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Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is a free zone for publishers and book lovers with a first–class business infrastructure, thanks to which entrepreneurs can easily create and expand their business. The uniqueness of the free zone lies in the beautiful and well-built offices that are available for rent. Geographically, Sharjah is located in the central part between Europe and East Asia – from here it is easy to get to airports and seaports.

About the publishing city of Sharjah

The Frison was created in 2017. Now a large number of infrastructure facilities are located on the territory – from coworking and warehouses to premises and commercial offices. The area of Sharjah is 65,000 square meters.

SPC is a community for those who work in the publishing industry. It has everything you need to start a successful business. Publishing City offers different opportunities to the book industry.

Business advantages of opening a company in Sharjah Publishing City

  1. Completely foreign property.
  2. There are no restrictive conditions for the repatriation of funds.
  3. 0% rate on income taxes: corporate and personal.
  4. There is no import or export tax.
  5. There are no restrictive measures related to currency.
  6. Business-friendly government and regulations.
  7. Competitive price of doing your own business.
  8. License for a full range of activities.
  9. Flexible offices.
  10. Competitive price for rental and sale of real estate.
  11. Short-term and long-term warehouses at competitive prices.
  12. Storage rooms of different sizes.
  13. World-class infrastructure.
  14. There are no restrictions on hiring foreigners.
  15. All services are available at cost–effective rates – from labor to printing, logistics.
  16. An economical alternative to other emirates.

Additional benefits for investors


Additional advantages include:

  • availability of a dual license type;
  • no capital requirements to create a company;
  • flexible options for bank transactions;
  • availability of immigration services;
  • availability of VAT.

What company structures are allowed in SPC

On the territory of Sharjah, you can open:

  1. FZE is a company with 1 shareholder. It can be either a private or a legal entity.
  2. FZC is a company with several shareholders (up to 7 people). They can be private, legal entities, or both at the same time.
  3. Branch – local in the UAE/ international.

Available business licenses

  1. Commercial – for import, export, trade.
  2. General trading.
  3. For services.
  4. Trade/electronic commercial.

Business opportunities

  1. Offices without furniture – 980 dirhams per 1 sq.m.
  2. Furnished offices – 1100 dirhams per 1 sq.m.
  3. Retail space – 480 dirhams per 1 sq.m.
  4. Warehouses for storing goods – 480 dirhams per 1 sq.m.

Packages for starting a business

Each of the options below includes:

  • business license;
  • MOA;
  • lease agreement;
  • certificate of education;
  • stock certificate;
  • certificate of economic activity.

Distinctive features of business packages:

Business packagesNumber of shareholdersNumber of licensed activitiesCategories of activityVisa AllocationPrice, AED
Publishingup to 7up to 5publishingup to 100 quotasfrom 5750
Standardup to 7up to 5allup to 100 quotasc 8050
Entrepreneur starterup to 5up to 3all__6500
Premium Entrepreneurup to 5up to 3all1 quota8000
Entrepreneur Premium Proup to 5up to 3all1 quota15225
Elite Entrepreneurup to 5up to 3all1 quota17750

As additional services , you can use:

  1. The card of the institution is 1575 AED.
  2. Electronic registration channel – 2250 AED.
  3. Residence (with EID input) – 3400 AED.
  4. Help with Emirates VIP -500 AED.
  5. VIP medical care – 1500 AED.
  6. Status change – 1000 AED.

Company registration in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Economic Zone

Company premises

The registration process is simplified, so it should not cause difficulties. Also, the internal migration service accelerates the process of obtaining a visa for investors.

How registration goes

The registration process looks like this:

  1. The first day is the issuance of a trade license and documents on the formation of the company.
  2. The third day is the registration of the electronic channel, the issuance of the institution’s card.
  3. The fifth day is the issuance of an entry permit/visa for status change, medical examination, emirate identity card.
  4. The sixth day is visa stamping.

What documents are needed

The list of documents will depend on the chosen business option.

For a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE)

  1. Registration form.
  2. Photocopy of passports, Visa and Emirates identity cards of each shareholder, director, manager.
  3. Photo on a white background (passport size).
  4. Address confirmation (extreme utility bills).
  5. Charter and Memorandum.
  6. Sample signature of the proposed management.

For a company branch

  1. Registration form.
  2. Declaration of the real estate object.
  3. A copy of the passport, a photo of the manager.
  4. A paper confirming the manager’s address, for example, a bank statement..
  5. The founding document, the Charter of the company.
  6. Certificate of registration of the main company (certified).
  7. Decision of the Board of Directors, power of attorney of the main company (certified).
  8. Business license of the main corporation.

Thus, Sharjah Publishing City is considered one of the most profitable solutions for businessmen who want to open a company in the UAE. Here is not only the best business infrastructure for expanding your business and conditions, but also a favorable transport interchange.

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