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Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City (DPC) is considered a unique business community that focuses on printing, publishing and advanced manufacturing. The main task is to stimulate innovation in these sectors.

What is a DPC

DPC was launched in 2003 as the first specialized community, whose main goal is to promote and develop production in the region.

Today, the free zone serves companies that are engaged in production in the field of media. Qualified professionals from all over the world live in the district. Entrepreneurial activity, retail trade, and a residential lifestyle are particularly developed here.

Advantages of opening a company in this free zone

  1. Full ownership of your own business – there is no need for local sponsorship.
  2. Help managers to work with the customer base.
  3. Licensing, registration, immigration and permission for the decoration of the building.
  4. Opportunities to establish connections and develop the market.
  5. Meeting and conference spaces, business centers.
  6. Platforms for corporate and public events.
  7. An integrated platform with government and corporate services.
  8. Developed infrastructure – from restaurants, banks, supermarkets to fitness centers, courier services, round-the-clock security.

What can Dubai Production City offer to business?


Commercial premises

There are many offices located on the territory. In such a creative environment, you will be able to develop your business activities.


The unique space allows you to work together, share knowledge and collaborate. It is the latest version of a wide portfolio of products offered by TECOM Group. Includes several options.

Office space

Furnished personal office, adaptable to your business tasks:

  • from 2 or more visas;
  • right to use parking;
  • free lending for conference halls.

The cost of such an offer is 4500 AED monthly.


A private reserved table with various amenities costs 3000 AED (every month). The offer includes:

  • 2 visas;
  • right to parking;
  • free credit for amenities.

Shared desktop

Common tables are distinguished by convenience and flexibility. The package at a monthly price of 1000 AED includes:

  • 1 visa;
  • shared table;
  • nearest parking spaces;
  • free credit for amenities.

Boutique studios


The space consists of entertainment, media, film production, broadcasting companies. Many people reveal their potential and talents here. Boutique studios are an ideal place for TV stations, production organizations. They include offices with adjacent studios. The entire building with a basement and 2 floors is available for rent.

in5 centres

In5 promotes business ideas. The centers offer creative spaces, training programs, networking events, and access to investors. Advantages:

  • setting up a business;
  • comfortable offices;
  • seminars;
  • mentoring;
  • business incubation program;
  • rental of premises, equipment.


The community was created for freelancers who are engaged in the transformation of the region’s economy. GoFreelance offers unique opportunities, as well as an online platform through which you can develop and expand your business.

To share your talent, it is enough:

  1. Register, get login details for the axs portal.
  2. Log in, submit an application.
  3. Pay, prepare for work.

Retail space

Within the framework of the development of the free zone, retail trade enterprises occupy a special place. You can always join the most successful of them.

Light industry enterprises

Light industry enterprises

Multi-purpose light industry organizations allow you to expand your business thanks to ready-made infrastructure, as well as first-class construction standards.


  • area – 7500-13 800 sq. m.feet;
  • availability of modern fire protection systems;
  • the ability to join several units at once;
  • 24/7 security;
  • the presence of a mezzanine office;
  • the ability to engage in storage, production;
  • availability of service roads for heavy vehicles;
  • parking, loading area.

Storage facilities

Another unit that allows you to expand your business is strategically located warehouses. Their characteristics:

  • area – from 5000 to 11,000 sq. m.feet;
  • availability of internal lighting;
  • ability to join multiple units;
  • availability of parking, loading area, sliding entrance door;
  • the opportunity to engage in light production, logistics, storage;
  • round-the-clock security;
  • fire safety system.

Sound scenes

They are considered the largest and most modern scenes in the region. Their main tasks are entertainment and production. The premises include advanced amenities with 5 ultra-modern green rooms. Sound scenes are complemented by offices.


  • area – up to 25,000 sq. m.feet;
  • sound insulation;
  • water tanks;
  • grid and podium systems;
  • elephant doors.

Different types of scenes are available, depending on the amenities and sizes.

What type of business can be opened in DPC


Those companies and entrepreneurs who specialize in publishing, printing, manufacturing and innovation can conduct business. Other types of commercial/industrial type activities are considered individually.

How much money and time do I need to open a business in DPC?

The list of preliminary expenses includes registration of a license, rental of office space, the minimum returnable capital is 10 000 AED. If you are planning to open a branch of an existing foreign/Emirati company in Dubai Production City, there are no minimum capital requirements.

After submitting the documents and payment, it will take a week (excluding weekends), during which: the application will be approved – 4 days, the license will be issued – 3 days.

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