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The Gardens area in Dubai – should investors consider it?

Район Гарденс (Gardens) в Дубае – стоит ли рассматривать инвесторам?

Dubai Gardens district is a residential location that grew up in a place that was a lifeless desert until the beginning of the new millennium. The construction was carried out during the years of an active economic and construction period and was completed by 2008. The Gardens quickly turned into a popular place among investors, as engineers and developers managed to combine convenient transport and social infrastructure with comfortable living and recreation conditions there. The community stands out for its high level of landscaping: the area is simply surrounded by greenery.

Geographical location and general description

Gardens Dubai is a relatively small area located between Discovery Gardens in the northeast, the town of Jebel Ali in the south and Sheikh Zayed Street in the northwest. It is a real oasis of greenery and blooming gardens in the middle of a modern metropolis. If you look at the location from above, you can clearly see that trees and shrubs are literally surrounded by every building, and flowers are decorated not only with flower beds on private plots, but also the facades of houses.

The 220-hectare complex is developed and managed by Nakheel Properties. It is one of the most attractive and inexpensive residential communities in the city. The buildings are mostly low-rise. Each apartment building is designed to provide residents with spacious, modern apartments, and villas and townhouses have large private gardens. Pets are allowed here.

The Gardens offers luxurious living facilities, including sports and playgrounds, fitness clubs, swimming pools, on-site maintenance, round-the-clock patrolling. In addition, the community has several public pools with free entrance, where you can cool off during a hot day.

Those who work in the Jebel Ali free zone can buy or rent relatively inexpensive real estate here – apartments, villas, townhouses. In addition, it is only a short drive from Abu Dhabi, so many residents often visit the neighboring emirate for work and leisure.

The international airport can be reached in 45 minutes, and the nearest iconic sights of the city – Walk JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab – in 15-20 minutes.

Historical background

The development of the desert area adjacent to other more developed urban areas began in the late 90s of the last century, at a time when the UAE was experiencing a turbulent economic and construction period. Nakheel Properties, a leading company in the principality, was engaged in the development of the project and the construction of the location, famous for the successful implementation of ambitious and innovative projects. The idea of building a residential complex Gardens was no exception. Its concept was a harmonious combination of nature and urban lifestyle in a small area that was originally a sandy desert. By the way, the name fully reflects the intention of the authors of the project, and what can be seen in reality today.

The construction was fully completed by 2008. As planned, each building is surrounded by greenery of gardens and parks. The small height of the buildings, between which paved pedestrian paths are laid, only enhances the feeling of tranquility and unity with nature. Today, The Gardens is one of the greenest and most picturesque communities in the city, which continues to develop and transform, while maintaining its special atmosphere and identity.


The Gardens area in Dubai

The Gardens location is unique not only for its abundance of greenery, but also for its architectural solutions. Inspired by various styles, the architecture of the district is an example of a harmonious combination of past and present, traditional, classical and innovative design. The design of each block has been thought out: in one there are apartments of a small area, in the other, on the contrary, more spacious. However, in all cases, the emphasis is on aesthetics, functionality and harmonious combination with the surrounding area.

An interesting difference is the thematic zoning: each microdistrict (block) is made in a certain architectural style. The buildings in the Mediterranean-style quarter are decorated with intricate balconies, arched window and door openings, and bright color combinations are used to paint them.

The Zen-style architecture of the quarter, on the contrary, is characterized by minimalism, simplicity of lines, uncluttered decor, and calm landscaping. Everything here breathes harmony, tranquility, and tranquility.

The architects paid a lot of attention to the placement of footpaths. The location is generally focused on pedestrian traffic. Paved sidewalks are designed to connect residential buildings with shops, pharmacies, and fitness clubs as conveniently as possible. There are also comfortable treadmills throughout the territory.  

Target audience

The Gardens attracts potential buyers due to its multifaceted advantages. It is suitable for students, young professionals, families with children or elderly couples. Students, as well as young employees, will appreciate the convenience of moving to their place of work or study. They also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Pensioners will like the quiet, peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the community. There are many entertainment areas for children here, and their parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children and will find a lot of entertainment of their own interests.

