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How to get a Dubai Business visa – step–by-step instructions

Как получить бизнес-визу Дубая – пошаговая инструкция

Moving to the UAE opens up huge opportunities for a comfortable life and entrepreneurial activity. An expat gets financial freedom, state protection, stable and comfortable living conditions. To get the right to open a business in Dubai, you need to apply for a visa. One of the options for its quick registration is to invest a fixed amount of money in real estate. An investor visa reduces the tax burden, gives the right to free movement, guarantees legal protection from the state, as well as the opportunity to move a family.

Types of investor visas

By 2022, entrepreneurs wishing to obtain this type of residency needed to purchase ready-made real estate worth at least 5 million dirhams. For this investment, an expat could receive a 5-year Green Visa. However, since the end of 2022 The government of the principality softened the condition, lowering the bar to 2 million dirhams. In addition, it is now possible to obtain a residence permit for a period of 3 years for real estate investments amounting to 750,000 AED, which is equivalent to about 200,000 US dollars. Also, if certain additional requirements are met, an expat can receive a Golden Visa for 10 years or a Pension. All of them are extended and allow families to be transported with them.

3-year visa


The residency for a period of 3 years is another relief from the Government of Dubai, designed to attract more young talented professionals. You can apply for a three-year visa if you have invested 750 thousand AED in local real estate.

To apply, the applicant must own:

  • from 1 to 3 residential properties for a total of 750 thousand. AED;
  • housing purchased on credit, provided that 50% of its value has already been paid or the amount deposited is 750 thousand. AED;
  • a home worth at least $200,000, but secured.

If the real estate has been acquired, but is secured or acquired on credit, then you must additionally provide a bank statement, and in the latter case, also a Certificate of absence of objections.

The application can be submitted via the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website or the Dubai REST app. A three-year visa entitles you to:

  • obtaining an identity card;
  • obtaining a driver’s license;
  • opening a bank account;
  • accommodation in the country;
  • work or study.

However, the owner of this type of residency cannot bring his family with him. In addition, he will have restrictions on staying abroad: no more than 6 months per year.

If an expat loses the right to own a home within 3 years, the residence permit will be revoked.

«Green» visa for 5 years

Apply for Visa

This is a new type of residency that allows an expat to sponsor his family. They can get it:

  • investors involved in commercial projects or creating their own business;
  • freelancers;
  • qualified specialists.

For an investor, when receiving a Green Visa, you will need to attach to the general package of documents:

  • confirmation of the amount of investments (if a businessman participates in several projects, the total amount of investments is taken into account);
  • permission from local authorities.

The freelancer must additionally provide:

  • diploma of education with a bachelor’s degree;
  • permission for this type of activity from the Ministry of Human Resources;
  • confirmation of income for the previous 24 months (in total it must be at least 200 thousand US dollars).

The presence of a Green Visa opens up additional opportunities for:

  • sponsorship of children: boys under the age of 25, unmarried girls and children with disabilities without age restrictions;
  • the right to stay in the territory of the Emirates for six months after the expiration of the residence permit.

Rules for the entry of children into the UAE

How to get a Dubai Business visa – step–by-step instructions
  1. Minor children can enter the territory of the UAE only with their passport. According to the parents’ passport, where the child’s photo is pasted, he will not be allowed into the country.
  2. If the child is accompanied by one parent, the notarized permission of the other parent is required.
  3. If the child is accompanied by third parties, it is necessary to issue a power of attorney from both parents to a notary.
  4. In addition to the passport, the accompanying person must provide a birth certificate. You must have the original with you, as well as a duplicate translated into English or Arabic and notarized. A birth certificate is especially important if the child and the accompanying parent have different surnames.

«Golden» visa for 10 years

The main condition for obtaining a Golden Visa is investments in residential real estate in the amount of at least 2 million dirhams. At the same time, she must remain in the hospital for at least 3 years. It is possible to buy a home on credit, but you can only take it from certain banks.

The Golden Visa holder is provided with the greatest opportunities. He gets the right:

  • sponsor all members of your family: spouse, children without age restrictions, as well as household staff and closest business assistants;
  • travel outside the UAE and stay there for more than six months;
  • issue an Esaad discount card, which is valid in 92 countries around the world and allows you to use entertainment shopping offers in stores belonging to 7 thousand brands.

Family members also receive the privilege: in the event of the death of the owner of the Golden Visa, they can stay in the Emirates until the expiration of its validity.

Pensioner’s visa


It is issued for 5 years with the right to extend and is intended for older investors whose age has reached 55 years. There are also conditions for applicants. They must:

  • have savings in the amount of 1 million dirhams;
  • have a monthly income not lower than the local subsistence minimum of 20 thousand dirhams;
  • own real estate in the amount of 2 million AED, bought with your own money.

Expat pensioners have the right to continue working in the Emirates, and can also act as sponsors for their children, including students, as well as spouses.

A general list of documents to be attached to the application

  • copies of valid international passports and residence permits;
  • a property deed confirming the ownership of real estate and its value;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • medical insurance;
  • a certificate from the bank about the movements of funds over the past six months.

Additional documents are required for different types of residency. Therefore, it is better to consult with a lawyer before submitting an application. For example, if the housing was purchased at the joint expense of the spouses, then when applying for a visa permit, you must provide a notarized marriage certificate.

The residency registration process

If all the documents are in order, and the applicant meets the requirements for granting investor status, then the registration process will take no more than 10 working days. The procedure consists of 4 stages:

  1. Submitting an application to the Dubai Land Department and receiving a letter of recommendation.
  2. Obtaining a certificate of no criminal record in the police on the basis of a letter of recommendation received at DLD.
  3. Obtaining a license from the economic department of the Principality.

Applying for an investment business visa at GDRFA – the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs of Dubai.

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