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Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone is a free zone that was created in 2015 to support media and business based on entertainment and creativity. Now the business that is connected with commerce and services continues to develop successfully in the free zone. Due to its advantageous location near the seaport of Ajman and the airports of Sharjah, Dubai, good communication with various countries has been established.

Overview of the smallest emirate in the UAE

Affordable prices of business settings packages immediately made Frison a sales leader among others in the UAE. The zone includes various types of activities related to mass media. It differs from other zones – here you will not find warehouses, land plots for rent. This option is more suitable for those who want to earn money at a common workplace or in a small office.

Another feature is the presence of a unique QR code for the license. It is needed for authentication – you can scan it on any device. In online business, this will help to win over customers. The registration of the company is quite fast.

Ajman Media City

Advantages of business activity in the FEZ of Ajman

Benefits of registering with AMC:

  1. Completely foreign ownership.
  2. You can run a business without a resident status.
  3. You can register and receive the main legal document in online format in a day (provided that a resident visa is not required, otherwise – from 7 to 10 days).
  4. There is no need to pay personal and corporate taxes (the exception is 5% VAT).
  5. There are no checks of monetary transactions.
  6. You can endlessly withdraw capital and profit.
  7. There is no need to physically be on the territory of the Emirates (with remote registration, you must appear once to open a bank account).
  8. There are no requirements for an annual audit.
  9. Information about the founders and directors is strictly confidential.

What kind of business can you do in Ajman frizone

The free zone has a specific list of types of activities. Many are related to advertising, media and IT. In general , there are three major groups:

  1. Provision of services.
  2. E-commerce.
  3. Trade related to the media.

In this free zone, you will be able to conduct a maximum of 5 different business directions under one license. For example:

  1. Be an opinion leader on a social network.
  2. Engage in courier activities.
  3. Provide legal services.
  4. As an agent to arrange people to work temporarily.

The main thing is that one activity should be connected with the mass media.

Buildings of Frizon Ajman

Types of licenses available

AMC includes the following types of licenses:

  1. Commercial license (commercial). Provides an opportunity to engage in the storage, import, export and distribution of entertainment products in the Emirates.
  2. Industrial/manufacture license (industrial). Allows you to import / export raw materials, engage in the production of goods.
  3. Services license (service). Allows you to provide services in any field, to advise.
  4. Freelancer package (for freelancers). Its owner can rent flexible coworking spaces and do business with a minimum of investments. The cost is 6000 dirhams.
  5. E-commerce license (for e-commerce). It is intended for companies that are engaged in electronic commerce of industrial equipment, food, conduct business on the Internet, sell their own products, jewelry and more. Allows you to work within the framework of B2C and B2B. The price is 5600 dirhams.
  6. Offshore license. Offshore organizations are registered in a jurisdiction where they do not carry out their activities. They can also be registered in financial centers. They are usually controlled by foreign organizations or individuals doing their business in other parts of the world and using the tax haven as the legal address of the company. Such a license allows you to consult, provide professional, international services.
  7. Pioneers package. It was created to empower young people and ensure their professional independence. It is available for people aged 20-30 years, for example, students, graduate students, young businessmen. The cost is 50,000 dirhams.

Types of companies in AMC

In the free zone, companies are available for registration:

  1. With the 1st founder – Free Zone Establishment.
  2. With 2 or more shareholders – Free Zone Company.
  3. A branch of a local or foreign company is a Branch of a Foreign Company.

Any of the types of organizations must have:

  • director;
  • real office;
  • legal address in AMC.

Packages in the UAE

You can register a company remotely. They offer several packages to choose from. The registration process takes 3 days (excluding weekends). At the end , the following documents are issued:

  1. Permission to trade.
  2. Share Certificates.
  3. Certificate of registration.
  4. Certificate of legal status.
  5. Certificate of authority of officials/representatives.
  6. Lease agreement.

No matter which option you choose, there are 5 types of activities available. It is also allowed to combine commercial and service activities, provided they are grouped by business type. For example, information consulting, software development, PC hardware sales, web design.

