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Dubai Biotech Research Park

Dubai Biotech Research Park

Dubai Biotech Research Park (DuBiotech) is one of several dozen specialized free economic zones (FEZ). The purpose of creating a community is to support scientific areas related to the development of existing and new biotechnologies that can be used in medicine, agriculture, food industry, ecology.

About Dubai Biotech Research Park

DuBiotech was established in 2005 according to the plan of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as part of a single project to transform the emirate into a world-class scientific, technical and production center. Dubai Science Park (DSP) is an area of about 20 square kilometers, located 10 kilometers from Dubai International Airport. Despite the fact that there are almost fifty FEZs of various profiles operating in the city, it turned into a local attraction almost from the first day. DuBiotech is the world’s first scientific and experimental community focused on research and development in the field of natural sciences.

Modern high-tech laboratories with the latest equipment allowing to carry out the most difficult experiments and experiments are concentrated on a small territory. The best specialists from different countries are attracted to work in them. Hundreds of international corporations specializing in high technologies in various sectors of the economy already work here. The free zone has created a unique environment for research, implementation of creative ideas, and innovation. It effectively supports the entire ecosystem, ensuring its sustainable development and positive changes.

However, the Government does not stop and continues to look for new ways to encourage international business to invest in biotechnological projects that are being worked on in the industrial and research complex. Particular interest is shown to corporations engaged in the development of high-precision medical equipment, medicines, nature-saving production technologies, new types of food.

DSP actively builds partnerships and alliances with well-known universities, specialized hospitals, world regulatory authorities, closely cooperates with leading multinational corporations, including Pfizer, Amgen, Merck Serono and Genzyme.

An important distinguishing feature of the work of the research park is strict control by the state in terms of compliance with the norms and standards established by WHO, as well as other regulatory international bodies in the production of pharmaceutical and food industry products.

In the frison, you can open food outlets, beauty salons, fitness clubs, shops, as well as conduct other commercial activities to provide professional services to the population.

Dubai Biotech Research Park

Advantages of starting a business in Dubai Science Park

Enterprises registered in the Park with the status of a free zone are offered a unique set of commercial advantages and incentives. Free zone has combined all the necessary technical, legal, as well as commercial means required for the effective operation of business structures. Investors and partners have the right to use:

  1. Capacities of modern laboratory complexes. There is even a space laboratory where you can work on thematic projects.
  2. Comfortable spacious warehouses with well-thought-out infrastructure, reliable air conditioning systems, fire safety, round-the-clock security.
  3. Spacious fully furnished, technically equipped offices of any size, as well as business centers, conference halls.
  4. Plots of land for development that can be rented with the right of further extension or purchased as property. At the same time, all of them are already equipped with external infrastructure: transport highways, energy, engineering communications.

Legal and economic benefits lie in the right:

  • for one hundred percent ownership of the business, as well as profit reparations;
  • not to pay taxes for 50 years;
  • rent facilities for 15 years with a minimum rent;
  • to support logistics, and distribution activities;
  • for simplified customs requirements;
  • for expedited visa application;
  • for simplified registration of an enterprise or partnership.

Additional proposals include ensuring the presence in the future of graduate programs of the University of Life Sciences and BioTiqania, the Institute of Continuing Education for scientific training and certification courses.



It is worth emphasizing that all structures on the territory of the FEZ are equipped with an effective fire protection system. Warehouses are equipped with built-in fire extinguishing modules, which serves as a guarantee of the safety of goods. Air conditioning systems are working in the working and living rooms, cleaning of the blocks has been arranged. Hundreds of catering facilities are located here, there are prayer rooms, representative offices of all necessary social services are open. There are a sufficient number of parking spaces on the street and in underground garages, as well as separate parking lots for the disabled.

Commercial premises

Here, from a variety of offers, you can choose a suitable office that will create a bright, favorable environment for business growth and prosperity.

DSP Towers are iconic buildings offering brand new commercial spaces with different squaring, convenient parking, efficient facility management services, as well as advanced security systems.

DSP Towers create a relaxing, comfortable environment for both professionals and residents, providing numerous retail outlets and restaurants, as well as beautifully landscaped common areas.



An environmentally friendly laboratory and research complex is a special pride of DuBiotech. It is designed in accordance with the highest international hygiene standards, which is achieved through the use of special materials and components. The environmentally responsible profile is confirmed by the assignment of a Silver LEED certificate. Laboratories are served by companies in the scientific sector engaged in research, development, testing, diagnostics, as well as industrial production.

The shell and core rooms are equipped with systems:

  • autonomous power supply and water supply;
  • ventilation, filtration, air removal;
  • acid-resistant drainage;
  • pH neutralization and other technical means that make the operation of the complex environmentally safe and for employees inside the zone, and for the local population outside of it.

Light industry

Entrepreneurs will find all the necessary conditions for its organization. Multi–purpose areas of 7,500 X 13,800 square feet have been allocated for the development of industry, and 5,000 X 6,000 square feet for the science park. All of them are equipped with infrastructure created according to first-class construction standards, which is excellent for production needs, storage, organization of exhibitions. There are also equipped comfortable offices, including mezzanines. Separate service roads for heavy trucks and forklifts have been brought here, parking, loading area have been organized, round-the-clock security has been established.


D/Quarters office

These are :

  • a unique collaboration space that provides independent thinkers and innovators with all the conditions for creative activity, knowledge sharing, collaboration and success-oriented support in their organization at every stage of growth;
  • a dynamic and flexible solution that adapts to a rapidly evolving global culture labor;
  • the latest version of the extensive portfolio of products offered by TECOM Group;
  • tools concentrated in one place, required for the development of their own business.

