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Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone

One of the most innovative and advanced Dubai Airport Free Zone offers entrepreneurs of different levels to start profitable cooperation. Partners gain an advantage in business, due to the favorable geographical, economic location, comfortable conditions for versatile business cooperation, life, recreation.

About the free zone DAFZ

The SEZ of Dubai Airport is located in the heart of the emirate. It provides full license support, tax-free regime, comprehensive packages for the organization of global business operations. Joining the ecosystem involves receiving tax benefits, the absence of currency restrictions, and various incentives for investors.

The optimal solution for the development of entrepreneurship with world-class infrastructure, amenities, full ownership of property, repatriation of income. In numbers, trust is expressed as follows:

  • more than 2 thousand entrepreneurs are registered;
  • more than 20 thousand employees are working on the development of the frizone;
  • about 107 thousand warehouse space for partners;
  • more than 190 thousand meters2 useful areas for investors.

Vision and mission of the leadership

All actions of the administration are aimed at the development of commerce, increasing the value of the economy of the Arab Emirates. These goals are achieved through the provision of intelligent solutions that can attract global investors. An enthusiastic, proactive team manages an environment that is initially customer-oriented, using an innovative approach to each process.

The territory is perceived by the management as going beyond the usual understanding of business cooperation. The main value is the customer and everything here is focused on meeting his needs. The administration strives to ensure that people cooperating with the SEZ are happy.

Location and amenities

FZ takes the leading position for a reason. The territory is located in the very center of world trade. Due to direct access to the busiest international airport, investors have access to ideal gates to the Middle, Far East, Europe, and India. Residents get access to accelerated customs processes.

You can open a company in just 2 weeks, spending about 50 thousand on registration. The cost depends on a number of factors, so it should be clarified with consultants or the issuing organization immediately before registration. Customer service plans are clearly formulated and debugged.

Free zone

Competitive advantages

The decisive advantage is a strategically advantageous location. But there are others:

  • extensive loading and unloading facilities with its own logistics center;
  • world-class infrastructure;
  • intelligent services platform;
  • investment incentives, such as full repatriation of capital, profits, absence of foreign exchange, labor restrictions, fast cargo clearance;
  • tax benefits – no VAT, corporate, income tax.

DAFZ infrastructure

Regardless of the needs of the company, the administration is ready to offer the optimal solution for everyone. It has all the necessary infrastructure to create, sell goods, provide services of various kinds, engage in the development of any kind of commerce.

Scality Community

Scality is a startup program that aims to attract local, regional, and global innovative developments. As part of this project, promising startups get the opportunity to develop on favorable terms on the territory of the NW, next to the best representatives of the market.

The program is based on a subscription that covers rental and licensing fees, as well as the space needed for startups to work. Companies pay for each employee per month using a pay-as-you-grow model, which allows them to flexibly, efficiently, and economically expand their capabilities.



The price of offices, exactly like the terms of their lease, attract many residents. Rooms of different levels allow you to adjust offers to your needs, optimize costs. Basic functions include:

  • licensing, registration, insurance;
  • comfortable furnished premises;
  • IT equipment, services;
  • timely cleaning;
  • parking reservation.

One of the popular solutions allows you to rent a standard office with an area of 25 m2. The package includes at least 2 visas for employees. The user can customize the space for himself by requesting a specific interior decoration, furnishings, etc.

The premium plus offer is a modern, fully equipped place, with the possibility of expansion. This includes a room from 50 m2, a business license, 6 work visas. The Premium Plus package includes service, necessary amenities, services.

Modern offices, already ready for the first briefings, solving current tasks – Premium package. It implies a business license, 3 visas for employees, at least 25 fully equipped, equipped with the necessary equipment square meters. The user chooses the layout, interior at his discretion. It is convenient here to form your own business environment, strengthen collective relationships.

For startups and small firms, the optimal solution is a smart office. It implies a dedicated space, services optimally adapted to the requirements of a particular user. Includes a business license, 2 visas for employees.

