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Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City

A whole city in which everything is aimed at maintaining and preserving health – Dubai Healthcare City. This is the first zone in the world that was created specifically so that diverse healthcare institutions could work in it. Given the rapid growth of the population of the Middle East, the need to create such a territory formed itself. About what divisions exist and about the advantages of starting a business in DHCC further in more detail.

History of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

In 2002, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum decided to form a special zone, which would combine first-class hospitals, diagnostic centers, laboratories and spa areas. A real city in a city whose neighborhoods comprise about 120 large medical institutions – representatives of the best clinics from all over the world. 

Preferential referrals of medical organizations to DHCC:

  • diagnostics;
  • general оздоровление; 
  • офтальмология; 
  • стоматология; 
  • эндокринология; 
  • cardiology;
  • plastic surgery;
  • infertility treatment and others.

Patients’ accommodation is organized on the territory of hotels bordering hospitals or being part of them. Thus, investments are made not only in the field of medical activity, but also in the service of guests, the hotel business.  

This free zone is under the control of the Dubai Health Authority (DHCA). Legal regulation is entrusted to an independent structure that has been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). 

Divisions in Dubai Healthcare City

Divisions in Dubai Healthcare City

In total, Dubai Healthcare City has 4 divisions aimed at healthcare, education and research, investments, as well as a body regulating the operation of the free zone. Further on about each of them in more detail.


Since one of the directions for which the “City of Health” in Dubai was created is healthcare, more than 160 medical institutions of various levels and directions are located on the territory of DHCC. Branches of the best clinics in the world open up opportunities for medical tourism in the UAE at the highest level. In addition, the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Medical Sciences is located here, which is part of the Academic Medical Center of the same name.

Education and research

The representative of the Department of Education and Research is the University of Medicine and Medical Sciences. Mohammed bin Rashid (MBRU). It is part of the structure of the Dubya Health Department. The university also has Hamdan bin Mohammed Medical and Dental College, which offer postgraduate education programs. 

At the University, you can not only get an education, practical experience, but also try yourself in innovative research programs. All this allows you to accumulate a unique academic experience. Innovative technologies and educational resources are available for the preparation of graduates, allowing them to improve the professionalism of future personnel. 

Among the most valuable resources for teaching students are the Al Maktoum Medical Library with a rare volume of the Lancet from 1867, the Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtur Medical Simulation Center, which is the largest in the Emirates, as well as equipped laboratories for scientific research and study of human anatomy. 


For those who want to invest, there are options available with paid provision of medical services, the use of NW resources for the organization of operations. Also, the package of investment opportunities includes clinical, commercial, shopping and business centers on the territory of the NW and the acquisition of land ownership.

Regulatory division

The stable functioning of the entire infrastructure of the free zone is provided by the Center for Health Planning and Quality (CPQ), as part of the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA). This independent body is responsible for the regulation and licensing of providers of medical services and the specialists who provide them. In particular, the structure is responsible for establishing and maintaining international best practices in the provision of medical services and patient care within the framework of the DHCC.

Advantages of starting a business in this zone

Dubai Healthcare City

To open a business in the Dubai Healthcare City free zone means to get access to innovative equipment, technologies, and knowledge of the world. Residents use comfortably and individually equipped offices, communicate within an established, developing, thriving community of world-leading experience in the medical field.

Among other advantages of starting a business is also:

  • high level of confidence in the UAE banking system;
  • absence of corporate and personal income tax;
  • full repatriation of capital and profits;
  • authorized capital from 50 thousand to 300 thousand dirhams;
  • opening a business without a visa;
  • creating a company with foreign capital and others.

Entrepreneurs engaged in the medical field can apply for a resident visa for up to 10 years. Business registration can take place completely remotely (online), which is also an advantage for many founders. 

To emphasize the great importance of the progress and development of the free zone at the level of human resources, the Dubai City Health Authority (DHCA) has established special awards. They are awarded to DHCC institutions and employees for high achievements and are a good incentive for continuous development.

Masaar-DHCC Customer Support

First–class service is one of the dogmas on the basis of which the functioning of DHCC is built. That is why the Masaar-DHCC technical support service was founded. The portal contains services for residents:

  • real estate management; 
  • medical insurance;  
  • engineering; 
  • licensing; 
  • resident visa.

The portal significantly facilitates doing business, since all the services that a resident may need are collected in one place. The physical office of the support service can be visited on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00 in the Ibn Sina medical complex (building 27, block C).


Coworking C37 is perfect for organizing an independent medical practice in a part-time format. The comfortable space offers users:

  • private offices; 
  • examination rooms; 
  • consultation rooms; 
  • waiting room. 

In coworking C37, everything is created so that residents can practice effectively, improving the quality of medical services and the reputation of the entire zone. Ergonomic space and process management team allows you to fully focus on medical practice.

DHCX Dubai Healthcare City Accelerator

DHCX Dubai Healthcare City Accelerator

In order for medical organizations to grow and improve their business, the Dubai City Health Accelerator (DHCX) was created. It is located in the DHCC Al Razi Building (Building 64), which also houses a business center and private offices. Here, managers will be offered services and solutions for using the industry business network for their own growth.

