, at least have their representative offices there.

In addition, millions of people spend a huge amount of time online: according to statistics, every day for several hours. And where else to look for customers, if not there? That is, companies willy-nilly have to follow their potential buyers.

The conclusion here is simple: today it is extremely profitable to do business in the Internet environment, and in many ways. Novice entrepreneurs can only find a sphere of application of efforts so that they not only like the business, but also bring a good stable income.

Beneficial topography

The country is located between Europe, Asia and Africa, which makes them an ideal place to conduct international business. There is access to major markets: some of the world’s largest markets, such as India, China and Africa, are within easy reach. This allows companies to open up new opportunities in these markets.

In addition, it is a multicultural society with a large number of exhibits. This makes it easier for foreign companies to find employees with the necessary skills and experience to work in the country. It also creates new opportunities for hiring and finding global partnerships and opportunities.

Secure online payments

Secure online payments

Private property is very strictly protected in the country, so all payments between accounts are safe. Only the most advanced methods of protection are used here. As a result, entrepreneurs cannot worry about the safety of their funds.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many people today are looking for online business ideas, wanting to get away from the usual office work. There are many ways to earn income by working on the Internet. At the start, you need to analyze this area and understand which niches may be interesting. At the same time, it is important to consider how deep they are and whether you will be able to cope with the competition. At the moment, several areas of activity are of particular interest.


Night dubai

Why not Europe and the United States? In comparison with European countries and the United States, the UAE has more pleasant tax requirements. There are no taxes on income, personal income and dividends. It is a fresh and fast-growing market available to foreigners. Thanks to all this, the company in the country is a highly profitable and effective tool, compared with similar forms of doing business in other countries.

What else are the Emirates good for:

  • The VAT rate is 5%. In free economic zones (freezone), company owners are exempt from this tax, as well as from corporate tax, as well as import and export taxes.
  • Convenient geographical location. Not the most obvious plus for an online business? We disagree — the owners of newly opened companies note the comfort of doing business due to the availability of flights to anywhere in the world.
  • Economic stability. The national currency — the dirham — is pegged to the dollar and has not changed for 20 years.
  • No tax exchanges. The country does not provide tax information to other countries.
  • Digitization of processes. Most legal issues can be resolved online, which is very convenient for business.



There are also disadvantages to business here. The activity should be absolutely transparent. In addition, when opening an account, the bank conducts a lengthy check, and at its end there is a risk of rejection. Also, there is no clear state regulation in the field of intellectual property in the country, and the concept of “one window” does not always work.

List of online business ideas in UAE

By the end of 2022, the increase in income from online trading will approach $6.54 trillion. For comparison, in 2019, this figure was $ 3.5 trillion — in just three years, the profitability of online business will increase by 85%! Who will achieve the greatest success in online entrepreneurship? First of all, those businessmen who do not stop learning and introducing more and more interesting products for consumers. Entrepreneurs who perfectly know how to increase conversion, implement the acquired knowledge in real life. And, of course, merchants who are not afraid to use risky innovative solutions that are ahead of their time!

Let’s take a closer look at which areas are becoming the most profitable in the field of online business. This list will help you understand which directions to choose.

Food delivery marketplace

Food delivery marketplace

Global e-commerce retail sales alone will reach a record $5.5 trillion this year. No one will argue with the fact that virtual shopping is one of the most popular online events, and a direct delivery store (Dropshipping) is the most popular business model for aspiring entrepreneurs with a limited budget:

  • You reserve a batch of necessary products from a large supplier.
  • You open your store — on the website, marketplace or in a social network.
  • Promote your own market, attract an audience.
  • You place orders for customers, and your manufacturing partner sends them to customers directly from the warehouse.
  • The difference between the wholesale and retail price is shared with the supplier by prior arrangement.

Advantages of this online food delivery:

  • minimum investment;
  • low level of risk;
  • no purchase of goods is required;
  • no need to rent a warehouse;
  • you can work wherever there is Internet.

The dropshipper does not need to take care of production, packaging, delivery and return — this is handled by his supplier partner.


This area includes tutoring services, consultations in various fields of activity, business courses, online seminars and conferences.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

This direction is rightfully considered one of the most promising, since statistics say that 72% of the world’s population already sit in various social networks. You will always have customers who will want to develop their account for further business.

Organize live broadcasts, collaborate with microbloggers, work with targeted advertising and encourage users to interact with content.

Fitness instructor

Any owner of a fitness center knows perfectly well that he loses up to 90% of his income, because he does not manage to make his clients people who are shy of their bodies. And official statistics confirm this, saying that 9 out of 10 people refuse to study only because they are ashamed of themselves, suffering from certain inferiority complexes and low self-esteem.