A standard lease of premises for a period of one year will cost 1,950 AED per square meter. 12.5% of the rental price is also charged for maintenance. A contract for three years at once will allow you to save a little. The cost per square meter under such conditions is 1,850, +12.5% for maintenance.

Light industrial installations

Manufacturers and sellers are offered modern, high-quality, heat-insulated, specially built light industry installations. They are used for storage, distribution, production, assembly of goods. The area of each is about 350 sq. m., provides for the presence of offices of 90 sq. m., provides accelerated customs clearance, controlled cargo handling, the right to receive 20 working visas.


Industrial Park

For ambitious companies who want to stand out economically and be remembered in the business community, an industrial park located near the international air port is offered. It is aimed at servicing various areas of entrepreneurship, operates on the basis of innovative warehouse technology.

Users get access to a fast, simple, systematic movement of goods. There are customs warehouses that allow you to better control the turnover at any stage of cargo handling. The package includes:

  • 20 visas for rentals up to 350 m2 or 30 over 350 m2;
  • individual unloading/loading area;
  • office, with an average area of about 117 m2;
  • warehouse height from 7.9 to 11.1 m.

You can rent a warehouse for 600 AED per square meter. Service is included.

Retail premises

The ecosystem of the SEZ is more than 17,000 specialists, 1,000 visitors per day. Ample parking, retail stores with high attendance create opportunities for businesses to stimulate growth in the retail sector in one of the most popular emirates.

DAFZ Square Retail Centre retail spaces were created functional, ergonomic, thoughtful. At the same time, modern world-class design allows you to create all the conditions for the development of the brand, the formation of a positive attitude towards it. The lease is issued for a short or long term, and the place can be optimized for an individual request.

Retail space


Within the framework of the SZ, entrepreneurs can work in a number of areas. The most promising:

  • education;
  • financing;
  • insurance;
  • catering;
  • aircraft construction, space industry;
  • law;
  • architecture, engineering;
  • tourism services;
  • automotive industry;
  • agriculture, animal husbandry;
  • clothing, footwear;
  • building materials;
  • chemical industry;
  • trade;
  • sports equipment, other.

The discovery of some species may require an application for a Certificate of absence of claims from external government agencies.

Available licenses

The NW is attractive because it is a comfortable place for any type of entrepreneurship. Startups and large organizations receive free advice from experts, which allows them to identify optimal ways of development. You can set up your commercial project and become part of a developed business community in just 3 simple steps:

  • license selection;
  • organization type definition;
  • workspace selection.

Other stages depend on the choice of the license type. Registration of commercial, industrial, service permits will cost 15,000 AED. The total trading will require more impressive investments – 50,000 AED. They must be renewed annually, no later than 30 days after the expiration date.



This type of permits allows you to trade, import, export goods, store them and distribute them in other ways. To conduct such activities on the Internet, it is necessary to issue a separate E-commerce permit.


Permission will be required for enterprises that intend to provide any service services. But only those that are spelled out in the document.


It is issued for light manufacturing, assembly, packaging of goods for their further sale.

General trading

This permit allows the owner to engage in general activities, including import, export, re-export, storage, distribution.

Double with DED

This license allows companies registered in the FEZ to apply for a DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development) license without the need for a physical office space on the mainland. The presence of such a permit gives the right to work outside the designated territory.

Talent Pass

A Talent Pass is issued for a freelance career in the field of art, culture, education, media, marketing, consulting and technology. It opens up the possibility of obtaining a visa, renting a smart office.

Company registration in Dubai Airport Free Zone

In the NW of Dubai Airport, registration takes from 2 weeks to a month. Starting the process of registering your company, it is important to remember that each of the frisons can make its own requirements to the investor.


What is important to consider when opening?

Before opening a company, an investor should know that the SEZ provides many advantages:

  • full ownership, repatriation of profits, capital;
  • no currency restrictions;
  • simplified registration process;
  • online service format;
  • direct access to government services;
  • round-the-clock access to the workplace.

The administration also requires the provision of annual audit reports from its partners.

Allowed types

The opening of an enterprise of one of three possible types is allowed in the NW.

