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What interesting things can be seen at the Expo in Dubai in 2023

Что интересного можно увидеть на выставке Экспо в Дубае в 2023 году

Dubai Expo is a world–class event where visitors can see outstanding architectural achievements. The main focus is on the future of the planet. The main goal from the very beginning is to share history through architecture and experience. To attend such an event, you need to buy a ticket. Let’s look at what interesting things can be seen at Expo Dubai 2023.

About the Dubai World’s Fair


The event was first held in 1851 on the territory of London. After that, the exhibition was organized in various cities and countries.  

This year, the opening took place in November on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, despite the fact that it was planned a year earlier. Due to the pandemic, the deadline was postponed. The country was chosen back in 2013. The preparation took seven whole years, and in monetary terms it cost $ 7,000,000,000. Tourists are allowed not only to observe the presented objects, but also to shoot them on video.

Is Expo in Dubai working now? Yes, you can come before 03/31.24.

The exhibition area is divided into five parts, which are located on the map by color. In the center is the Al Wasl Square with a giant dome, where the opening of the complex was held. Pavilions of different countries are located in the branches.

The exhibition does not have a specific address – it is located on the outskirts of Dubai and occupies 438 hectares. Its architectural structures amaze with their scale and beauty. The creation took into account the latest technologies and innovations. The construction of each object was carried out from scratch. That is why any pavilion is presented with its own special and unique design. The whole complex has 275 objects. There is also a localized field for horse exhibitions and the site of the Dubai Museum of the Future.

Dates of Dubai Expo in 2023

Dubai Expo

You can visit the unique exhibition until March 31, 2024. According to the plan, the duration of the event is 6 months, which should be enough to get acquainted with different expositions. You can determine the time of the visit at the time of ticket purchase. The guest pavilions are open from 10 am to 12 am from Wednesday to Saturday, and from 10 am to 2 am on Thursday and Friday. 

The organizers also offer a virtual exhibition for those who do not want to contact people.

If you still decide to go, download the exhibition map to your phone in advance to explore its routes.

The event will include:

  • sales;
  • a lot of food trucks and shops;
  • catering establishments;
  • showing the possibilities of the future;
  • sports competitions.

How much are tickets to Expo City Dubai

The cost of tickets depends on the selected services – from the minimum set of programs to the full package. Those who used Emirates Airlines during the flight to the Emirates will receive them for free – this promotion applies only to a one-day visit to the Dubai World’s Fair.

You can buy a one-time (1 visit) or a reusable ticket (gives you the opportunity to walk around the pavilions for 30 or more days).  

The cost of an adult disposable is 95 dirhams, reusable – 195 dirhams. Children, people with disabilities, pensioners and students are free of charge.

You can also purchase other tickets:

  1. A season ticket with the possibility of unlimited visits for 6 months. Its price is 495 dirhams. 
  2. Premium. The price of 1750 dirhams includes passes to the lounge area, excursions, a personal concierge, access to the application, as well as a 20% discount on food and drinks. 
  3. For 3 days. You can visit all places on any 3 days in two weeks. The price is 260 dirhams.

You can only buy tickets online. They are sold on the English-language official website, but Russian-speaking tourists can do it on partner sites at the same price tag. For example, on Sputnik8 or Tiqets. To purchase, go to the site and select the desired tariff.

How to get to the Expo Center 2023 in Dubai


There are several ways that will allow you to get to your destination:

  1. By metro. A quick and inexpensive option is to get to the Expo station, and from there walk to the place in a couple of minutes. Choose the red line for the trip. Train schedule: arrival on the 1st – on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6:15, on Friday – at 9:15. The last flight is on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 0:00, and from Thursday to Friday at 01:00.
  2. By car. This can be personal transport or a rented car. Choose any road. 
  3. By special bus with free passage. Stops at several stops in any emirate. He goes back along the same route.
  4. By taxi – the fee is fixed and 20 dirhams will come out. The call is available by phone/via the app.

