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How to open a business in the UAE without investment?

How to open a business in the UAE without investment?

In the UAE they issue more than a million licenses for conducting commercial activities per year. The specified quantity is constantly increasing by 3-5% annually. Absence of income taxation attracts entrepreneurs from different countries for starting business in Dubai. Enterprising people have many opportunities for opening a profitable business in the UAE without investment.

Can you really start a business in Dubai without money?

Facts prove that starting a business without capital is quite a feasible task. You can use a lot of ideas without having any financial opportunities.

One of the available options is to find a profitable cooperation with an entrepreneur. He should be able to invest in the implementation of your project. You can take advantage of such opportunities that are provided to foreign investors in the UAE. It is important that the project is profitable for the Dubai economy.

It may seem that finding an entrepreneur willing to invest in your project is an almost impossible task. To do it you need to contact companies’ management who are engaged in the same activity as you like. If a businessman invests the necessary funds, you will be able to put your ideas into practice without spending your own money.

To become successful in business, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money. To launch a new project in parallel with the existing one, you can use creative ideas.

Stages for starting:

  1. Using the search, find in Google companies with similar activities.
  2. Making a list of the nearest companies by location.
  3. In social network LinkedIn you can find contacts of the company’s management.

As practice shows, these stages do not lose relevance in different fields. They are used all over the world to create new successful projects.

Business you can start in Dubai with no or very little money



Anyone who has the necessary knowledge and qualifications will be able to engage in business consulting. To start, you will need to make minimal investments. The money will be needed to obtain a license, create a website and print a sufficient number of business cards.

There is an opinion that for successful work in consulting you will need wide experience. It is not always true. But before launching a project, it is important to understand in which area you can succeed. Will your work be useful for a narrow circle of specialists, or will you be able to advise managers of a large level? Anyway if you have any experience in organizing business projects, you can find a niche for consulting.

Online trading

Using the software application will allow anyone with basic programming knowledge to create a website for a new online store. And then everything will depend on the activity of the entrepreneur and his desire to become successful in the chosen niche.

To reduce costs, it is worth starting to cooperate with companies that deliver goods. Their representatives will store your goods in their warehouses and deliver them to customers.

Web design

The work of a web designer has been particularly popular lately. Competent specialists are in demand in the UAE. Their responsibilities include designing interfaces for websites and inventing ways to provide information in the most convenient way. If you have the right skills, you will be able to earn good money in Dubai in the near future.

To get started, you will need a laptop, a web design application, and knowledge of self-presentation techniques.


Certain knowledge and pedagogical skills will allow you to find a job as a tutor in Dubai. You can teach clients anything: language skills, playing a musical instrument, illustration, martial arts. Academic programs that include mathematics, natural sciences and English are in demand.

If you have the right level of qualifications and can transfer your knowledge to other people, then start looking for potential customers in the UAE. To advertise your services, you should use a specialized website You can place a resume on it for a small commission fee.

Create digital products or online courses

Working with a computer

If your computer skills are at their best, you can use them to place your ideas on special platforms. Information products have many advantages that increase their attractiveness to customers. Their owner does not need to worry about storage costs and goods delivery.

What does the business of distributing digital products include: selling training courses, graphic design, posting stock photos, creating websites, developing music templates.

Pet sitting

If you love pets and know how to take care of them, you can work as a pet sitter. Many residents of the UAE have a pet. When a person is forced to leave home for a long time, he needs help in taking care of a four-legged friend. Professional pet sitters come to the home of the owner and take care of the animal while the person is away.

What kind of work will need to be done: provide walking at the agreed hours, feed the pet and take care of it. The service can be estimated at about 80 dirhams, on condition that the pet sitter comes to the owner’s house. It is not necessary to be near an animal for several hours. The terms are negotiated separately.

Such work does not require investment at all. An important condition for success is a sincere love for animals. If the owner likes your work, he will recommend you to his acquaintances and work colleagues. Advertising about the provision of the service can also be given free of charge on social networks or in ads on special sites.

Cleaning Services

The house cleaning service is used not only by wealthy people. Expats in Dubai spend a lot of time working, so they prefer to pay for cleaning their house to a specially trained person.

To start working in the field of cleaning services, you also do not need to invest material resources. A person will need some experience, possession of a work ethic and several high-quality cleaning products. Services can be offered weekly or monthly. Depending on the workload, you can cooperate with several clients. With a responsible attitude to work, income will grow rapidly.

Social media management

Social media management

Perhaps, there are few companies left in the modern world that do not promote their services on social networks. It can be explained by the fact that a potential consumer first of all searches for information about the company on these sites. Small business projects often do not have enough resources to maintain a feed on social networks. Therefore, recently there has been an increase in freelance employees who are engaged in conducting groups on behalf of the company.

Launching a business in this direction does not require costs. Sometimes they may require a specialist license.

Handyman service

As in many countries of the world, the profession of a handyman is in demand in the UAE. The services of a representative of the profession are used not only by single women and elderly people. If you have experience in making something with your hands, you can offer services in furniture collection or household appliances repair. The costs for a beginner are minimal. You may need tools to perform the work and a responsible approach to it.

Become a virtual event planner

After the 2020 pandemic, the virtual planning business model gained popularity. Many companies in Dubai have implemented projects related to virtual events and conferences that bring together partners from different corners of the world.

Starting your business in Dubai

There are a number of rules related to the organization of processes, the structure of the company, its name, and economic activity that every entrepreneur needs to follow. It doesn’t depend on whether he has the money to develop the company or not.

To regulate the processes, you need to cooperate with the Trade Licensing Service. The organization provides assistance in registering a business and introduces the basic rules of trade in the UAE.

Business activities

When choosing the type of activity, first of all you should take into account personal interests and experience. If you have the desire to develop professional qualities and entrepreneurial acumen, you can get a stable good income in the UAE. For some types of activities, obtaining a license and confirming the level of qualification will be required.

Company name


There are a number of requirements that apply to the names of companies in the UAE. It is not recommended to include any offensive words in the title, as well as religious terms. If the entrepreneur wishes to include his name in the name of the business project, it should not be used in an abbreviated form. Surname and initials cannot be used. Before registering, make sure that the selected company name is not currently occupied.

Applying for your license

We provide our clients to use our services for obtaining a license to conduct a selected type of business activity. Our specialists have the necessary experience to do it in a short time. An application will be submitted on your behalf. All stages of obtaining a license will be tracked.

Applying for your visa

Every person who wants to open a business in the UAE without investment must apply for a visa. To do this, you will need to visit the immigration center. You must provide biometric information, a blood test, the results of a fitness test and a chest X-ray.

In addition, you will need to provide documents confirming compliance with the criteria of the selected job in the country. The cost of the service is from 9600 dirhams UAE. Upon approval of the application, it is possible to provide discounts for obtaining licenses.

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