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Features of a green visa in Dubai and the UAE

Особенности зеленой визы в Дубае и ОАЭ

The “green visa” in the UAE is an innovation of the last year in the migration policy of the state. The main purpose of the innovation is to improve the flexibility of the labor market. It can be obtained by freelancers, self-employed, businessmen, investors, without involving a sponsor/employer.

What is a “green visa” in the UAE


We are talking about a new type of residence permit in the Emirates, which is issued for a period of 5 years. Thanks to this visa, the applicant has the opportunity to support himself financially. 

The most significant benefits for green visa holders are the absence of the need to look for a sponsor, as well as an increase in the period of stay in the country after the expiration of the visa. Previously, an expat was given 30 days to extend a residence permit, now this period has been increased to six months.

What other advantages does a “green visa” give

  1. Having received a green visa, an expat automatically receives the right to obtain a residence permit for the closest members of his family: spouse (ha), children, including adults.
  2. Unmarried daughters will be able to live on a dependent parent regardless of age, sons are allowed to remain in parental care until the age of 25.
  3. If a child belongs to the category of special children and needs special care, he will receive the right to live in the UAE regardless of age.
  4. “Green visa” is an opportunity to start your own business in the Emirates, register a company in the FEZ of Dubai, and invest. At the same time, you can freely manage your business and staff from any area of the country.
  5. The procedure of entry and exit from the country will be simplified for the holder of a green visa.

Who can apply for a green visa

  1. Freelancers and the self-employed. This category of applicants must provide:
    • work permit by profile from the Ministry of Human Resources;
    • diploma of education with a bachelor’s degree or higher;
    • confirmation of financial viability. They usually require a bank statement confirming an annual income of at least $98,000 or a document confirming that the monthly salary of the applicant over the past two years has been at least $ 4,000.
  2. Qualified employees must also have:
    • bachelor’s degree diploma;
    • a document of compliance with one of the three skill levels accepted in the UAE;
    • a certificate of monthly income for the last two years: the salary must be at least $ 4,000;
    • the current employment contract.
  3. Investors or partners. This category of applicants must have:
    • approval from the local government to conduct investment activities;
    • confirmation of investments, the amount of which must be at least $ 270,000.

Conditions for obtaining a “green visa”


To get a visa, register with MOHRE, and then you can prepare the documentation.

Required list of documents:

  1. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Permission to work freelance.
  3. Valid passport (at least six months).
  4. Color photo.
  5. The income for the previous year was 360,000 dirhams.

Each paper needs to be translated into English and certified.

New benefits for family members in obtaining a “green residency”

The visa holder has the right to issue a permit for a spouse, children. Under the new operating system, family members can count on a greater number of preferential conditions:

  1. The return of the child for sponsorship has been increased to 25 years. 
  2. There are no restrictions for unmarried daughters now. 
  3. Children under the age of 18 can live in the Emirates.

Holders of a “green visa” in Dubai and other emirates have the right to issue a residence permit for a relative of the 1st degree of kinship. The main condition is that the validity period of such a visa should be equal to the validity period of the applicant’s permit.

Step-by-step plan for obtaining a UAE green visa

You can apply offline by contacting the migration service, and online. Let’s consider the second method step by step:

  1. Register on the GDRFA website and click on Individuals.
  2. Select the type of visa, go to its page and click on Start service.
  3. In the window that appears, click on New Applicant, and then find the New Entry Permit for Green Residence in the proposed list, and click Apply.
  4. Enter the data in the form, attach the documents that will be required, and pay a fee for the $90 fee.
  5. Wait for the approval to be received by email.

If you are applying from another country, you need an entry permit (a temporary work permit for a period of two months will do). If you are in the Emirates on a tour visa, you will have to change your status. This can be done by contacting the registration authority. You will receive a document with temporary permissions for $170.

In addition to the above, sometimes they are asked to take a medical test and biometrics in the Typing Office, the results of which will also have to be attributed to the migration service. After that, you just have to wait for the card to be sent to your email.

Visa extension

If the “green visa” in the UAE is canceled, or it expires, the holder has the right to legally stay in the country for another six months.

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