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Dubai Techno Park

Dubai Techno Park

Dubai Techno Park Free Zone (DTP) is localized in the Jebel Ali industrial zone in Dubai. The main purpose of the information technology park is to promote technological development in the commercial zone. Now the most famous companies in the world that specialize in oil, gas, petrochemicals and other industries are gathered here. This is what makes DTP one of the largest industrial centers in the Middle East. Let’s consider the specifics of doing business in this zone.

State initiative and strategic goals of Dubai Techno Park

The project is supervised by the Government of the Emirate. According to the assumptions of the authorities, this will be a platform for the formation of modern technological solutions. Here they want to embody the most unusual ideas.

Due to the strategic location, as well as the perfect commercial infrastructure, unlimited opportunities and access to new markets open up for businessmen.

The goal of the project is to provide the necessary conditions for business development in order to increase the volume of direct investment in the national economy. Within the framework of investment projects, the development of:

  • healthcare;
  • water supply, desalination;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • energy, logistics.

The growth of direct investments in production activities, as well as in the development and implementation of technologies in these areas increases every year.

What is Dubai Techno Park

Dubai zone

Some facts about the free economic zone

DTP has the status of a free zone. Evidence:

  1. The area is more than 21 million square meters (30% of the open space).
  2. Location on the territory of large technology corporations under one roof.
  3. The capacity of residential complexes is more than 60 thousand inhabitants.
  4. The possibility of employment of 133 thousand people.
  5. Assistance in research and development of new solutions.
  6. Ensuring continuous economic progress.

Parts of the Dubai Technopark Free Zone

Dubai Technopark includes the following parts:

  1. The Technology Core is the main business center consisting of 4 parts: Landmark Building (landmark building) – a huge tower, The Boulevard (Boulevard) – the main access road, Campus Core (campus core) – the base of the entire technoinfrastructure and Research and Development Core (research and Development core) – incubators for tech startups.
  2. The Mixed-Use (mixed use) is a multi–purpose business object. There is a megamall with world-class retail brands, 5* hotels and restaurants.
  3. The Industrial Zone is the base of the entire manufacturing industry. Thanks to the location, it was possible to reduce the impact of industrial emissions into the environment, as well as to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Also on this territory there are halls for exhibitions, office complexes, hotels.

Main activities in DTP

The possibilities of the territory are suitable for the following business areas.

Water resources management

Water is the main resource of mankind. There is an acute problem with drinking water in the Middle East, because the arid climate prevails here. Thanks to the implementation of the project, it is possible to provide local residents with a sufficient amount of high-quality water.

Healthcare system


The government is engaged in supporting the high status of the healthcare system, actively developing it. They invest in this direction primarily because of the rapid growth of the emirate’s population.


The amount of natural resources is limited, so sooner or later they will be exhausted. This has led to active investments in research activities, as well as the development of alternatives. The advanced solutions that will be formed on this platform can be used in other areas. For example, economics, research, construction.

Industrial engineering

The activity is focused on research in the field of national industry. Strategic goals – to develop and support:

  • industrial sector;
  • international partnership;
  • integration and merger of single projects.

The main forces are focused on modern nanotechnology, which will create competitive solutions.

Transport logistics

Transport logistics

Transport logistics activity is one of the urgent issues for the emirate. The latter is increasingly being considered as an effective base, a center for the distribution of air and sea cargo. Now the territory of the emirate is equipped with all the necessary resources, infrastructure that ensure uninterrupted delivery of cargo to any corner of the world. Including effective solutions in the field of logistics, warehouses.

Services for entrepreneurs and investors

The territory has a well-developed modern urban infrastructure. In addition, the plan is to create many catering facilities, restaurants and cafes, as well as food courts and bistros.

Investors can take plots of land for commercial and social development. In the future, they will build:

  • schools, universities;
  • residential and commercial complexes;
  • hotels and entertainment venues.

Offices and business centers will be available for entrepreneurs. Each object is rented out with modern means of communication and communications. It is also possible to rent retail and commercial premises.

Warehouses in the area are equipped with:

  • modern underground water tanks;
  • fire-fighting equipment;
  • emergency lighting system;
  • fire alarm.

The district ‘s factories include:

  • temperature-controlled rooms;
  • offices;
  • warehouse with office;
  • loading and unloading platforms;
  • water tanks;
  • cooling system.

Thanks to such a variety of equipment, factory facilities can be adapted for different industrial purposes.

The starting cost of the warehouse for purchase is 5.2 million dirhams. The 30,000 square foot plant can be purchased for 9.2 million dirhams.

Which legal entities are allowed in DTP

Man in office

Each authorized person has its own requirements and conditions.

Limited Liability Company

  1. The company must have 2-50 shareholders.
  2. The minimum authorized capital is 300,000 dirhams. It is divided equally into shares. The minimum nominal price is 100 dirhams.
  3. 51% of the shares must be held by a local sponsor.

Civil campaign

  1. It is created on the basis of the Federal Law on Civil Transactions No. 5 of 1985, as amended.
  2. This option is relevant for everyone who is engaged in the activity of obtaining information data. This also includes activities related to intellectual abilities, the use of any skill.
  3. The firms may be wholly owned by foreigners.

Sole enterprise (industry/communications)

It belongs to authorized persons and those who are responsible for business operations.

The owner must be a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Company branch

It is available for business to open a branch on the territory of DTP, provided that the branch:

  • creation of FEZ;
  • FEZ firm;
  • LLC;
  • the only organization.
  • establishment of the GCC.
  • foreign company.

Available license types in Dubai Techno Park

Man with paper

A business license is a kind of pass. With it, you can start legally doing business on the territory of the technopark. The validity of such a document applies only to the territory of the frison and is renewed every year. The process of registering a company and issuing a license is very simplified. It does not require a lot of time and money.

The following types of licenses are provided here:

  1. Trading – needed if you plan to import, export, store and distribute goods.
  2. Industrial – needed if you are engaged in manufacturing and packaging products.
  3. Professional (professional) – you need it if you will be engaged in professional activity in a specific field.

Business advantages of creating a company in Dubai Technopark

  1. You can freely return capital and investments.
  2. The corporate tax rate is 0%.
  3. A simple regulatory system that makes it easy to manage business processes.
  4. Full ownership of production in the company and branch.
  5. Due to the absence of currency restrictions, business can be conducted with several, and a bank account can be opened for all types of currencies.
  6. Visa services can be easily obtained.
  7. It is possible to conclude a long-term lease agreement for a period of 15 years.
  8. There are no restrictions on hiring – you can hire foreigners.
  9. Availability of qualified labor force for hiring.
  10. Providing world-class infrastructure. This solution makes it possible for the business to work smoothly.
  11. Convenient location for air traffic.
  12. Availability of the best transport interchange with 8 entrances.
  13. Seaports and sea transport are available.
  14. There is universal administration: for licensing and for public services.
  15. Dubai’s leading manufacturing center is equipped with parking spaces – every corporation and office has them, so no one is experiencing a shortage.

Company registration period

In terms of time, the registration process usually takes from 7 to 14 working days. Every businessman can count on individual cooperation and the complete absence of bureaucratic obstacles.

Thus, Dubai Techno Park Free Zone was created not only to accelerate technological development, but also to develop the country’s economy. DTP has opened many business gates in different sectors. Therefore, entrepreneurs in this zone will be able to maximize their business and gain international fame.

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