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Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone

Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone

The Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (also known as the Khalifa Port FTZ) is a center of trade, logistics and manufacturing. Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone, opened on December 12, 2012 by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, is a real demonstration of the impressive engineering experience of the UAE.

Advantages of Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone

World-class infrastructure, port facilities, logistics, production centers open up great opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Registration of a company in KEZAD carries the following advantages: 

  1. Simple business setup, fast document processing, license issuance.
  2. Zero personal and income tax.
  3. 100% profit and repatriation of capital.
  4. 100% foreign ownership.
  5. Possibility of long-term lease of land, offices.
  6. Ready office and warehouse complex.
  7. Well-established transport links: 20 main sea lines, 60 destination ports, 4-lane highways, airports, dedicated railway lines.
  8. Interdependent industries, suppliers are in close proximity.
  9. Innovative industry solutions for the transportation of heavy equipment from the port to the free zone.
  10. Expanded business infrastructure: business centers, executive offices, light industry enterprises.

How to open a business in the Khalifa Free Zone?

Business in the Khalifa free zone

The opening of an enterprise in FTZ Khalifa allows investors to use various individual solutions based on their business requirements. As a rule, about a week passes from the moment the application begins to be considered until the license is obtained. Thanks to such a simplified system, the registration and licensing process becomes more efficient and saves valuable time. 

To become a resident of this free zone, first of all, any company must choose and register its name. The next stage is to determine the type of business. Only after that, an application for a license is submitted, after receiving which it is necessary to determine the location of the main office. 

Registered companies are managed by the administrative sector of the zone. It has well-structured regulatory standards, the administration strictly monitors compliance with legislation to protect investors’ assets and business transactions in all cases. It is important to comply with the provisions of the FEZ in order to continue to receive privileges and maintain their status.

Types of licenses in the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone

In the port of Khalifa, entrepreneurs can conduct a variety of licensed activities. In particular, the following types of licenses are available to them: 

  • industrial, which allows you to carry out activities ranging from the import of raw materials, production, processing, assembly, packaging, export of intermediate and/or finished products; 
  • trade or general trade allows you to store, distribute, warehouse, import and export the type of products specified in the permit; 
  • the service is also carried out on the basis of the issued permit, the document gives the right to provide economic, consulting, marketing, tourism, logistics services, for example freight forwarding, catering agencies and others.

The legal type can be defined as one of three: 

  • LLC requires a minimum authorized capital of 150 thousand dirhams, and it is possible to open such a company for a legal entity or an individual. 
  • A branch or subsidiary may be registered if the main division is located in any of the Emirates or abroad.
  • An independent company can be created on the terms of full foreign ownership, and for the founders it is possible to obtain a license at the lowest cost.

At the same time, the industries in which the activities of a new company can be registered are represented by a large list:

  • port logistics, related industries;
  • engineering, glass production;
  • casting, processing, production of metal products;
  • paper, printing, packaging;
  • food products/processing;
  • chemical and plastic industry;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • construction sector;
  • packaging;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • office and support services.

Required documents to open a business in the FTZ of the Khalifa Port


To register an enterprise, prepare the necessary list of documents in advance, pay all fees and consult with specialists. As a rule, registration is required:

  • apply for registration, licensing;
  • draw up and present a business plan; 
  • provide information about shareholders, ultimate beneficial owner; 
  • a copy of the current passport of each director, manager, secretary;
  • NOC from the sponsor of the resident visa at the moment (only for the Manager);
  • the form of the identity card for the registry is an individual (signature sample);
  • The founding agreement, the Charter of a Limited Liability Company, notarized and legalized.

It is very important that all documents for the registration of a company in the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone are issued only by licensed specialists. Otherwise, you may be refused residency or the application will simply not be accepted for consideration.


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