Freezone Company (FZCO)

The company exists and conducts business only within the allocated free territory. It can have from 1 to 50 shareholders, and the minimum authorized capital is limited to just one AED.


A limited liability company can be founded by several owners without restrictions on their number. The best option for investors planning to sell shares on the securities market.

Branch Office

Opening a branch of an existing company does not require the actual authorized capital. However, such a company can only conduct activities that are relevant for the head office.


Approximate cost

The costs of opening a separate company will be higher than for registering a branch of an existing one. Average price tag for basic expenses:

  • registration fee – 20 000 AED;
  • license – 15 000 AED;
  • mailbox – 1 010 AED;
  • parking – 900 AED for every 50 m2 workspace;
  • office rental (50 m2) – 97 500 AED;
  • maintenance – 12 188 AED.

Total expenses – 146,598 AED. When opening a branch, payment of the registration fee will not be required, so the total costs will amount to 126,598 AED.

The right to obtain a work visa and its cost

After the organization has issued a permit and received all the documents from the management, it can provide visas to its employees. Their number is calculated from the scale of the leased object.

Office rental up to 40 m2 assumes one for every 12.5 squares. Over 40 – one resolution for every 8.33 squares. By renting a warehouse, the company can issue permits for 20 employees at once. The validity period is up to 3 years, and the cost is 3-5 thousand AED.

Documents for registration

To obtain initial approval, you will need to submit to the office:

  • application;
  • business plan;
  • bank statement for six months;
  • original letter of recommendation from the bank;
  • passport of all company officials;
  • certificate of absence of objections.

If approval is received, you will need to prepare:

  • a notarized, authorized declaration of the owner on the establishment of the company, a guarantee of full financial obligations;
  • a notarized power of attorney for the manager, director or secretary;
  • if necessary, a notarized, authorized appointment of a legal representative with a copy of the passport;
  • signature sample provided in the presence of a representative of the FEZ management;
  • signed lease agreement.

Life in DAFZ

There are many advantages to living near the largest center of international trade and tourism. The SEZ contains only the best offers for work, life, and recreation.


Advantages of living

Round-the-clock security is organized on the territory, so enterprises, residents, guests of the territory are completely safe. Partners get access to the latest technologies and communication services in order to be constantly in touch with their company, wherever they are.

Power supply

The choice of restaurants and food outlets is huge. Here everyone will be able to choose a menu to their taste. Festive, everyday dishes of Indian, Italian, Chinese, American cuisine.

Real estate

You can rent comfortable and affordable housing in the Al-Wasl district, where the metro station of the same name is located. It is popular among expats, has a convenient location, developed infrastructure.

Output to Al Twar

Al Twar district is a high–level family community that is part of the settlement of the same name. There are comfortable villas, the headquarters of the emirate’s police, a large sports complex, good schools, parks, and many offers for full-fledged development and upbringing of children.

Exit to Al Qusais

Those who want to find cheap apartments should pay attention to the Al Qusais area. There are industrial, residential, educational facilities, modern hospitals, a shopping center. The community is located on the second side of the metro station and is considered one of the oldest. Some residents have been living in it for more than 20 years.

Exit to Al Nahda

A large, densely populated area of Al Nahda is located on the third side of the exit from the station. Initially developed as an industrial area, in the last few years the area has undergone major changes. Thanks to the dense residential development, you can rent a modest studio or a small apartment here, which is suitable for single couples. There are also socially significant objects: schools, an exhibition center, a park, a women’s college, a shopping center, a lake, a beach park.

Separate villas Muhaisnah 3

Muhaisnah 3 area is suitable for tenants with a high level of affluence. Villas are located here, there is a developed infrastructure with small shops, mosques, restaurants, a comfortable public park.

Differences between DAFZ and other free zones

Dubai Airport Free Zone, like many other SEZs, has everything you need to develop, scale your business, and implement innovative ideas. But what distinguishes it from other locations is the availability of opportunities for enterprises in the field of aviation, travel, hotel business. If the company operates in this area, then DAFZ is the best option.

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