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Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ) is one of dozens of similar projects designed to increase the investment attractiveness of the Principality and the state as a whole, strengthen local scientific and technical potential, attract international business, as well as tourists. The government spares no expense to improve every piece of the once semi–desert territory and create a favorable investment climate for entrepreneurs from all over the world and travelers who want to see the UAE with their own eyes – this is a Middle Eastern natural and technological miracle.

About Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

The free zone of Abu Dhabi Airport was created within the framework of the national government program “Vision 2030”, designed to turn the emirate into a dynamically developing economic space.

ADAFZ is a project aimed at creating the conditions necessary for the long–term development of the emirate, turning it into a reliable platform for hosting global production and foreign trade representative offices. The strategic goal is to attract external non–state investments for the development of the infrastructure of the flight harbor and minimize state participation.

The construction of the FEZ began in 2006 and was completed in 2010. The territory of the new business center is located in the immediate vicinity of the air harbor, occupying 4 square kilometers. On its territory there are office buildings with spacious fully furnished premises, warehouse pavilions, land plots for development.

Like any other free zone, this one offers a full set of advantages for the effective development of entrepreneurship in any sector of the economy:

  • exemption from the tax burden;
  • free disposal of assets;
  • infrastructural advantages;
  • comprehensive assistance from official services on legal advice, licensing, visa processing, and other permits.

Favorable geographical location is one of the main advantages of the FEZ, making it an ideal platform for local and foreign commercial organizations working in the field of airport services, aviation, cargo transportation, logistics.

The economy of the principality is developing successfully, has a long-term perspective, but the authorities do not stop there. In 2010, the Executive Council of the capital declared two neighboring international airports – Al Ain and Al Batin – free zones, providing them with all the necessary powers, opportunities and unique advantages necessary to attract and serve international business.

Airport in Al Ain

Free Zone Partners

  1. Customs Service. High speed of goods movement is the basis of successful entrepreneurship. Customs inspectors provide fast customs clearance of goods, registration of necessary documents.
  2. Department of Economic Development. The mission of DARE is to create a balanced, diversified (diverse), sustainable economy that will increase the competitiveness of the emirate at the global level and ensure the prosperity of its residents. As a partner of ADAFZ, DARE fulfills its main task – helping new businesses settle in Abu Dhabi, integrate into the local economy, thereby contributing to the economic growth of the emirate.
  3. The Chamber of Commerce, whose goal is to unite private enterprises, as well as expand their capabilities, in order to ensure the sustainable economic development of Abu Dhabi.
  4. The General Directorate for the Residence of Foreigners (DNRD), which is responsible for the proper registration of all foreign employees so that they can easily and safely enjoy the benefits of residence.

Infrastructure, target sectors

The territory of the FEZ is divided into 2 sectors. The first one focuses on organizations engaged in transport logistics, transportation, freight, warehousing, repair, and catering. The logistics park of Abu Dhabi International Airport is also located here.

The clients of the free zone are not only holdings and large firms, they are also small and medium–sized businesses. The FEZ management strives to create conditions for the development of as many commercial areas as possible and attract as many companies as possible. To do this, dozens of subsectors are organized on the territory of the first sector, equipped for targeted business requests. Among them are the sectors:

  • air transportation, flight support and management services;
  • computer equipment, internet technologies;
  • perfume and cosmetics industry;
  • consulting;
  • logistics, cargo transportation, freight;
  • repair and техобслуживания;
  • рекламы;
  • маркетинга;
  • медицины;
  • фармацевтики;
  • IT;
  • telecommunications;
  • cold storage of food products;
  • warehousing, distribution.

The second sector includes land plots intended for the construction of warehouses, maintenance of light industry enterprises, as well as related infrastructure.

The project developers have not forgotten about those who will live and work here. An urban infrastructure has been created for them, including everything that is required for comfortable living and spending free time:

  • shopping malls;
  • sports and entertainment complexes;
  • numerous bars, cafes, restaurants with cuisine of different peoples of the world;
  • hotel complexes.

The latter are located near the airport, which facilitates business as well as private trips to different countries.

Abu Dhabi airport

Advantages of starting a business in ADAFZ

  • exemption of organizations from corporate taxation, and individuals – income tax;
  • 100% foreign ownership of the company;
  • provision of preferential exemptions for import-export operations;
  • absence of barriers to the removal of assets outside the emirate, as well as profit distribution;
  • lack of currency monitoring by government agencies;
  • assistance of the authorities in opening their own business, registration of licenses, visas, including family members;
  • the ability to invite employees of any qualification from abroad;
  • high-tech infrastructure with a full set of tools for effective business organization and management (warehouses, offices with a full set of technical capabilities, etc.).

Entrepreneurs can count on assistance from government agencies in matters of:

  • registration of any documentation without traditional European bureaucratic obstacles and red tape;
  • international logistics;
  • licensing, postal services.

In addition, interested customers can use the right to purchase a land plot for development.

Available types of companies

  • Corporate LLC (FZ-LLC);
  • Limited Liability company for individuals (FZ-LLC);
  • A branch of a local or foreign company.

Available license types

  1. Trade, which allows the owner to carry out export-import operations, sell, warehouse, store products.
  2. For maintenance. Allows you to provide all types of services specified in the received permit on the territory of the free zone. If it is a branch, then the type of services should be similar to the parent company.
  3. Industrial. Gives the owner the right to import raw materials for a certain production and export the final products abroad.
Deal in ADAFZ

Stages of company creation

The process of starting a business in the free zone of Abu Dhabi Airport is simple and effective for both a local entrepreneur and an expat. Depending on the required license and the chosen type of activity, it takes from 2 to 3 weeks to open a business. The creation of a commercial organization includes 3 stages.

Initial approval

The first and main step is getting initial approval. To do this, you need to prepare a package of documents, including:

  • completed application form (license application and/or registration application);
  • business plan;
  • copy of existing trade license/registration (if the company already exists);
  • color copies of passports of the CEO, executive directors, shareholders, as well as managers of the company being created;
  • audited financial statements for 2 years for a legal entity or a certificate from the personal bank of an individual shareholder;
  • summary of the director, appointed manager, shareholders.


After receiving approval, you can proceed to the registration stage. To do this, you must pay a registration fee in the amount of 5000 to 7500 dirhams, as well as a license fee in the amount of 15,000 to 50,000 dirhams, submit a completed registration application, attaching notarized:

  • decision of the management board on the appointment of the manager;
  • power of attorney for the appointed manager;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA);
  • a sample of the signature of the appointed head, as well as his passport-sized photo on a white background.

The cost of a license is not the same for different sectors of the economy:

IndustryCost in dirhams
Retail trade7500
Oil and Gas10000
Real Estate15000
General Trade 15000
Cargo support8500

The process of obtaining the right to conduct commercial activities

The final stage boils down to:

  • signing a lease agreement;
  • obtaining a business license;
  • obtaining a visa.

An LLC requires a bank account to which the authorized capital in the amount of 25,000 to 150,000 dirhams will be deposited.

The cost of a visa to ADAFZ

A work visa for one person will cost 3170 AED, is issued for 3 years, includes medical, as well as Emirates ID. The deposit for a work visa in the amount of 2500 dirhams UAE is refunded.

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is a geographically advantageous position, unlimited conditions for entrepreneurship, security, as well as comfort

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