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The best business schools and universities in Dubai

Лучшие бизнес-школы и университеты в Дубае

The education system of the United Arab Emirates provides for the training of foreigners only in private educational institutions. However, in some universities, business schools in Dubai, up to 80% of students are foreigners and children of expats. The world’s best universities are located on the territory of the megalopolis, where they teach programs in English in the economic and business sphere.

Advantages of studying in Dubai

  1. High level of economic development. The city is considered the largest economic and financial center and owes much to global projects and substantial investment of research universities.
  2. Experience of international relations. The largest city in the UAE is filled with corporations, the best educational institutions around the world. Training here is an opportunity for those who want to train in the largest firms, gain experience from a professional and get a job in the future.
  3. The quality of training. The best universities of the Arab Emirates are located in the metropolis. There are also branches of giants from the educational sphere, for example, Swiss schools and others.
  4. Multinational center. The territory is inhabited by people with different cultures and mentalities.
  5. A high level of quality of life and career-related prospects. For this reason, most foreigners come to the city.

Common specialties


Academic degrees are provided as part of the training: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The relevant directions are considered to be:

  1. Accounting.
  2. The world economy.
  3. Economic theory.
  4. Statistics.
  5. Banking.
  6. Labor economics.
  7. Analysis and audit.
  8. Finance and credit.

Universities offer narrow specializations, so it is possible to cover several disciplines at once.

Specialties are aimed at practical activities:

  1. Marketing.
  2. MBA.
  3. International relations.
  4. Management.
  5. International entrepreneurship.

Studying at Dubai universities

An example for the creation of educational institutions are American and European universities. Scholarships and internships are allocated for students.

There are private and state-owned enterprises. The first option is paid and is suitable for foreigners, the second is for citizens of the Emirates.

Campuses, campuses of German, French and other universities are also localized on the territory. The main language taught is English.

Top universities and business schools in Dubai for MBA


All programs have been approved and accredited.


Graduates ready-to-work students who will possess the skills, professional knowledge necessary for employers.

The University includes 4 departments:

  • business, economics;
  • marketing;
  • finance, accounting;
  • management;
  • marketing communications.

They offer 2 stages: BBA – for students, MBA – for postgraduate students.

It is taught by experienced teachers who are constantly in contact with business communities through research activities, consultations, professional associations.



Recommended all over the world.Thanks to the MBA, students get a solid base, and they can also hold positions of managers in various fields/head their firms in the future.

The MBA degree is recognized in the UAE, FEZ, and internationally. In the future, such students will be able to work in both the private and public sectors.


The educational institution allows you to get an MBA, which is designed for entrepreneurs-leaders. It was divided into 4 double specializations. We are talking about:

  1. Management and management of employees.
  2. Management of logistics activities and operations.
  3. Accounting and finance.
  4. International entrepreneurship and marketing.

The training will allow you to:

  • strengthen the ability to observe and justify your point of view;
  • improve communication skills;
    strengthen understanding of diverse perspectives of culture;
  • improve the decision-making process in changing conditions;
  • strengthen the use of knowledge and skills in solving difficulties.

Hult Business School

Hult Business School

Engaged in education, inspiration of business talents. Here you can get important skills, experience in finance and management. On campus, you can study and interact with interesting people.

The learning space is open 24/7. Classes with equipment are designed for students

Within the framework of the training, 2 programs are presented: one–year, developing leadership skills, two-year – for professionals. The latter option is designed taking into account visits during the weekend per month and has a flexible schedule.

You can also take advantage of a master’s degree in the field of MIB.

Murdoch University Center

It was founded in 2008. The branch specializes in MBA. The learning space is focused on the basic analytics tools that allow you to make informed business decisions. The training is designed for 12,16, 24 months. Classes are held in the evening on weekends.

SP Jain School of Global Management

SP Jain graduates

The branch of the Indian school enjoys special authority and is considered a leading business tool. Within the framework of academic degrees, there is a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree. College graduates earn about $78,937 at the start.

London Business School

The LBS branch program with an MBA degree and ExEd programs covers the main areas of entrepreneurial activity: HR, finance, general management.



The Institute has been accredited and is licensed by the HDA. Experienced teachers work here. Now you can choose from 3 courses: for the whole day for new graduates, for full/part-time – for pros.

You can also train, take part in corporate projects.

Manchester Business School in Dubai

The Center supports and coordinates more than 1,500 professional students/business managers. The school provides a full-time/part-time MBA course for pros. You can also take a corporate program to support market relations.


Zayed University

The State University offers excellent preparation for industrial activity. There are also additional courses for those who want to get acquainted with the moments that significantly affect the business. We are talking about technological achievements, globalization, and the digital economy.


The university’s education is based on the Canadian program. The main goal is to meet the current and future needs of authorities from business and government society in the region Proposed directions:

  1. HR.
  2. Management.
  3. Finance.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Islamic banking.
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