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Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) is considered the most popular training center for professional experience in the region. Frison’s activities are aimed at developing the personnel reserve and providing services in the field of education. Foreign branches of world-famous educational facilities are also concentrated here.

About Dubai Knowledge Village

DKV is an ideal place to create and develop an educational project, including in an online format. The year of creation of the free zone is considered to be 2003. Now the area of its territory is more than a million square feet. Localized in this area:

  • 21 higher educational institutions;
  • 14 colleges;
  • more than 200 educational centers.

A variety of programs, courses, ultramodern facilities allow you to develop skills. The community can offer:

  1. Events – from exhibitions and seminars to conferences and networking events.
  2. Retail trade, restaurants. Cafes and restaurants for every taste are concentrated here – you can just drink coffee or have a delicious dinner.
  3. Venues for concerts, festivals, and other events.
  4. Fitness – from yoga studios to gyms.
  5. Healthcare – convenient access to health facilities.
  6. Hotels, for example, Premier Inn.

What can DKV offer to business


Commercial premises

Thanks to the multitude of strategically located commercial premises, a comfortable environment for the development of entrepreneurial activity has been created. Offices and corporate facilities are suitable for any business. Their main advantages:

  • availability of modern communication networks;
  • compliance with international fire safety standards;
  • provision of indoor/open parking;
  • service, professional, technical services.


D/Quarters is an advanced space for working with a partner that keeps pace with the developing global work culture. Here everyone will be able to share their experience, knowledge, as well as receive support from colleagues.

Privileges for community members:

  • high-tech coworking spaces;
  • communication with other professionals, clients;
  • 24/7 access;
  • game room;
  • living rooms;
  • conference halls;
  • high-speed Wi-Fi, printers;
  • flexible payment system;
  • open courtyard;
  • several parking options;
  • cafe;
  • prayer rooms;
  • lockers;
  • pantry, mini-kitchens.

in5 Centers

in5 Center

in5 Centers is a platform for cooperation and exchange of ideas for creative professionals, startups. It allows you to take your business to a new level. The solution is suitable not only for businessmen, but also for students.

Members of the center can:

  • use creative spaces;
  • study programs;
  • work under mentoring;
  • attend networking meetings;
  • enjoy access to investors.

Within the framework of the project ,:

  1. Business incubation program. You can apply if you have your own business idea and a minimally viable product in the field of technology, design, media.
  2. Annual membership. Gives you the opportunity to use access to creative workspaces, thanks to which you can develop your skills, attend events, internships throughout the year,
  3. Rental of objects for work activities. Sites, specialized premises, as well as equipment are available for rent on an hourly or daily basis. For example, conference rooms, editing suites, prototyping labs.


If you are a freelancer, you can become a member of the GoFreelance community. Participants have access to exclusive opportunities – project search, betting on them, expanding their network through the marketplace.

To become a member of the leading community:

  1. Go through registration, get a login, password to log in to the portal.
  2. Log in, submit an application.
  3. Pay, get to work.


The service growth potential of the developing community is quite high. Moreover, the same successful retail businesses are located nearby, so entrepreneurs can join one of them.

Why is it profitable to create a business in DKV

University in the zone

The positive aspects of doing business in this frison are:

  1. Completely foreign ownership.
  2. A great option for a business environment for customers.
  3. 100% return on capital, profit.
  4. Exemption from corporate tax for a period of 50 years.
  5. Visa round-the-clock services.
  6. 0% customs duty.
  7. Efficient working environment.
  8. A simple legal process.
  9. The location of the company and the bank account in the same jurisdiction.
  10. High level of economic security.
  11. Popular local, regional, global players.
  12. Access to information workers through an accelerated immigration process.
  13. There are no restrictions regarding the number of shareholders.
  14. Closed registry.
  15. Developed infrastructure – the free zone is perfectly connected with easily accessible roads and metro.

Opening a company in DKV

To open your own company on the territory of DKV, you need to understand some of the features.

What is important to know about the DKV FEZ?

