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Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is a frison located in a multifunctional media city where the infrastructure meets international standards. There are various resources for creating high-quality content here. One of the goals of the free zone is to become a regional leader in the field of media and creativity.

About the free zone


Frizone’s mission is to create a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem where innovators can live, learn and create collaborative creative projects.


  1. Company registration from 5750 AED.
  2. A large selection of types of business activities that can be carried out under one license.
  3. There is no corporate and personal tax.
  4. Issuance of documentation within a few days.
  5. Full-fledged foreign ownership.
  6. Shareholders are not required to be physically present in the Emirates during the company registration process.
  7. The opportunity to get up to 12 visas at the special registration stand.
  8. Full repatriation of capital and profits.
  9. Businesses have limited liability.
  10. Simple and prompt registration process.
  11. No deposits.
  12. Distribution of up to 6 visas on a common table.
  13. Localization is 15 minutes from Sharjah International Airport and half an hour from Dubai Airport.


Frison is not limited to the media sector only. The list of activities is quite large (more than 120):

  • trade;
  • insurance services;
  • professional services;
  • information services;
  • holding services;
  • advertising;
  • sports;
  • education;
  • broadcasting;
  • trading;
  • publisher;
  • scientific developments.

License cost in SHAMS

A visa-free package costs from 5750 dirhams. To obtain a visa in your company, you need to rent a virtual office space, as well as pay 1600 dirhams for issuing a visa. The more visas a company can count on, the higher the price. The lowest check for a license:

  • for e–commerce/media with a zero visa quota – 5750 AED, with a 1st visa quota – 9425 AED;
  • for trade/services with 0 quota – 11 500 AED, 1st visa quota – 13 420 AED.

What can be rented when registering a company


A joint place to work

A great option for a common space for startups interacting with other businessmen. It will appeal to those who are for flexible working spaces.

Dedicated work space

An option with a personal place for an employee. It is usually localized near the workplaces of colleagues.

Shared office space

Thanks to the shared office space, you can work in a more private environment than when renting a workplace.

Dedicated office space

A variant with lockable office areas that are used individually. Their area and capacity are different – there can be either one or several tables.

Creative blocks

Thanks to the blocks, it is possible to stimulate mental work and introduce innovative solutions. The unique working environment is represented by comfortable structures where professionals can engage in their development. Objects often consist of offices, studios, exhibition halls.

The cost of a resident’s visa in SHAMS

From 0 to 6 visas are available in the frison.

The cost for an employee is 3080 AED, for an investor/partner – 3500 AED. The visa is valid for 3 years.

When applying for residency, you need to get medical insurance. Its price is 637 dirhams.

Specifics of company registration in SHAMS

Company registration



  • independent;
  • can get licenses;
  • has the right to become a sponsor for employees;
  • can open a bank account.

The company’s assets are not personal assets of shareholders, as well as liabilities.



  • getting a license;
  • employee sponsorship;
  • opening a bank account.

The profits and benefits of the branch belong to the parent company. The same goes for expenses with debts.

The process of opening a company


Everyone must fill out an application form for registration.

List of documents for individuals:

  • passport color copier;
  • a color copy of the page where the stamp on the entry/visa of the resident is (if available);
  • 2 photos in the same size as in the passport (for applying for a migrant card).You need to be photographed on a white background, in clothes of calm shades, without jewelry and glasses. Teeth should also not be visible.

List for corporate shareholders:

  1. Certificates: about the registration of the main company and “Good Standing” (if possible).
  2. A copy of the Constituent Agreement.
  3. A xerox of the Resolution of the Board of the main company.

A prerequisite is the valid passport period for at least another 7 months.


To register a company:

  1. Submit the documents and pay the SHAMS fees.
  2. Receive by e-mail the Founding Agreement, the Charter and the lease agreement (copies) to sign. After the release of the Constituent Papers, you can start working.
  3. After receiving the card, apply for a visa, pay the fees.
  4. After receiving a visa, make entry using it (for those who are not in the country, at the time of issuing a visa).
  5. Change your status: on the territory of the country within 4 days (excluding weekends) or through departure, entry into the Emirates.
  6. Pass a medical examination, contact the center for a national identity card.
  7. Get the results of the medical test, apply for residency.

You can open an account in any bank. To do this, you do not need to provide a bank statement to verify the payment of capital.

Possible deviations from the established deadlines

Company opening process

The issue period can be changed and depends on how quickly the security department performs the check. In addition, there are also holidays.

Duties, as well as applications, should be submitted before one o’clock in the afternoon. Otherwise, they will be processed only the next day.

The processing period of the migration card, visa sometimes takes longer due to the lengthy security department check or, if necessary, additional documents.

Nuances when applying for an Emirates visa

  1. Expats who have reached the age of 18 can get an investor/work visa.
  2. A refund is not possible if the visa application is canceled. To return them, you need to apply again and pay the fees.
  3. In order to process the visa application, all overdue fines must be paid.
  4. Only an electronic copy of the migration card is sent. The original is in SHAMS.
  5. The medical department has the right to approve a medical certificate for living only for a year.
  6. SHAMS is not responsible for paying money to employees if they have contacted unscrupulous shareholders, and has the right to cancel any company visa.
  7. To maintain residency, you need to travel to the Emirates at least once every 180 days.
  8. Penalties for the overdue period in Sharjah Media City are imposed until the end of the status change process.
  9. A person cannot leave the country after the end of the status change before obtaining residency.
  10. To leave the country to change the status, it is worth checking with the airline’s employees whether they need the “OK to Board” status.
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