Two sheikhs

Business Club

It is not possible to obtain a business activity permit for the base office. The client receives a workplace with the possibility of using up to 10 hours per month.

Bronze Office

Bronze allows you to get only one permit document. The client can use a permanent office in a modern building.

Silver Office

Established companies can get up to 2 visas. The office is available to the client for use.

Silver Office Plus

A company with the status of a free zone can obtain 3 permits to operate in the country. The exception is firms in “SMART OFFICE PLUS”. Only one visa is available for them. The package is issued with the ability to use the office.

Gold Office

The golden package entitles you to receive 5 visas, and also provides an “EXECUTIVE OFFICE” or a permanently combined office. In the second case, it will be possible to obtain only 2 visas.

Resident visas

In comparison with other frizons, AMC charges lower fees for a resident visa.

Cost for investors and employees (in dirhams):

  1. Registration fee – 1945.
  2. Medical examination – 690. It is carried out in the Ajman Hospital, since it cannot be passed in Dubai.
  3. The identification card (Emirates ID) is 390.

The validity period for partners is 3 years, for employees – 2 years. To apply for a visa, medical insurance is not needed.

There are nationalities who may find it difficult to obtain a permit in this zone due to their “high degree of risk”. For example, citizens from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and others. In such a situation, you need to apply for a preliminary immigration permit before setting up a company. The application is available for everyone, but it is better to provide additional documents. It’s about:

  • diplomas of education;
  • old emirates visas;
  • other proof of residence in the UAE.
Resident visa

How to register a business with AMC

The registration process in the AMC is quite simple.


Organizational conditions:

  1. The organization must have at least 1 director – only a natural person, 1 founder – a natural person /legal entity.
  2. The authorized capital and residency do not fall under the requirements.
  3. The organization must have a legal address in the Ajiman frizone.
  4. Data about the beneficiary is not entered in the register.
  5. The presence of a secretary is optional.
  6. In the name of the company, you need to specify FZE or FZC.

List of documents

List of required documents:

  1. Identification information about each participant of the company.
  2. For individuals: an electronic image (scan) of a passport of a citizen of the world, a certificate of residence, a stamp on a visit to the Emirates (for the last 2-3 years), a scanned passport photo.
  3. For legal entities: certificate confirming registration, founders’ agreement, charter, national register of specialists of the company, shareholders. Each document must be legalized at the Embassy of the Emirates.
  4. Description of the type of work of the enterprise.
Documents on the table


There is no corporate income tax and currency control in the frison. The only mandatory tax is VAT – 5%.


If the company is registered with VAT, reports must be submitted quarterly online. The duration of preparation, submission and consideration of the application will depend on the size of the applicant’s company and other criteria that will be able to be accurately named directly by the lawyers of the frison.

Approximate costs

Obtaining a resident visa and opening a bank account is always paid separately. Otherwise, the costs depend on the business settings package you have chosen (in dirhams):

  1. Business Club (basic) – 8500.
  2. Bronze Office (bronze) – 11500.
  3. Silver (silver) – 14500.
  4. Silver Plus (silver +) – 17500.
  5. Gold Office (gold) – 25500.

Follow-up actions with the company

After the company is registered, you can make changes to it, renew the license. There are also cases when it needs to be eliminated.

Sheikh with a pen

License renewal

The registered agent is engaged in the renewal of the permit to carry out activities. You don’t have to visit the Emirates.

To renew, you need to provide:

  • letter confirming authority;
  • payment for renewal (the price is the same as when registering the license).


For any change in the company, for example, the transfer of shares, it is not necessary to be present in person. It can be issued quickly and inexpensively.


To liquidate the company in Ajman Media City Freezone:

  1. Cancel the visa.
  2. Cancel the company’s cards.
  3. Cancel the property lease agreement.
  4. Eliminate licenses.

The state fee will be 1700 dirhams. Taxes are included in this price.

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