The location of the center is very successful, which literally becomes one of the main reasons for the interest of entrepreneurs. Tenants will be able to appreciate the comfort and ergonomics of offices equipped with modern appliances, equipped with comfortable furniture, allowing them to fully concentrate on work.

Advantages of DHCX

The benefits of DHCX can be expressed in several points:

  • free access to the DHCC system, which contains data about partners and patients;
  • a separate local phone number for each tenant, with a built-in remote response and call forwarding function;
  • operator services, who will take care of answering calls at the request of the tenant;
  • full marketing support to each participant of the lease agreement.

Service packages

Cooperation with DHCX is possible on the basis of one of two packages:

  1. Private. Suitable for a private office. The cost starts from 60 thousand dirhams per year.
  2. Coworking Executive Desk. For this option of renting a workspace, a payment of 35 thousand dirhams per year is provided.


Many coworking facilities are available to tenants:

  • conference rooms; 
  • seminar rooms; 
  • buffet area; 
  • fast internet with service; 
  • offices with up to 4 workplaces.

Dubai Healthcare City Society Restaurant and Shopping Center

Dubai Healthcare City Society Restaurant and Shopping Center

In February 2022, the Dubai Healthcare City Society shopping and restaurant center was opened. A new space for trading and running a restaurant business with a relaxed urban flavor awaits everyone who wants to become part of the DHCC community – the most advanced health and rehabilitation zone.

The space is located in the Al-Razi building and has become a place for communication, socialization, shopping and acquaintance with the best dishes from around the world. Companies planning to join the DHCC community, but not related to medicine, can open a retail outlet, restaurant or bar.

Real estate management services

High–quality service, security, reliability – all this is guaranteed to customers in an environment of highly qualified real estate management. Everything you need to know about the management process, as well as quick access to the registration of the application will be received by the tenant or buyer of real estate thanks to the responsible support of specialists.

Public services

The system of obtaining the necessary public services in the online format makes it very easy to enter the free zone community. The service allows you to meet the needs of a resident in an accessible form regarding the country’s immigration policy, regulations and service features. 

Everything you may need for employment, hiring employees, training, living in Dubai or even opening a mailbox, extending it and closing it is collected in one place. With the Public Services service, joining the DHCC community will become smooth, simple and easy.

Help with the license

Regardless of what type of license needs to be issued, commercial or proprietary Zawel in the licensing department will provide comprehensive support in this matter. On the portal, a resident can get information or apply for:

  • registration of a commercial license; 
  • transfer of shares; 
  • increase in authorized capital; 
  • change of director or manager; 
  • change of segment, field of activity or specialization; 
  • certification of documents; 
  • change of bank; 
  • de-registration and so on.

Zawel’s own license, which corresponds to the vision of the Dubai government in terms of increasing business competitiveness and stimulating economic growth, is optimal for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. It implies minimal costs at the start and offers up to 2 visas, provided that at the time of renewal there will be a valid lease agreement. 

Options for renting and buying real estate

Options for renting and buying real estate

Many major brands choose DHCC as their regional headquarters. In order to simplify all processes for residents, comprehensive administrative support is provided, simplifying the setup of the business and its growth. Taking into account the profile of the business in the free zone, several options for rental and purchase of real estate are offered.

Phase 1

In the Oud Metha area, a 4.1 million square foot Phase 1 space dedicated to healthcare and medical education is located. A thriving community unites many accredited medical institutions, from world-renowned giants to regional groups of hospitals. 

It provides patient-centered, evidence-based care and provides access to an extensive knowledge and experience base for partners. The space is constantly expanding, providing its participants with a life in a well-being and health-oriented community.

Phase 2

The Phase 2 space is 19 million square feet of space overlooking the historic bay and Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve. A kind of urban oasis for partners, residents and guests of the free zone. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged here, and the introduction of modern concepts in the field of healthcare is welcomed. 

The community is optimally suited for organizations whose development vector is focused on the future and innovations in the field of healthcare and health maintenance. Organizations seeking to develop territories within the framework of the existing DHCC concept are invited to cooperate.

Clinical complex

In the clinical complex there are specialized clinics, outpatient surgery centers equipped with all necessary equipment. Also on the territory of the complex there are pharmacies, representative offices for the sale of medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, consultants and recruiters of the medical field provide services. 

Commercial and retail space

A total of 15 buildings offer premium-class offices equipped for comfortable work. Representatives of any business sphere are welcome here. In addition, tenants have access to a reserve of parking spaces in indoor or outdoor parking on request.

Business Center

Dubai Healthcare City Business Center

In the business center, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses can rent a fully equipped office or workplace in a common space. This option is optimal on the stratum, especially for relatively small young firms and startups. 

Two package offers are available for rent:

  1. Executive Desk. The package is suitable for companies that do not need a large amount of workspace.An office with an area of 50 square feet will cost 35 thousand dirhams per year. You can rent from one to two years. It is possible to get 2 visas.
  2. Executive Office. A more extensive offer, which implies a full-fledged, fully equipped room. The area of the premises can be from 100 sq. ft., and its rent will cost at least 60 thousand dirhams per year. When choosing such an offer, it is possible to obtain no more than 3 visas. 