You can monetize the fitness trainer’s website as follows:

place paid training videos on it, allowing your clients to practice at any time convenient for them, and in any convenient place;

sell various printed and electronic manuals on rejuvenation, workouts, diets and more;

open a paid section that allows you to select a special diet for yourself thanks to a special program built into the site;

to sell sports nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins, equipment for training and other things.



Going out with a product in the UAE is a great opportunity to test sales to an Arab audience and then expand to other countries in the region, scaling up your business.

A popular way to test the commodity market quickly and without large investments is to place your product on aggregators and marketplaces popular in the region.

To avoid confusion, we will immediately note the difference between aggregators and marketplaces:

  • Marketplaces are portals for selling goods to a large, international audience, where the search is carried out mainly by a specific product. Such sites provide storage and delivery of goods, as well as traffic at the expense of regular visitors to the marketplace. A big plus of such sites is the wide geography of delivery in several countries of the region.
  • Aggregators are websites and applications that focus on a local audience, and the search in them is conducted mainly by specific sellers (shops, restaurants). They, like marketplaces, provide traffic and delivery, but do not store goods. To work with them, you need to have a partner or personal warehouse in the city where you are going to sell the goods.


Online consulting at the moment looks like another profitable way to earn money on the Internet. After undergoing special training and training in any particular niche market, you can start online consulting anytime you want. By doing this profession, you are actually promising small businesses in your area to help them.

Simply put, online consultants should give their clients valuable advice and suggestions for the improvement they want in their business. Simply put, online consulting is your work experience.

Web design

Web design

IT and online business have no borders. it does not matter whether you are selling or developing a mobile application or writing programs, selling and maintaining them. All this can be done from anywhere in the world.

  • Warm climate and good weather, personal safety and business security (there is no such thing as raiding and organized crime is absent here).
  • There are many experienced programmers from India in this region who are looking for work here, and their remuneration is significantly lower.
  • After all, the most important reason why IT businesses and online companies are moving here is the security and confidentiality of business, as well as 0% taxes if you do not do business in the country. There is no payroll tax and income tax. There are no deductions to different funds. If a mobile application or a mobile chat or a computer program belongs to a company, then local legislation exempts you from paying any income taxes or dividends. Thus, by selling the rights or licenses to use the program or by downloading a mobile application, your activity is not taxed.

Virtual assistant

Remote personal assistant is a specialty that is literally on the threshold between the present and the future. Previously, it was believed that a personal secretary could only be nearby, behind the wall, in the next office, today an online assistant is a new level. What can such an assistant solve?

  • keep a calendar of meetings, cases;
  • looking for new customers;
  • monitor the performance of tasks by other employees;
  • engage in advertising, SMM promotion;
  • buy goods, order services.

Plus, such a specialist can also help in the profile direction: edit photos, proofread texts. This is a classic remote work that allows you to make a profit and not lose professional skills. A personal manager, as a rule, is looking for an online assistant, since the manager is also directly involved in the Internet environment. Of course, it is much more difficult to set up the work of a real office remotely than virtually. It is not difficult to open such a business, but the profit will be stable. In addition, if you gain experience in this field in the future, you can hire a large staff, and only organize their activities yourself.

Archiving and data entry

Archiving and data entry

In modern realities, no one keeps a file cabinet or other paper types of archives anymore. Now it is more convenient to store everything in electronic format. But not always the company’s servers allow you to store so much data.

In such conditions, the business of providing storage space for data becomes a profitable occupation. At the same time, there may be no investments or they may be minimal. An entrepreneur receives the same favorable conditions from the state as businessmen working in other fields.


If you are talking about the best ways to earn money online, you need to talk about the profession of a freelance translator. When you start working as a freelance translator, you must meet the requirements of your clients with the implemented projects that you will provide them. If you manage to gain more trust, you can earn more money.

Of course, you can say a big thank you to the Internet, thanks to which you can be hired by leading employers who need online translators. Using the Internet, you can find many organizations and individual clients who offer you a freelance translator job.

As you expand your knowledge of languages and destination sources, you really don’t need a degree to start working as a translator. This means that you need more work experience to start earning big money in this profession.

Online travel agent

Online travel agent

There are three key directions of the travel market: air tickets, accommodation (hotels, villas, hostels, etc.) and ready-made package tours. The first two directions have been digitized for a long time, now it is very easy to buy a ticket or book a hotel room via the Internet, there are many understandable services. On the other hand, the online sale of turnkey package tours is not so widespread yet and people continue to arrange tours directly at the offices of travel agencies. Only 8% of tours are sold online, and this figure includes both sales of online tour booking services and sales of tour operators themselves.

