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International Free Zone Authority

International Free Zone Authority

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is located in the heart of progressive Dubai. A relatively young free zone operating on the basis of standards established throughout the world economic community. IFZA FEZ is a promising and fast–growing territory that invites entrepreneurs from all over the world to develop business.

What is IFZA

The International Free Zone in Dubai is not just a tax–free territory for large and small companies, but a real well-coordinated community. Here, entrepreneurs and entire organizations become part of an ever-evolving ecosystem in one of the most progressive cities in the world. The strategic location is fully used for the benefit of residents.

The positive features of geography, world-class infrastructure, a favorable environment from the point of view of commerce and taxation create a special business climate. Those wishing to become part of the ecosystem are offered competitive packages for opening or developing enterprises.

The administration provides fast registration, a team of specialists with up-to-date knowledge of the rules and regulations, which guarantees timely and safe creation of the foundation for doing business. Management is carried out by a group of people who are experts in key areas and ensure cooperation with result-oriented specialists.



Opening a business in a special zone in Dubai is an advantage over its competitors:

  • company registration is as simple and fast as possible;
  • 100% ownership of property by foreigners;
  • no currency restrictions and requirements for authorized capital;
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital;
  • low installation costs;
  • no requirements for a physical office;
  • holdings can be merged.

It is not necessary to be personally present at the registration, which is very convenient for foreign owners. Conditions are organized to simplify and speed up the opening – consultations, services, trade offers.

Business in Dubai in numbers

It is important for a future FEZ resident in Dubai to know that:

  • registration takes 2-3 days;
  • the license is issued for a period of 1 year;
  • the certificate must be renewed within 30 days;
  • the minimum amount of the authorized capital is $41,096;
  • registration cost from $3,150;
  • ownership 100%;
  • taxes 0%;
  • 0 requirements for annual reporting.

License options

Several types of licenses are available in IFZA-Dubai, which cover the needs of both small local and large international firms. Within the framework of one document, freedom of action is provided for combining professional, commercial and industrial areas of commerce


For professional activity

It is provided to enterprises offering professional advice and a variety of services, such as technological, lifestyle services, or similar.


If the company plans to import, export, distribute and store certain goods, you need to get the appropriate permission. Its effect will apply only to those types of products that are specified in it.


Permission to conduct industrial activities is issued at the request of the organization. On its basis, an entrepreneur is given the right to import materials into the country, and then produce products from them, process it, pack it and export it to other states.


The type of permits required to open a representative office of a foreign company operating in the territory of the NW. At the same time, the branch has the right to work only in the direction of the head unit.

Infrastructure in the free zone “IFZA”

Everything is organized in the headquarters complex in Dubai Digital Park for comfortable and productive work. Participants have access to shared workstations and separate office spaces in the format of individual or shared localization. For all business areas, an optimal environment has been created here, allowing fruitful growth and development in their field.

Everyone who opens their own business in the NW has access to a common parking space, premises for large-scale and small meetings, social zones and a set of services for enterprises. This makes IFZA a practical solution with an innovative vision for organizing commerce in the UAE.

Free zone


FEZ offers provide comfortable solutions for all areas of commerce. Areas of different sizes are available for rent with the following advantages:

  • without time limits;
  • service level improvement;
  • flexible operation possibilities;
  • thoughtful interior in European style;
  • natural lighting;
  • spacious public spaces.


Several package offers are available for rent:

  1. Flexi Desk
    1. use 10 hours a week on weekdays from 8:30 to 18:00;
    2. work address within the FEZ;
    3. shared workstation;
    4. + meeting room hour per month.
  2. Flexi Desk +
    1. no restrictions on time during the working period;
    2. dedicated address;
    3. single parking;
    4. meeting room for five hours a month.
  3. Separate workplace
    1. unlimited access to a separate office space in a shared environment;
    2. separate address;
    3. meeting room for 5 hours per month;
    4. 1 hour of conference room per month;
    5. 1 parking space.


A resident of the NW can rent a separate room for work under the following conditions;

  • unlimited access to the allocated space;
  • dedicated address;
  • parking.