Long-term leasing solutions

In an effort to provide comprehensive support to everyone who wants to develop together with Dubai Healthcare City, the administration of the free zone is open to discussing individual proposals. Plots with an average area of about 100 thousand square feet can be used for clinical or commercial offices up to 7 floors high. 

How to get a new commercial license in Dubai Healthcare City

Opening a commercial license in DHCC is the first step to opening a business in a free zone. This service can be obtained through the website, it is important to carefully follow all the proposed conditions and provide a complete list of documents required for registration. 

What is important to know?

One of the most important conditions is the availability of authorized capital from 50,000 dirhams. To open a medical referral institution, you will need from 300,000. The company, which is open on the territory of the DHCC free Zone, undertakes to annually conduct and submit an auditor’s report from among accredited organizations. The license is issued for a year, and it must be renewed in advance to avoid the imposition of fines or other sanctions.

What companies can be opened?

Opening a company in Dubai

Several types of companies can be opened on the territory of the free zone, and licenses can be obtained for this. You can apply online. 

Limited Liability Company

LLC or Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) is created as a legal entity with an independent status. At the same time, the presence of shareholders (individuals and legal entities) is allowed. A prerequisite for opening is the presence of shareholders (from 1) and a manager. 

A branch of a company from the UAE

A local organization (operating in the UAE, but outside the jurisdiction of the DHCC) can open a branch in the NW. At the same time, the subsidiary branch must fully belong to the parent company, perform the same functions and work in a similar direction.

Branch of a foreign company

A representative office of a foreign organization can also be opened in Dubai Healthcare City. It will be completely legally dependent on the parent company, even if the head office is located outside the country. 

Conditions for submission

To obtain a license in Dubai Healthcare City, you must have a basis for this. Such is considered: 

  • booking agreement;
  • lease;
  • purchase and sale;
  • document confirming ownership.

Required documents

DHCC package of documents

To open an institution in DHCC, you will need to provide a package of documents: 

  • personal data of all participants; 
  • if individuals participated in the creation, then you need to attach a copy of an international passport, a mark on crossing the UAE border (for the last 2-3 years), a document about the actual place of birth; 
  • if legal entities participated in the creation, it is required to provide a certificate of registration, a constituent agreement, a charter, a register of managers and shareholders legalized in the UAE;
  • information about the planned activity.

Cash fees

At the initial submission of the application, you will have to pay a fee of 1550 dirhams. Registration fees (3500 dirhams) and a commercial license are paid separately according to the price list at the current time of registration. You may also need to pay an innovation fee and an instruction fee of 10 dirhams for each position separately. 

Time frame

The application review and decision-making takes from 3 to 10 working days. Depending on the type of activity that the company will carry out, as well as on the quality of compliance with the requirements put forward by Dubai Healthcare City, the deadline may vary.

Procedure for opening a private clinic or hospital

Opening of a private clinic or hospital

Despite the fact that DHCC offers options for fruitful cooperation and development, most partners come to the free zone to open a business related to the provision of medical services. To do this, you must have a specialized education, or be a qualified manager. 

But even if you have an international medical diploma, you will not be able to open a company just like that. A prerequisite is the certification procedure according to the standards of the Emirates. All staff must also be certified by the Dubai Health Authority and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Trade name reservation

The first step on the way to your own business in the Dubai Healthcare City free zone will be the registration of a trade name. The application must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Getting initial approval from DED

Immediately after successfully overcoming the first stage, it is necessary to submit another application to the Department in order to receive initial approval from the authorities. A copy of the passport and other documents requested by the DED are attached to the application. The Dubai Municipality will need to obtain approval of the floor plan of the medical facility.

Getting approval from Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority is a key regulatory body, so getting approval from this structure should be taken seriously. Making a decision may take about 10 days, and you will need to attach to the application: 

  • identity cards and visas of the founder and his partners; 
  • Emirates ID for all participants; 
  • the plan of the medical institution approved by the Municipality; 
  • offer letter from the manager, partners or official representative;
  • confirmation of the fact of registration of the trade name;
  • extract from Ejari;
  • letter from DHA signed by the founder, partner or trustee.

Submission of documents

To register a private clinic, the partner or the founder himself must provide the foundation, lease agreement and other regulations that will be requested. 

Getting final approval from DED

Obtaining final approval from the Department will require the owner to pay the registration fee, provide initial approval and provide:

  • a document confirming the owner’s consent to the appointment of the director;
  • a final license from DED or the Dubai Healthcare City Administration;
  • a complete list of employees;
  • a valid contract for construction or arrangement.

Obtaining a license from DHA

At the last stage, you will need to create an account on the DHA portal in order to obtain a license from the Department of Health. The owner provides all the data about the employees, the Department initiates the verification of the information, after which a license is issued to open a private medical institution.In Dubai Healthcare City, everything is focused on maximum health care, so the administration strictly follows

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