  1. 100% ownership, zero tax.
  2. The authorized capital is at least 50 000 dirhams. A prerequisite is that it must be created on the company’s bank account.
  3. The license period is 1 year.
  4. Annual submission of audit reports. The timing will depend on the size of the applicant’s company, as well as other criteria.
  5. License renewal within 30 days prior to expiration.
  6. Taxation: there is no corporate income tax, value added tax – 5%, there is no currency control.

What legal institutions are available?

  1. LLC is a legal entity, whose shareholders are an individual, a legal entity.
  2. A branch of a foreign organization is a foreign office of a business legally dependent on the main company.
  3. Freelancer – working at his own discretion, selling products/services on his own behalf.

Permitted activity

Dubai Knowledge Village

On the territory of the district it is allowed to teach:

  • computer skills;
  • languages;
  • ISO;
  • technical, professional skills;
  • managerial and professional development;
  • development of children’s skills.

You can provide tutoring, consulting services, as well as content development, evaluation and freelancing services.

Licenses in DKV

  1. Freelancer’s permission – gives the right to provide products/services on their own behalf.
  2. Commercial license. You will be able to trade with it. Within the framework of trade, import, export, re-export, distribution, storage of certain products will be available.

Creating a business in DKV

The process of opening your own company is quite simple. To do this:

  1. Fill out the application and send it to be approved.
  2. Submit legal documentation for company registration.
  3. After you leave your signature on the confirmation letter, return it and make the payment.
  4. Sign the Memorandum (MOA, a document with all information about the company) and the Charter (AOA, a document with rules and regulations that the company has developed).
  5. Make a deposit of the authorized capital.
  6. Sign a staff rental and sponsorship agreement.

Package of documents for business organization in DKV

  1. Application for registration.
  2. Permission of the Council.
  3. Data about the joint-stock company.
  4. The Original of the Memorandum, the Charter.
  5. Proof of shareholders’ equity.
  6. A photocopy of a passport, a sample of signatures of directors, a manager.
  7. NOC from the sponsor of the residence visa.
  8. Registration fee, license fee.
  9. A staff recruitment agreement.
  10. GSO certificate.

Approximate cost of opening a company

  1. Payment for the approval of the business plan is 2000 drcm.
  2. The fee for the registration process is 3510 drcm.
  3. License – 15 010 drcm.
  4. Office space rental (37 square meters) – 74,000 drcm. The number of allowed visas will depend on the size of the office – 1 visa per 8 square meters.
  5. The total check is 94,520 drcm.

Other services in Dubai Knowledge Park

Knowledge Village

In addition to providing space for business, there are other types of services in DKP. Frison does everything so that partners can take advantage of additional benefits in the form of corporate support.

Retail areas and kiosks

Dubai Knowledge Park has a large number of retail outlets providing services to leading companies and universities in the area. For example:

  1. Al-Safuh Medical Clinic.
  2. Emirates Driving Institute.
  3. Pharmacy Pharma Zone.
  4. Marina Dental Clinic.
  5. Beauty salons
  6. Shop 24/7.
  7. Tourist centers.
  8. Car rental.
  9. Kindergarten.
  10. Vending machines.
  11. Copy centers and other.

Snack bars

Since the opening day, the area has been replenished with a large number of various restaurants – from Pizza Hut, Starbucks, KFC to branded eateries Thai Terrace, Beirut, Filli. Here you can rent a kiosk for selling newspapers and juice/coffee.


Networking is an integral part of the professional growth of a student, an experienced businessman or a person who has just opened his own business. The Dubai Knowledge Park hosts corporate networks throughout the year. They allow their entrepreneurial community to help students and all interested parties. There are such events as:

  1. Forum of International Cooperation of Universities.
  2. Open Door Week for DKP training.
  3. TECOM SME Builder.
  4. Breakfast Club DKP.

Thus, Dubai Knowledge Village is a frison with a completely different approach to business creation, unlike most areas of the UAE, which are focused on sales and production.Here you will be able to hone your professional, language and general skills to achieve success. And, thanks to the freedom of doing business and favorable government policy, start running your own business.

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