In addition to a private office, 2 hours of a conference room and 7 hours of use of a meeting room per month are required.

Private office


A personal office is a comfortable place for productive work with comfort. It is provided on the following conditions:

  • unlimited access;
  • with or without furniture;
  • separate address;
  • meeting room for 7 hours;
  • 5 hours in addition to a conference room in month;
  • 2 parking spaces.

Packages imply the presence of wireless Internet with high data transfer rate.


Large enterprises, if necessary, can also rent storage facilities, without access restrictions. Various options are presented in terms of area, but all, without exception, are made in accordance with established international logistics standards.

Residential apartments

Modern, stylish, comfortable apartments are presented in a wide variety for everyone. High standard of living with hotel amenities.


The world-famous 5-star hotel is ready to receive guests. It offers modern amenities in the central oasis of the community with an area of 35 to 250 square meters. Guests can also use additional facilities, such as a gym, spa, swimming pool, equipped business center.

Trade pavilions

Spacious and high-quality retail space options can be rented by entrepreneurs. There are large storefronts, easy access to the premises, round-the-clock security and high quality of common areas.

Registration process in IFZA

Business consultants at IFZA-Dubai provide services relying on their extensive dynamic experience. For individuals and legal entities, the registration process is almost identical, with the exception of papers required by regulatory authorities.

IFZA Registration Process

Consultation and suggestion

To understand the conditions that are set individually, managers consult by phone, email or in person. After defining the goals, a proposal is put forward, which contains:

  • license type;
  • type of commercial activity;
  • package of necessary documents;
  • office solutions.


At the initial stage , you will need: 

  • copy of passport;
  • passport photo in digital format;
  • copy of Emirates ID;
  • copy of visa for UAE residents;
  • application signed on each page.

Document processing

After the certificates are received, they are registered on the portal, as well as the documents of the shareholders. After the candidate is approved, the authorized body issues 2 electronic model contracts, which must be signed before obtaining the right to work in the emirates.

Permission to issue a license and its issuance

An electronic copy is sent to the post office. The original one is received from the issuing company upon request. The Department also has the right to request any additional papers, information or oral explanations from the applicant.


Subsequent customer support

Even after registration of all certificates, residents are supported in the following directions:

  • visa processes;
  • office solutions;
  • license renewal, renewal or modification;

Approximate cost of registration

The cost of opening in the International Free Zone Authority largely depends on the intended type of activity and the number of visas that need to be provided. So, for example, to establish a company with the right to trade, consulting and service, you will have to spend about 24,700 AED. The more permits, the higher the price. For each additional type, you will have to pay 1000 AED.

Registration of resident visas

To be able to apply for residency, the company must have a valid “Establishment Card” and an “E-Channel” subscription, which allows you to submit papers remotely on behalf of the company. Fees for them, as for the visa itself, must be paid at the administration of the selected NW.

In order for the visas of employees or other business participants to remain valid, it is required to extend the validity of the migration card and the E-Channel subscription in a timely manner. If the company does not comply with the conditions, the immigration service has the right to impose a penalty. The presence or absence of all permits from employees is fully the responsibility of the employer. The local administration is not responsible for the refusal to issue permits from the UAE authorities.

IFZA Academy

IFZA Academy is the first such institution. The organization has established cooperation with a wide network of partners around the world, and promotes the proper use of special skills in attracting new participants. The main value of the structure is the formation of new connections, building long–term relationships, sharing knowledge, increasing the expertise of all ecosystem participants

The purpose of the Academy is to provide assistance to individuals and legal entities in such areas as:

  • development of effective and knowledgeable representatives of FEZ;
  • measurement and improvement of efficiency using modern assessment tools and training resources;
  • identification and elimination of personal shortcomings of specialists.

The training programs developed at the International Free Zone Authority Academy in the format of trainings and consultations are adapted to specific requests. To get acquainted with the range of micro-learning modules, you need to send a request. There are various types of training for company executives and their employees. The training is conducted full-time at the Academy headquarters, training centers or on the author’s online platform.

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