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Dubai Outsource Zone

Dubai Outsource Zone

Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) is a unique business community that specializes in outsourcing and collaborative services. For example, these can be contact centers, information processing centers and back office operations. The main goal of the zone is to support the growth of these industries. The jurisdiction began its work in 2007 and still continues to support companies in the procedures for obtaining commercial licenses, work visas and registration.

A little bit about Dubai Outsource City

The territorial unit has a special economic status and provides international firms with certain tax benefits and competitive advantages.

The Frison is located near the central part of Dubai. The area is in constant development and attracts multimillion-dollar investment assets. It is designed for such types of activities as outsourcing, information technology, professional services. There is a vibrant, multicultural business environment and sports events, seminars, and training courses are often held here.

Infrastructure for business in DOC

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The territory is adjacent to the Dubai International Academic Campus. Transport infrastructure capabilities:

  • Dubai International Airport can be reached in 15 minutes by car.
  • city taxi operates 24\7.
  • convenient parking is constantly guarded.

The catering component was organized, taking into account the multinational composition, ethnic diversity. Here you can visit:

  • Italian fast food outlet;
  • restaurant with Asian/Mediterranean cuisine;
  • food courts, shops;
  • other restaurants with international cuisine.

Potential investors can count on long-term contracts for the purchase or lease of land plots. The proposed lands are equipped with the necessary utilities and connected to the city infrastructure.Among them are land for commercial development and construction of residential complexes, hotels, retail areas.

Commercial premises

A large number of strategically located commercial areas form a bright, favorable environment for business development.

Office premises, corporate platforms are suitable for organizing any business. They differ:

  • availability of modern communication networks, means of communication.
  • compliance with international requirements of energy saving, fire safety;
  • availability of indoor, outdoor parking spaces;
  • provision of service, professional, maintenance.


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D/Quarters is a unique space for partner work. Thinkers and innovators can develop here. Thanks to its flexibility and dynamism, the place quickly adapts to the developing global work culture. Here you will be able to exchange knowledge, cooperate, support each other.

in5 Centers

As part of the work of in5 Centers, there is a business incubation program, annual membership, rental of facilities for work. This is a great option for students, businessmen, startups to make a profit and develop. In addition, the centers offer:

  • creative spaces;
  • training programs;
  • mentoring;
  • networking meetings;
  • access to investors.


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The GoFreelance community is created for freelancers who also contribute to the country’s economy. Membership gives you the right to use exclusive opportunities – to find projects, place bets on them and expand your own network through the marketplace.

To become a freelancer of a leading community:

  1. Complete the registration, get the data to log in to the portal.
  2. Log in, submit an application.
  3. Pay, get to work.


The DOC community helps to develop a retail business. Therefore, if your business is related to this activity, join the frison.


You can expand your business thanks to strategically located multi-purpose storage facilities. They are equipped with ready-made infrastructure and first-class construction standards.


  • area – 5000-11,000 square feet.
  • there is lighting inside;
  • suitable for light production activities, logistics, storage;
  • have a sliding entrance door and an advanced fire protection system;
  • parking spaces, loading platform are localized on the territory.
  • are under round-the-clock security.

Light industrial installations

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You can expand your company through multi-purpose light industry enterprises. Characteristics:

  • the presence of a mezzanine office;
  • 24/7 security;
  • the presence of service roads for heavy trucks and forklifts;
  • the ability to store products, hold exhibitions, engage in production;
  • availability of parking and loading areas;
  • modern fire protection systems.

Advantages of starting a Business in DOC

DOC is an ideal place for corporations that are planning to open an outsourcing business in the UAE. There are all the necessary conditions for the creation and management of such a company:

  1. Full tax exemption.
  2. Network capabilities.
  3. Full return of capital, profit.
  4. Modern infrastructure.
  5. Dynamic international-type communities.
  6. Great opportunities for market and channel development.
  7. No currency restrictions.
  8. The “Metro Ethernet” environment.

Thanks to the structure of this frizone, outsourcing firms can work from one place.

Types of companies available for registration in Dubai Outsource Zone

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Business forms available for opening companies in DOC:

  1. LLC with an individual as a shareholder.
  2. A limited liability company with a corporate shareholder.
  3. LLC with an individual and a corporate shareholder.
  4. a branch established by a foreign firm/company from the UAE.

The authorized capital of a limited liability company directly depends on the structure of ownership of shares and starts from 300 thousand dirhams. Those branches that can start working without certain investments do not fall under such a requirement.

Examples of activities that can be carried out in the territory of the jurisdiction:

  1. Documentation management.
  2. Customer service.
  3. IT management.
  4. Transaction processing.
  5. Regional headquarters.
  6. Operational support.
  7. Hotel complexes, places for recreation.
  8. Real estate management services.

What types of licenses can I get?

The following types of licenses are offered on the territory:

  1. For outsourcing.
  2. To provide general services, for example, freelancing, consulting, real estate management.

Thanks to the license obtained, it is possible to conduct business activities only on the territory of the frison. The validity period of the submitted state document is one year. Every year after the payment of the license fee, it is renewed. In case of non-renewal within 4 months after the expiration date, it will be canceled. To renew the document, you will have to pay a fine and re-register the license.


How to register a company in DOC?

The procedure for registering a business in Dubai in DOC

For foreigners who want to start an entrepreneurial activity in this frison, there are certain registration conditions. The process is simple:

  1. Prepare the constituent documentation and the lease agreement indicating the legal address of your company. There are many office facilities in the district that are already available for work.
  2. If the company is one of the shareholders, translate, certify its Charter and Certificate of Registration.
  3. Hire employees. If you are dealing with foreigners, they will need a residence permit. In DOZ, you can perform this step together with the registration of the company in the FEZ authorities.
  4. When the free zone authority issues an official and professional license, you can start working.

Required documents

List of papers for registration:

  • business permit;
  • trademark reservation from the Dubai Trade Register;
  • lease agreement/ownership of real estate in Dubai;
  • photocopies of passports of directors, shareholders;
  • manager’s resume;
  • registered address;
  • power of attorney for Dubai specialists who are engaged in the registration procedure. It must be notarized.

What tax benefits are available to investors in the Dubai Outsourcing Zone?


No import/export duties are applied on the DOC territory.

The administrative requirements are the same for everyone. Among them:

  • registration services and licensing assistance;
  • recruitment, immigration services;
  • Research Center;
  • satellite communications, internet services.

Also, foreign investors can count on a qualified English-speaking workforce.

Taxation of companies in Dubai Outsource City

The most significant advantage of working in the frison is considered to be exemption from corporate tax. It extends for 50 years. But there are new VAT rules, according to which each company must pay a tax of 5%.

Companies also have the opportunity to use the UAE agreements, which allow them to avoid double taxation, as well as receive other tax breaks.

Thus, Dubai Outsource Zone is the optimal platform for international firms that work in the relevant sectors of the Emirates’ economy. Thanks to competitive advantages, entrepreneurs will be able to make their business as profitable and profitable as possible. First of all, this is due to open, preferential access to the markets of the Middle East countries, a relatively low check for energy processes and international-class service.

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