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Opening of a financial consulting company in the Dubai Free Zone

Открытие финансовой консалтинговой компании в свободной зоне Дубая

The UAE has become a good place for investors to start a business. One of its noticeably rapidly developing types in the country is financial consulting.

Especially in Dubai, there is a high demand for assistance in the field of consultations. Demand is driven by an increase in the number of enterprises being established in the emirate. This causes the need for additional support to facilitate the management process of the company. Consequently, many corporations turn to the help of professionals in this industry.

Advantages of opening a financial consulting company in a free zone

  1. Full foreign ownership of the business.
  2. Full repatriation of profits.
  3. Strategic location.
  4. Global communication.
  5. The range of types of entrepreneurship.
  6. A time-saving process.
  7. Convenient registration.
  8. No currency restrictions.

Financial advice

Financial consulting services are provided by certified consultants to individual clients, small and large corporations, as well as government agencies.

Corporations and individuals who require knowledge in accounting, debt management, insurance, fundraising and other aspects of finance will need the help of consultants in Dubai.

Activities permitted under the license

Financial statements

In accordance with this professional license, the following types of activities are permitted:

  1. Financial reporting and performance analysis.
  2. Market research, price trends, analysis and forecasts for the future.
  3. Organization of a feasibility study.
  4. Advising on securities, commodities and related contracts.
  5. Modeling of the investment portfolio.
  6. Investment consulting services.

The cost of a license for consulting in Dubai is approximately 17,000 dirhams UAE. This price is inclusive of the visa.

Procedure for opening a financial consulting business in Dubai

Setting up a consulting business in a free zone is a simple procedure. These jurisdictions do not require a large number of documents and can be filled out fairly quickly. The process includes several stages.

Choosing a preferred free zone

The first step in creating a company is to choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for the needs of the business. There are many frison options. You can choose one of them depending on which available activities are most suitable.

Sending application forms and required documents

The next step is to send the questionnaire. During this process, you will also need to definitively determine the location where your company will be based.

Start of visa application

After submitting all the necessary documents, you can apply for a visa. If you want to sponsor dependents, you can register for this at this stage. You will have a certain right to obtain a visa from the chosen zone and types of activities. However, exceeding this limit will require you to pay extra.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account

The presence of a bank account in the free zone is necessary to facilitate the process of doing business. This would help the investor keep track of his company’s finances. It would also help to calculate tax liabilities smoothly and regulate cash flows more successfully. In addition, having a corporate bank account is the key to not complicating the cash flow of the business. It can be a universal solution for all the needs of your business.

Documents required to start consulting in the free zone

  1. A copy of the investor’s passport.
  2. A copy of the investor’s visa.
  3. 2 color passport size photos.
  4. Business plan.

Taking into account the selected free zone, you may have to submit additional documents.

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