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Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park

Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park

The Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTI) Free Zone is working to improve the innovation ecosystem, research and development. It supports startups and tech companies in the research field, as well as testing their products and services.

Sharjah RTI Business benefits for investors

Investors can count on various business privileges:

  • an ideal ecosystem for research, innovation and business development;
  • advanced techno infrastructure and support system;
  • favorable business environment;
  • large talent pool;
  • low check to create a company;
  • high quality of life.

Reasons for starting a business in this free zone

  1. Full foreign ownership.
  2. No payment of corporate and personal income taxes.
  3. There are no import and export tariffs.
  4. Availability of access to the Open Gate frieze.
  5. Local, regional and international markets are available.
  6. Freedom of repatriation of capital and profits.
  7. Support for cooperation between academia and industry.
  8. Availability of access to students and researchers from University City.

Priority areas of Technopark research

Transport and logistics

Within the framework of the Technopark’s activities, 6 spheres are considered to be leading. They play a primary role in the knowledge economy of Sharjah.

Renewable energy

The constant use of fossil fuels leads to problems. Non-renewable energy sources belong to the same category of difficulties. Therefore SRTIP:

  • develops technologies that allow absorbing and distributing a lot of solar energy;
  • is focused on reducing the energy dissipated to ensure maximum performance;
  • works on smart grids and efficient energy storage;
  • explores the field of biofuels.

Water resources management

In the Middle East region (and not only here) water resources have been significantly depleted. Therefore, the free zone promotes various activities – from desalination to recycling and wastewater treatment.

Environmental technologies

The emphasis is on a steady increase in each area of environmental technologies. Technologies and equipment for construction and production work are being developed here. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to reduce environmental degradation.

Transport and logistics

SPTIP strives to cover every aspect of the construction and operation of transport and logistics elements. The main goal is to lead the world into the future.

The emphasis is on increasing productivity and improving materials, sensor capabilities, system mobility and transport options.

Enterprises can also engage in developments that are related to sea and air transportation technologies.

Production design and architecture

An important place in the activity is given to robotics, artificial intelligence. Frison encourages different types of solution development technologies from different sectors. Much attention is paid to modern Arabic architecture.

Digitalization solutions

Elements like big data, Internet of things, quantum computing are a special category that also needs to be paid attention to.

Available packages for company registration


Package “Scientist”

Suitable for female businessmen who specialize in the leading industries of the Park. The cost is 9000 AED. Advantages:

  1. Unlimited access to the Research Technology Park.
  2. Operational opening of the company.
  3. The ability to use business support services.
  4. Access to professional networking events.
  5. Opportunity to enter local, regional, international markets.
  6. Access to students, researchers of the city University.

Women in innovation

The package is identical to the first one in terms of price and benefits. A distinctive feature is the presence of closed private areas exclusively for women.

Office of high technologies “The first step”

Ideal for startups up to 3 years old. The cost is 15,000 dirhams. The advantages are the same as the “Scientist” package.

Maktabi (coworking)

It is enough to choose a desk, take your laptop and work in a comfortable environment. The package price starts from 25,000 AED per year. It includes (in AED):

  1. License – 10,000.
  2. Rent – 10,000.
  3. General services – 5000.
  4. Additional visa – 1000 (if necessary).


  • office space with furniture;
  • 6 office visas;
  • 3 tables;
  • private work visa;
  • conference rooms;
  • porter;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • 24/7 security;
  • parking area.

Small and medium business office

Allows you to create your own personal furnished office (20-27 square meters) in the main office.

The cost is from 50 000 dirhams per year. The package includes (in AED):

  1. License – 10,000.
  2. Rent – 1200 per square meter.
  3. Registration fee – 5000.
  4. Deposit for rent – 3000.
  5. Additional visa – 1000.

In addition to the advantages from the previous package, this one has 8 visas for the office and from 4 to 6 desks.

Small Business office

Ecosystem office

Allows you to create your own company with an office area of 50 to 80 sq.m. Payment – from 110,000 AED per year. It consists of the same components as the previous package, only the rental deposit is 5000 dirhams. Among the distinctive advantages – 10+ visas for the office.

Innovative office

This option is suitable for enterprises that plan to rent the headquarters of open sites. The benefits are the same as for an Ecosystem Office. The cost depends on the area – 800 per sq.m.

Innovative section

Another flexible package that is suitable for developers and retailers planning to rent a plot of land. The price is determined by the rental area – from 30 to 100 sq.m. The registration fee will cost 5000 dirhams.


  • competitive rental rates;
  • location of the plot in the best area;
  • enabling visas according to customer needs;
  • 24/7 security.

Stages of creating a company in Sharjah RTI Park

In comparison with other free zones, it is quite easy to register in Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park. Enough:

  1. Submit an application with company documents.
  2. Get a permit, pay license fees.
  3. Get a company license, registration papers.
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