Smooth operation is ensured thanks to easy access:

  • to all necessary public services, as well as services for employees;
  • to innovative solutions, such as GoFreelance and Marketplace, for independent entrepreneurs;
  • thoughtfully designed high-tech coworking space;
  • communication with other professionals and clients in an extensive network of industry events, seminars and workshops in D/Quarters.

In D/Quarters, everyone can choose the business space in which he will be most comfortable:

  1. For 1000 AED per month, you can get access to shared tables with additional options in the form of
    • 1 visa;
    • the nearest parking option;
    • free credit for amenities.
  2. For 3000 AED, the client receives:
    • dedicated desk;
    • 2 visas;
    • parking rights;
    • free credit for amenities
  3. The monthly rent of 4000 AED is:
    • dedicated office;
    • more than 2 visas;
    • parking right;
    • free credit for conference rooms.



Designed specifically for:

  • storage;
  • distribution;
  • organization of exhibition events;
  • light production and science.

Each warehouse includes a mezzanine floor for an office and a storage room. These purpose-built pavilions, located in close proximity to other facilities of the Dubai Science Park, are a convenient option for business in the FEZ community. Warehouses:

  • have an area of 5,000 to 11,000 square feet, 6x6m sliding entrance doors, as well as the possibility of transforming several rooms into a single one;
  • are equipped with interior lighting and a reliable fire safety system;
  • can be used for light production, storage (cold, chemical, general);
  • includes office space, retail and exhibition halls.

Parking and loading area are located on the territory, 24-hour security is on duty.

in5 Centers

They offer five advantages for startups and shortlisted participants:

Creative startups
  • business setup;
  • creative business spaces;
  • mentoring;
  • participation in trainings, business and educational events;
  • communication with investors.

In5 Centers are business incubation programs, annual membership, as well as the possibility of renting premises and equipment, allowing students and startups to hone entrepreneurial ideas, develop and make a profit.


Startups whose business ideas are still at the stage of conception or at the initial stage of development, but within the vertical of technology, design or media, can participate in the startup incubation program, which allows using all the advantages of the centers.

Students, entrepreneurs and startups can work in any of the three specialized and fully equipped incubation centers:

  • Technology;
  • Design;
  • Media.

In5 Tech, located in Dubai Internet City, provides startups and members with access to a business space where a comfortable atmosphere for creativity is created, to technical facilities, conference rooms, meeting rooms.

In5 Design, located in the heart of FEZ D3, is an innovative center for emerging design talents. For them, the center has created comfortable creative workshops and a one-of-a-kind prototyping laboratory.

The digital Media Center, focused on creative production and content creation, is also ready to provide participants with access to unique workplaces with high-quality media production facilities and equipment, editing kits, cinema halls for viewing and demonstrating the finished product.


Offers students, entrepreneurs and professionals access to creative workshops and specialized facilities so that they can develop their skills by attending educational seminars, workshops, meetings with experts and mentors. All these events, as well as internships, are held all year round.

Location and facilities

You can rent a place in in5 or its special facilities and equipment with payment by the hour or by the day. There are multi-purpose pavilions, conference halls, prototyping laboratories and other facilities to support technology, media and design.



It is a community that provides a freelancer with a variety of tools required to build an independent future. These are:

  • stimulating business environment with a flexible workspace;
  • the right to use benefits, preferences, professional services, as well as to attend public events;
  • the opportunity to cooperate with freelancers engaged in technology, media, design and education;
  • using the platform features ;
  • round-the-clock access to business centers, as well as to uninterrupted high-speed Wi-Fi, a conference room, coffee, etc.

By becoming a member of the community, freelancers will be able to take advantage of exclusive opportunities to search for projects and participate in them, as well as expand their network through Marketplace, an online platform created to support them.

To get freelancer status in one of our leading communities: Media City, Internet City or Knowledge Park, do the following:

  1. Register and get login credentials for the axs portal.
  2. Log in to axs and apply.
  3. Make the payment in any convenient way.

You can apply to GoFreelance for one or three years for yourself and your dependents. A visa for a year will cost 2750 dirhams, for three years – 5000 dirhams.

The applicant must provide:

  • freelance license;
  • institution card;
  • local telephone number;
  • valid medical insurance;
  • original passport;
  • passport-size photo.

What businesses can be opened in DuBiotek?

Buildings in Dubai

Three legal forms of enterprises are allowed for registration.

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (LLC SZ) (FZ LLC)

The minimum authorized capital is 50 000 dirhams. However, for some types of companies, it must be at least 300,000 dirhams. These include LLC companies engaged in production and processing activities in the field of:

  • horticulture, forestry and agriculture;
  • food;
  • environment;
  • medicine;
  • scientific equipment and equipment.

Branch of a company based in the UAE

The authorized capital is not required, the company must be registered in the UAE, its owner – a legal entity or an individual – must be a resident of the country.

Branch of a foreign company

The authorized capital is not required, the presence of residency for individuals. and legal entities are also not needed. Any foreign company can open a branch.

Types of licenses in DuBiotech

  • provision of marketing services;
  • research activities;
  • warehousing and industry;
  • re-export, import of goods and services;
  • service and consulting services;
  • activities of public organizations.

Registration procedure

Man at laptop

In the DuBiotek FEZ, it is the same as in any other, and includes three stages:

  1. Submission of the application.
  2. Submission of a package of documents.
  3. Lease agreement and licensing.

Package of necessary documents

To register FZ-LLC in Dubai Biotech Research Park, you will need:

  • application for opening an enterprise in the free zone;
  • resume of individuals;
  • copies of passports of owners and manager;
  • permission of the Council;
  • certificate from the bank about the opening invoices (original);
  • sample signature of the manager.

To register a local or foreign branch, you must provide:

  • certificate of Registration;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA);
  • permission of the Council;
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