Freelance Writer

Do you want to monetize your skills to make money online? If you answer “yes”, you need to become a freelancer by participating in the freelance industry. Freelancing is a house-based job that you do based on your skills and knowledge in any particular field or field. Freelancers can work as a writer or editor. Thus, you have a wide range of options for working as a freelancer.

However, you need to identify the pros and cons of freelancing to reduce any doubts you have about it. As for extended flexibility and freedom, there is no better job at the moment than freelancing. Most people believe that freelancing is a way that will help them earn extra income every month.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

The HR business, experts say, is quite specific. You should open a recruitment agency with experience in this field. It is important to understand the internal business processes and features of the provision of services, because here everything can go according to an individual scenario, and you need to respond to changes in a timely manner. Depending on the specifics of the vacancy, sources, tools and methods of search and selection are selected.

Of course, with experience, this business can really bring a lot of money. Plus, to start such a business online, you need minimal investment. There are absolutely no restrictions on work. No office or equipment needed. Only your computer and remote communication methods.

But when opening an agency, it is best to have some idea so that there is a unique trade offer. Not to make a carbon copy, but to find yourself in an unoccupied niche — to take what they are least engaged in. Some segment or service, or staff that is not occupied by other agencies. This may be what the market needs most right now: for example, there is always a demand for sales, for working specialties.

Making Arts and Crafts

Creative business is also a business, with its own characteristics, but all these are not beautiful pictures in a blog and not always enjoying the process that you love since childhood (whether it’s drawing, music, dancing). It is also responsibility, courage, energy and constant training and promotion! Here, too, you need to know sales technologies, test hypotheses, count and summarize figures.

It is not difficult to open such a business, but you need to think through all sides. You can do this at home, so you don’t have to rent a room.

In addition, this country is well developed, and people’s salaries are good, so they can spend money not only on basic necessities, but on works of art or other works of applied art.

Video Editor

Video Editor

A high–quality edited video is a mini-film in which the events of life are presented compactly, beautifully, effectively. Therefore, the profession of a video editing specialist is in great demand. The business really makes a lot of profit. In addition, a minimum of equipment will be required, which means a minimum of investments.

Such videos are ordered by both individuals and event management agencies, so the business will never fail. Employees always have work to do.

Advertising agencies and websites selling goods and services order commercials that make it more profitable to present a product or service.

Promo videos, video tutorials (screencasts) and selling videos for infobusiness are also in demand (infobusiness is a business about selling information that allows you to solve certain problems of the target audience).



1. Which virtual business ideas are best in Dubai?

This is a developed city with a huge number of opportunities, so it is impossible to name one direction that will bring 100% profit. Now various Internet and IT services are popular. You can try yourself in this field. Plus, recently the most profitable businesses have become Internet trading or delivery.

2. Which business is most profitable in the UAE?

Among the profitable options, the trade sector can be singled out separately. People began to prefer to shop online, and more than 50% of the country’s residents already do it this way, so there are absolutely no restrictions in this area, even despite the number of competitors.

3. What are the most profitable ideas for online business in Dubai?

Google cites statistics that 47% of all sales today are made online. The analytical service Statista reports that the e-commerce market last year amounted to $ 4.28 trillion, and by 2022 it will grow to 5.4 trillion.

Entrepreneurial activity is rapidly moving from the real world to the Internet. It is important to follow this trend in order to create your own successful business and get good income.

4. What business can I do from home in Dubai?

Almost any online business does not require a regular stay in the office, so you can choose almost any direction. You can become a video editor or a writer. But remember that from time to time you will still have to meet with clients.

5. What online business can I start in the UAE?

It is not necessary to offer physical goods —courses, podcasts, services for creating, promoting and maintaining websites, blogs, and so on are popular among Internet users. You can start a business with minimal investments: at first it is enough to launch trial sales or test courses to make sure of the demand for services or goods. With a positive reaction from the market and consumers, it is possible to develop the business further.

6. Can you do online business in Dubai?

Yes, you can. The city has huge opportunities and development from the infrastructure, so there will be no problems. The country supports this at the legislative level.

7. What are the top 5 online businesses in UAE?

The most popular destinations can be called:

  1. Online trading;
  2. IT services;
  3. Training, including courses and various trainings;
  4. Social media marketing;
  5. Consulting.

Today, the e-business sector is growing all over the world. This is facilitated by the widespread use of the Internet, the availability of gadgets for every person and the constant development of international courier services. The segment is gradually replacing traditional types. In addition, you can open the best online business in Dubai. One of the main advantages is not geographically limited to a city, region, or even a country.

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