Housing prices vary greatly: here you can find small studio apartments or studios suitable for a very modest budget, as well as luxury villas of several floors with their own garden and swimming pool. The community is designed for a wide audience of potential investors.


As already mentioned, the social and transport infrastructure is well developed. There is everything you need for everyday life: small shops within walking distance, large supermarkets, medical clinics, pharmacies, kindergartens, schools, sports centers.

If this is not enough, then it takes 15-20 minutes by car or bus to get to the neighboring areas.

Educational institutions

Kids living in the community can attend one of two kindergartens: Chubby Cheeks or Bubbles and Giggles. Older children can choose to study at a private school in Delhi, which operates under the CBSE program, or Winchester School, which teaches according to the National Curriculum of England.

Medical institutions

Jebel Ali Emergency Hospital is located near The Gardens Hotel. And in the Zen cluster there is an Aster medical clinic, where you can get consultations, as well as treatment from specialized specialists.

Shopping malls and restaurants

There are several supermarkets near the community. For groceries, residents usually go to West Zone Fresh or the hypermarket at Ibn Battuta Mall, which is about 11 minutes away by car. This shopping mall consists of 6 venues representing different regions of the world, which were visited by a famous Arab traveler. You can find a lot of goods and services specific to these regions in them. You can also buy fashionable clothes, electronics, cosmetics, and jewelry here.

Additional shopping and entertainment options can be found at the famous Mall of the Emirates, located nearby.

There are several restaurants in the Gardens where you can get acquainted with different cuisines of the world. For example, Indian national dishes are prepared in the Mall of the Emirates: tandoori kebab, biryani, curry. Super Bowl is a Chinese restaurant famous for the quality of service and excellent taste of dishes. Lovers of Pakistani cuisine spend time at the Haji Sahab restaurant.

Transport accessibility

The metro is the most popular form of transport. The metro station is located on Sadovy Boulevard. There are two platforms, 20 taxi spaces, four bus stands and two dedicated parking spaces for people with disabilities. The capacity of the station is 125,000 passengers per day. There are 4 city buses stopping in the Gardens.

Most residents of the community have personal or rented cars. This is facilitated by inexpensive gasoline and excellent roads. Personal transport is the best way to travel. The apartment owners have allocated parking spaces. Visitors and guests can park their vehicles in the nearby streets.

For fans of a healthy lifestyle, bike paths have been laid in the community, allowing you to easily move between residential areas.


Buying a property in the Gardens residential complex is a profitable investment. The cost of real estate is relatively low, given the geographical location, comfort level, infrastructure development and landscaping. For a city surrounded by deserts on three sides, the latter factor is especially important.

Rental prices are high, so by buying a property for the purpose of renting, you can get a good source of additional income with an annual yield of 5%.

Types of real estate

Район Гарденс в Дубае

Real estate in The Gardens consists of groups of Mediterranean–style villas and townhouses, as well as low-rise residential buildings. There are about 286 townhouses and villas with 3-4 bedrooms, as well as 129 low-rise residential buildings with 3,828 apartments. 

There are several studio apartments for sale, with an average cost of 430,000 AED. Investors can also choose apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Their prices can vary greatly depending on a set of factors, for example, the area, proximity to bus stops. You should focus on the average cost of apartments:

  • with one bedroom – from 150 to 300 thousand dollars;
  • with two – from 200 to 400 thousand dollars;
  • with three – from half a million dollars.

The cost of villas and townhouses also starts from half a million and can reach several million.

Foreign investors will be interested in offers of the «Freehold» category, i.e. with the right to buy out into full ownership.


You can rent in the Gardens, but there are few options for renting. This is due to the fact that most often real estate is bought here for housing, and not for passive income. Nevertheless, it is possible to find options. The annual cost of a small apartment will cost an average of 36,000 AED.

The main advantages of the Gardens location in comparison with other areas of Dubai

  1. The convenient location combines the proximity of a modern metropolis with its business centers with the silence and tranquility of the neighborhoods where they spend their off-hours.
  2. Well-developed transport and social infrastructure.
  3. It is an ideal place for different social groups to live – families with children, pensioners, students, as appropriate conditions have been created for each.
  4. Environmental friendliness. This is one of the «greenest» locations in the city.
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