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Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) area Overview in Dubai

Обзор района Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBT) в Дубае

The JBR district in Dubai is the richest in entertainment. It is both a residential location and a resort. JBR is located on the very shore of the Persian Gulf on the first line, and this is the only place where foreigners can buy a house right by the sea. In all other districts, only Arabs have the right to housing on the first line. Speaking about the climate, it is impossible to say which time of the year is the best for recreation. Here they sunbathe and swim all year round: in summer the sea warms up to +33 ° C, and in winter it cools down to +25 ° C.

The territory stretches for almost two kilometers along the coastline. Until recently, the beach was considered wild: there were only changing rooms. But then it was radically changed: cafes and restaurants were built up, green corners were created, paths were laid, a lighting system was created for comfortable rest in the evening and at night. The beach is considered urban and is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and guests of the Principality.


Jumeirah Beach Residents is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai, located in the center of Dubai and at the same time on the seashore. The uniqueness of the location is that it does not go deep into the city, but stretches in a narrow strip along the shore of the bay. This attracts hundreds of foreigners who are used to living in luxury. Many have already bought real estate here for permanent residence or to spend a vacation, and the rest of the time it is profitable to rent it out. After all, millions of tourists come here every year who want to have a lot of fun at one of the most fashionable resorts in the world.

JBR began construction in 2004 and was commissioned in 2010. Now it consists of 40 completed multi–storey buildings, of which 4 are five–star hotels, and the remaining 36 are ordinary residential high-rises, but luxury with sea views. The buildings are arranged in a semicircle and are the natural boundary of the area.

Jumeirah Beach Residents

The location is divided into 6 blocks, each of which has a romantic sea name: “Sun”, “Sand”, “Seashell”, “Sea”, “Wave”, “Coral Reef”. Each block consists of several buildings erected on the same podium. There are huge parking lots under it, and on the ground floors there are shops, gyms, spas, restaurants, swimming pools, minimarkets, kindergartens, there is even a music school. Each block can live almost autonomously: it has everything to relax without going outside. In the hottest summer months, this is of great importance for comfort and health. Near each block there are open spaces where courtyards are organized.

The entire housing stock is about 2 million square meters of space, designed to accommodate about 25 thousand people. The common areas are approximately 180 thousand “squares”. This is without taking into account shops, cafes and restaurants, which occupy about 70 thousand more “squares”.

The architectural structures of the residential complex are made in Arabic and Mediterranean styles. A walking area is organized along the entire coast: the paths are paved with cobblestones, fountains are arranged around the perimeter, lanterns are displayed, and the trees are decorated with lighting, creating additional comfort in the evening. Vacationers can sit in one of the many cafes or restaurants, have a snack or a delicious dinner and spend time with family or friends.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail here and allows youth companies, families with children, and elderly people to feel equally comfortable.


In the “Beach Residence”, this is how the name of the Jumeirah Beach Residence community translates, all conditions for elite living or recreation are created. It perfectly combines the features of a megalopolis and a resort area. Five-star hotels Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton are available to tourists. Their panoramic windows offer a view of the sea, which is especially beautiful at sunrise. The most beautiful views are combined with the possibility of free access to the beach and a chic holiday in entertainment venues located on the embankment.

On the territory there are kindergartens and schools, medical clinics, many cafes and restaurants, convenient spacious Parking lots. Well-developed transport infrastructure connects the location with other parts of the city.

Beaches near Jumeirah Beach Residence

Beach near Jumeirah Beach Residence

Despite the fact that a lot of money has been invested in the reorganization of the seaside area, including the beach, it remains free to visit. You only have to pay for entertainment and equipment rental.

The beach attracts vacationers with crystal clear sea water, a shallow zone of coastal waters that allows you to relax safely even with very young children, the finest clean sand. For those who do not like to sunbathe on the sand, grassy lawns with natural shade from trees are organized.

For tourists, there are points where you can rent different types of water pleasure transport, for example, a bicycle or a kayak. There is a convenient and spacious parking near the beach, but it is still recommended to arrive early to take a place closer to the place of rest. On the beach, adults can play volleyball or football, children can have fun on inflatable water slides or go with their parents to the water park located here.

The beach is open around the clock, but cafes and restaurants close closer to midnight.

Shopping malls

There is no shopping center of its own in the location, but in a five-minute walk there is the famous Marina Mall, in which one and a half hundred shops, twenty restaurants and cafes, a cinema, a bowling alley, currency exchange offices, game libraries, parking for 2 thousand places are located on 4 floors.

Kindergartens, schools, universities

Kindergartens, schools, universities

Jumeirah Beach Residents has a well-developed educational infrastructure. There are several kindergartens here, including two British ones – Toddler Town and British Orchard. There are also several secondary schools with teaching in English, where children study according to the program of the British educational system. The most popular among them are Dubai British School. Higher education can be obtained at one of two universities – a branch of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and American University. Of the educational institutions of additional education, there are dance and music schools.

Medical facilities

For medical help, you can contact Aster Hospital Dubai, located in a neighboring community. This is a multidisciplinary hospital where outpatient and inpatient treatment is available, there is a laboratory, a sports medicine department and a maternity ward.



The main attraction is a beach holiday and all related entertainment. You can spend time at Roxy Cinemas, doing water sports or walking. For thrill-seekers, there is a high-altitude attraction, where from a 40-meter height you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the artificial islands spread out below.


The transport infrastructure is very well developed. Two bus routes, a tram line pass through the district, there are several stops, as well as two metro stations. Public transport connects the location with other parts of the city. You can drive to the airport in just half an hour from here. A dense road network with a high-quality coating makes it attractive to travel by your own car. Due to the low price of fuel, many prefer to use private transport. If a person does not have his own car, numerous agencies where a car can be rented are at his service. There are five such companies in JBR.

Investment attractiveness

Jumeirah Beach Residence beach

Jumeirah Beach Residence is among the TOP 50 best locations in the world. This is a popular fashionable resort, where foreigners are willing to pay a lot of money for the right to stay or rest. As mentioned above, JBR is the only coastal zone in Dubai where foreigners can buy real estate on the first line. The investment attractiveness is enhanced by luxury housing conditions, highly developed social and transport infrastructure, as well as a warm sea with a soft safe descent.

There will always be an interest in recreation in this place. There are a lot of tourists in autumn and winter, because the velvet season begins: the area is filled with very wealthy vacationers, as well as businessmen arriving for business meetings and negotiations. In the summer, when it’s too hot, prices drop a lot, but tourists with lower incomes use it. As a result, both hotels and real estate intended for rent are filled again. For this reason, the cost of housing in the JBR area in Dubai, as well as the rental price, remains consistently high, but demand still exceeds supply.

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