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Dubai Industrial City

Dubai Industrial City

Dubai Industrial City (DIC) is an efficient ecosystem in the UAE. It develops industry not only in the Emirates, but also in the Middle East. Several hundred companies have already registered here. Such a place is a great starting point to start implementing your business solutions. Consider the features of DIC.

Location and distinguishing features of DIC

The zone is localized in the territories that are connected to the international port of Jebel Ali (the largest transport hub in the region). Due to this location, it is popular among foreign investors.

On the territory of DIC you will be able to carry out certain types of household activities:

  • engage in production and logistics activities;
  • work within the social infrastructure – from food to services;
  • process minerals and metals;
  • service equipment and vehicles;
  • supply and maintain professional equipment.

Applicable legislation in the industrial city of Dubai

The Companies Act of 1984 applies to the industrial city of Dubai, since the territory is not considered a free zone. According to the law, every company that is registered here must have at least 1 partner from the Emirates. Moreover, this partner must own at least 51% of the shares.

He can also act as a manager of a Dubai firm.

Other legislation in the industrial city of Dubai:

  1. Federal Law No. 1 on industry.
  2. Federal Law No. 44 on the protection of industrial property.
  3. The Commercial Code of 1993, according to which it is possible to create different types of commercial companies in Dubai.
  4. The rules of the Federal Agency that oversees environmental protection for production.

Why is it profitable to create a business in DIC


The DIC government is committed to developing industry in the Emirate. Advantages of opening companies in this zone:

  • full foreign ownership;
  • no income/corporate tax;
  • full return of capital and profits invested abroad;
  • no duty on import of transport, equipment and production raw materials;
  • wide potential for the industrial sector;
  • high-class IT infrastructure;
  • access to the GCC and MENA markets without duties (with the addition of 40% of the price at the local level);
  • availability of the largest IP telephone network;
  • developing community;
  • lack of bureaucracy;
  • simple company registration process;
  • availability of experienced employees;
  • round-the-clock service security and visa.

Business infrastructure in Dubai Industrial City


Powerful storage facilities are suitable for various businesses: cold, chemical or general storage. They can also be used in the field of light industry. The objects can be rented for a short or long term.

Distinctive features of warehouses:

  • area – 5000-11000 square feet;
  • indoor lighting;
  • parking spaces and loading area;
  • modern fire protection system;
  • security 24\7;
  • availability of offices and trading halls.

Housing for workers

Workers can live in a modern residential complex with convenient infrastructure. The facility was built to high standards: safe, well equipped with modern amenities. There are medical centers, entertainment venues, supermarkets and restaurants.

Open storage areas


A large warehouse is located in a well-maintained location and is under round-the-clock security. Squares will be an ideal place if you need somewhere to store building materials, equipment, cars and much more.

Retail premises

The place is suitable for those who want to engage in retail business. It offers direct access to work areas and nearby territories.

in5 Centers

in5 is engaged in the promotion of ideas and business. To do this, use:

  • creative spaces;
  • seminars and events;
  • training programs;
  • mentoring;
  • access to investors.

Within the framework of the program are available:

  • business incubation;
  • annual membership;
  • rental of facilities and equipment.


By becoming a member of the GoFreelance community, a freelancer will have access to the opportunity to search for projects and place bets on them. It is also a great option for expanding your own network through the online Marketplace support platform.

License types that are available in DIC

In DIC, you can choose one of the proposed business licenses:

  1. Trading – for trading goods, storage, any trading operations.
  2. Service – for firms that provide accounting, auditing, consulting and management services.
  3. Commercial – for any type of commercial activity.
  4. Industrial (industrial) – for the opportunity to engage in production.

Types of companies that can be registered

Man in shirt

According to the corporate legislation of the Emirates, you can register:

  • industrial company;
  • non-industrial company;
  • branches of foreign and local enterprises.

How to register a company in the industrial city of Dubai?

The registration process depends on the type of company, different approvals and premises that will be required for opening. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Contact the employees of the business park and send them an application with a package of documents: a license application form, photocopies of the passport of the manager, director, shareholder, owner of the company, as well as a business plan.
  2. Send all legal papers to the sales staff. In response, they will send a confirmation letter to the client, information about the organization, office, payment.
  3. Sign the received letter and send it back. Make the payment.
  4. After consideration, the registration department will send you AOA, MOA, bank letter of submission.
  5. Sign the received documents.
  6. Open a bank account in the name of the company, deposit the authorized capital and send a confirmation letter from the bank to the employees of the business park.
  7. Your license will be prepared by the zone administration: you will receive a certificate, and the leasing department will issue a lease agreement.
  8. After signing the lease agreement, you will be given a license and keys to the office.

The average duration of company registration in Dubai Industrial City is from 3 weeks to a month. Each individual case requires an individual approach.

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