Free parking spaces are provided for guests during the hours from 8:30 to 0:30 from Saturday to Wednesday, on Thursday, Friday and public holidays — from 8:30 to 2:30.

The best pavilions at Expo 2023-2024

There is something for any tourist to see at the Dubai Expo. There are a large number of interesting expositions here. There are 191 pavilions in total, there are also separate ones for women with an unusual concept. 

Winged Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates

Winged pavilion

Externally, these are carbon fiber wings that open and turn. This solution makes the structure original. Inside, the building has a beautiful and laconic interior.

Russian Pavilion-planet

The three-storey building has an unusual shape. Each of the floors is made in its own theme. For example, on the third is ROSATOM in the form of a brain, which is a symbol of the development of the Earth and space.

Finnish grey pavilion

Finnish grey pavilion

To embody the image of a snowy country, the architects used white fabric. In the images you can see the natural landscape, which has become a symbol of tranquility and well-being. In general, they tried to combine technology and nature here.

British Pavilion Neural Network

Cross-glued wood was used for the construction of the structure. Poems from a neural network or AI are presented to visitors. Guests here can “find themselves” on the ocean shore / in a forest grove. All objects are formed for the natural world.

Swiss fog pavilion

Swiss fog pavilion

The exposition brought together various Swiss achievements from many fields. You can also observe how the nature of this country was reflected. The name appeared due to the fog through which tourists climb the mountain.

Brazilian Water Pavilion

Digital technological solutions were used in the work. Here you can get acquainted with the tropical forest zone, where waterproof fabric is used.

Australian Pavilion-labyrinth

What interesting things can be seen at the Expo in Dubai in 2023

The theme reflects the endless innovative and creative ideas of the country. The design resembles a maze, which is located at the top of the exposition.

Mushroom Pavilion of Holland

He offers to get acquainted with a vertical cone-shaped truss. Secondary raw materials without plastic were used for manufacturing. The design and interior focused on the Dutch style.

Luxembourg Pavilion with slides

Luxembourg Pavilion with slides

Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of diversity and business features of the state. The details are made so clearly that they allow you to reflect the sustainable development and beauty of the natural region.

Singapore Tropical Pavilion

The creators managed to combine the natural landscape with architecture. Not everyone will immediately find the beginning of the exposition. The problem of global warming is reflected here. The object was created in order to point it out to people visually.

Kazakh Pavilion

Kazakh Pavilion

The place reflects the achievements of the country – from its cultural values to the decisions of great minds. You can also see how diverse the resources and opportunities are in various areas of the state.

Other pavilions of the Expo in Dubai City

Other territories are of no less interest to visitors. It will take more than one day to get acquainted with each pavilion.

Here are some of them:

  1. Angola with a facade that is decorated with panels of multicolored diamonds.
  2. Chile with numerous red climate stations in Antarctica.
  3. Luxembourg with a Mobius strip, which represents the economic circle of the country.
  4. Afghanistan with a demonstration of Afghan bronze, jade, calligraphy and ceramics.
  5. Guinea with a story about the important role of water in the country.
  6. Czech Republic with a demonstration of the latest technologies, for example, extraction of water vapor from the air.
  7. Azerbaijan with a hovercraft roof that cools the air.
  8. Austria with huge cones.
  9. Morocco, made of rammed earth.
  10. Singapore with 80 thousand plants of different species.
  11. Great Britain with a construction of wooden cross-laminated panels.
  12. Brazil with a demonstration of the real Amazon rainforest.

Where to stay near the exhibition

Marriott Dubai

The ROVE EXPO 2020 hotel is considered the most convenient. It is localized right on the territory of the event. There are 19 suites and 300 standard rooms. The cost is $ 272-800, depending on the conditions. 

There are also hotels such as:

  1. Fortune Park Hotel 4.
  2. Marriott Dubai 4.
  3. Maisan 4.
  4. Premier Inn 3.

If you plan to visit Expo Dubai in 2023, but hotels are not suitable for you, you can rent an apartment for a smaller check and get to the event by any transport.

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