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Expo City Dubai Free Zone

Expo City Dubai Free Zone

The Emirates is a land of opportunity. All the best business development tools can be found in the UAE. A striking example is the special territories called «Free Economic Zones». They offer partners infrastructure, technologies, and tax preferences. One of these zones is the Expo City Dubai Free Zone, which began its work not so long ago. 

What is Dubai Expo City?

Dubai Expo City was formed not so long ago and is located on the territory of the Expocenter. The infrastructure for business is the best here. This place is designed for large-scale events on any topic. Businessmen can open a new company, a representative office of an existing company, and organize an office. 

Dubai Expo City partners have access to the best offers for creating, developing and scaling a business. This is a futuristic place for businessmen, which is part of the emirate’s master plan for development until 2040. The FEZ is ready to offer advantages to its partners.

Find out what Dubai Expo City has to offer

Any joint venture in the UAE allows you to implement business ideas using advanced tools, technologies, and resources. But what can Dubai Expo City offer its partners directly? You can look at the benefits from three different angles. 


The immediate proximity to the metro, namely the station of the same name 5 minutes from the expocenter, make the location extremely accessible. You can quickly get from your office to anywhere in the emirate, bypassing traffic jams. All the necessary infrastructure is nearby, you can easily walk. 

Eco-friendly buildings

Eco-friendly buildings

The country has reached such a level of economic and technological development that it is able to offer environmentally friendly conditions to investors. The buildings of the free zone meet all the requirements and even surpass them in many ways. They are designed by engineers, have minimal impact on the environment, and remain completely sustainable. 

On the territory of this «mini city» you can find not only modern, stylish office and warehouse premises, but also cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, parking lots. The NW is formed according to the ecological principle of «a city without cars», which also guarantees safety and a healthy atmosphere.

Business Benefits

Among the many free economic zones, Expo City Dubai stands out for its scale, a huge range of possibilities, and a technological approach to the implementation of the idea itself. Expo City Dubai is an optimal choice for a company in the field of innovation, services, and event management. It is a modern hub, including:

  • catering outlets; 
  • educational and development institutions; 
  • sports facilities; 
  • exhibition complexes; 
  • modern office spaces; 
  • healthcare institutions and so on.

How to start a business in Dubai?

Already, there is no doubt that Expo City will be the best of all existing frisons not only in the UAE, but also in the world. To start a business, you need to choose a type of activity, assign a legal form of entrepreneurship, register a trade name, obtain a license and apply for a visa. It may not be easy on the way to this, so it is better to enlist the support of specialists from a consulting firm. 

The most frequent questions about starting a business in Expo City Dubai

Opening a business in Expo City Dubai

Any entrepreneur planning to open a business in an advanced Arab state would like to ask a few questions before making a final decision. We have collected the most popular of them in order to provide you with as much information as possible necessary for making a decision. 

Is it possible to live in Dubai with a registered business in another emirate? 

No one establishes direct indications of the need to live and open an account exclusively in the NW in which the business is registered. You can open a company in Dubai and choose any other convenient place in the country for your life. To open a bank account, simply apply to a branch of the selected organization. 

Is personal presence required when opening a bank account?

It is impossible to open an account without a personal visit to the bank. This legislative provision applies to all financial organizations in order to strengthen the degree of protection of banks and their clients. 

Is it possible for a foreigner to get a credit or debit card from a UAE bank?

Debit card issuance is possible for a company if there is at least one shareholder. A credit card can be obtained for an urgent deposit, but in order to obtain a loan, you will need to provide proof of the direct functionality and financial viability of the enterprise. The decision is made by the bank after a thorough examination of all submitted documents. Experts recommend taking your time with this. It is better for your company to work for at least 12 months, so the risk of failure will be minimal. 

Is it possible to rent offices outside the frison?

Office for business

One of the conditions for opening a company within one of the FEZs in the UAE is the presence of an office within the selected zone. You can choose from a variety of packages, for example, rent space in one of the business centers. The tenant can choose from options with different access levels and a set of functions. Do not forget about meeting the requirements that apply to the premises. 

Why do I need an office or a virtual office?

To obtain a resident visa, the presence of a flexi-desk or a virtual office is a prerequisite. This requirement is put forward by the UAE Government as the minimum for an individual applying for a visa. This format of the organization allows you to provide all the necessary processes without renting real space. An office is also needed to open a bank account in the future. 

Do we need to pay VAT if our company is registered in the NW?

Registration in the FEZ provides many tax preferences. This also applies to VAT. This tax is not paid by companies whose annual income does not exceed 375 thousand dirhams. Enterprises that sell their products outside the Emirates also do not have to pay VAT. As well as under the condition of trade interaction between the two frisons. But if the goods are shipped from abroad to the UAE, the value added tax will be 5%. 

Do I need to pay other taxes?

A lot of those taxes that entrepreneurs in Russia are used to in the emirates have been abolished. Of the mandatory ones, only 5% import duty remains on the import of goods into the country and 5% VAT for trading or service operations in the UAE.

Why is a frison better than an offshore company or a firm on the mainland of the Emirates?

Business in Frison

To answer this question, it is worth considering your business model and the requirements for its stable functioning. But even in this case, most often it is the opening of a company in the FEZ that is suitable for almost all entrepreneurs. Unlike registration in the mainland, when the presence of a local partner or agent is required, full foreign ownership is retained when opening in the free zone. In addition, such firms are eligible for a resident visa, can operate inside and outside the country, and are more preferable for local financial organizations. By opening a company in the NW, an entrepreneur incurs minimal financial losses, with the same minimal risks. 

Can you guarantee the opening of a bank account?

No consulting company has the right to give a 100% guarantee of opening an account with a local bank. If such a promise is progressing, it is worth considering whether the mediator is so honest? But it can be guaranteed for sure that competent mediation assistance will include full application management. By providing complete information about the company, an entrepreneur can get a competent assessment of the chances of successfully opening an account. The bank always has the last word. The intermediary is working to eliminate the risk of rejection due to incorrectly filled out documents, missed deadlines and other small things.

Do I need to extend the life of the company? When? How much does it cost?

The law establishes that the company is obliged to extend the period of activity annually, regardless of location, this also applies to Expo City Dubai Free Zone. The cost of this service is usually lower than the initial receipt of the permit. In order to extend the period of activity, the personal presence of the owner or his legal representative is required. The newly obtained license is provided to the bank so that the account validity period is extended. Consulting companies often take over this function.


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