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How to do home business in Dubai

How to do home business in Dubai

Taking into account the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor rating compiled in 2022, the UAE was officially recognized as a favorable business environment. It was created thanks to an effective taxation system, investment of foreign investors’ funds, which provides sufficient financial turnover, and developed infrastructure. That’s why available for everyone home based business in Dubai is very popular. It happens due to opportunities that do not require large financial investments. In the recently arrived 2023, they do not lose their relevance. Interesting options for remote work attract thousands of people who consider Dubai as a permanent place of residence.

Advantages of obtaining a home business license in Dubai

Enterprising people who wish to work without leaving a comfortable home have different benefits. Maintaining a professional blog, providing IT consulting services, becoming a freelancer are just some of available business projects.

In order to conduct business activities in Dubai, you need to obtain a special trade license according to the rules of the current Department of Economic Development (DED). They come in two types:

  1. Permission for commercial activity is issued to legal entities engaged in trading projects on the territory of the country.
  2. A private person can obtain a professional license. It gives the right to do a home business.

Using a trade license, you can implement business models of startups that operate on different online platforms in the DED database. According to experts, obtaining a home business license in Dubai has a number of advantages:

  • it involves the provision of consulting services;
  • opportunity to become a member of Dubai chairman for commercial activities;
  • privilege of using certain banking services;
  • an establishment card will be issued in your name, it gives you the right to hire three employees;
  • obtaining a client code that gives the right to conduct business on the territory of the country (issued by customs and services in charge of export and import);
  • using temporary employment services;
  • attending training seminars, conferences and specialized exhibitions;
  • product will be displayed at official points of sale;
  • a license holder will be able to get the opportunity to create a workspace from representatives of local business.

It is important to keep in mind that without applying for a license, you cannot engage in any type of entrepreneurial activity in the UAE.

10 best business ideas for home business in Dubai for 2022

Home business

Workspace for organizing home business can be located directly in the place where you live. There are different options for organizing the working day of the self-employed. He can work all day long, or he will allocate a certain amount of time for conducting his activities according to desire or necessity. It is possible to combine home business with work in the office.

Arts and crafts make a profitable business

Thanks to the unique design, handmade products are appreciated all over the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are no exception: opening a business in the field of decorative and applied arts is considered a profitable undertaking. The type of business is most often referred to as women’s. Creative personalities and mothers who are on maternity leave are engaged in its development.

The field of activity has no restrictions. The main thing is to be professional in the activity that you are going to develop. You can sell paintings painted in different techniques, make original photo frames, knit or sew author’s things and decorative items, make ceramic products. You must have a license for selling manual labor products in Dubai. The simplest and most inexpensive option is to obtain the right to e-commerce.

Real Estate Agency

The high standard of living in the country has caused a constant increase in immigrants. Therefore, working in real estate gives a lot of prospects. After all, there is always a demand for renting or buying a flat. To start a business, you must go through several official procedures and obtain a license for opening a real estate agency.

Online Training Instructor

Online Training Instructor

Use of modern technologies has influenced the fact that online training has become one of the most effective ideas for organizing a home business. You will need a certain level of knowledge and professionalism in the chosen field for conducting lessons online. Your workspace can be the room where you live. If desired, you can create your own website for teaching students. For ambitious people who know their subject well, it will not be difficult to organize a learning process for one or a whole group of students.

Freelance service provider

One of the most affordable ways to organize a business at home is considered to be freelance. Experience and knowledge in a certain field will also help to become successful in it. According to the current legislation, a freelancer has the right to work in Dubai legally. But he must definitely apply for the status of a resident freelancer.

A skills-based business

As statistics show, the demand for specialists with experience and skills in the maintenance of residential and commercial real estate is increasing. If you can do the work of a handyman and are ready to adapt quickly to new conditions, then in this area you can earn good money in the UAE. Try to offer your services through online communities. With good execution of orders, customers will recommend you to each other and you will not have to look for a job on your own.

Consulting Business Plan

Recently significant growth has been observed in the field of consulting. You will not need a special level of qualification to start a business. However, experience in providing consulting services will be your privilege among competitors. As practice shows, it is impossible to become a successful consultant without having a good reputation. Its formation will take time and a desire to improve in the chosen field. You should get a license from the administration for starting a business.

Solutions for Direct delivery

Solutions for Direct delivery

The increasing demand for online trading in Dubai has had an impact on the popularity of dropshipping. This term refers to a method of supply chain management, in which an intermediary organizes the sale of goods without storing them in a warehouse. It is important to find a supplier that you can trust. Investments may be minimal, but good communication skills and business sense will be needed to implement the idea.


Many businesses are starting to use the services of a bookkeeper working at home. This approach allows them to save on the workspace for a specialist, and it will not affect the quality of work. A bookkeeper is responsible for performing various tasks. He is engaged in the preparation of financial reports and payslips. It is desirable to have an economic education to start working as an accountant at home. In any case, successful activity is impossible without an understanding of tax fees and accounting principles.

Jewelry design skills

Dubai is famous for its unique gold jewelry. Tons of precious metal are on sale at the largest market located in the city center. Tourists from all over the world rush here for exquisite jewelry. Anyone with good taste and creativity can become a jewelry designer. A business license can be obtained on the basis of a ready-made business plan.

Digital Marketing Agency

You can earn money at home by developing websites and providing online marketing services. Customers can be representatives of small and medium-sized businesses who want to develop sales of goods and services on the Internet. You will need basic knowledge in the field of digital marketing for getting started. After obtaining a license, it is possible to attend specialized courses.

How to start a business from home?

How to start a business from home?

Before you start developing a business in Dubai, you need to prepare an application for an official freelance permit. You should know exactly what kind of activity you are going to do for it. The website of the Ministry of Economic Development contains a list of businesses from home that can be engaged in legally. It covers different industries: from teaching and consulting to the organization of trade in fruits and vegetables.

The chosen name of the company will have a special significance for the development of the activity. UAE law imposes certain restrictions on the choice of name. It should be free of any hints of insults and blasphemy. It is advisable to avoid using well-known abbreviations in the name. If the company name contains the owner’s personal data, then they should not be used in abbreviated form. You also need to make sure that the selected option is available for registration, and it is not used by someone else.

When applying for registration of a company, you should decide where it will be located: in the free zone or on the mainland. The first option is more profitable from an economic point of view. The UAE has many free zones offering affordable business licenses and quick start options.

For example, by choosing the Fujairah Creative City free zone, an entrepreneur will be able to take advantage of fast company registration, the availability of financial incentives, represented by tax benefits and the absence of currency restrictions.

What documents will be needed to apply for a freelance permit:

  • filled out form by the applicant;
  • a copy of the identity document (passport);
  • photos in color format in the amount of two pieces.

The owner of a business license will be able to assist his closest relatives and a domestic worker in obtaining a valid residence visa in the UAE.

The project of doing business at home in Dubai allows you to maintain a balance between work and private life. A person can set his own deadlines and not depend on the employer. When a freelancer does work without leaving home, it is easier for him to switch between performing different duties. But at the same time, do not forget about self-discipline: any business will be successful if you have not only experience and knowledge, but also dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers on frequently asked questions that relate to the procedure for starting a business at home in Dubai.

I am a freelancer, can I open a home business in Dubai?

Yes, of course. First you need to decide on the type of activity. Every freelancer in the UAE has great opportunities. You can choose a job in which you have experience and knowledge. Or  you can try to do what you have been dreaming about for a long time. The current legislation of Dubai obliges everyone who wants to do business at home to obtain an official license from the Department of Economic Development.

After you become its owner, you will be able to attend training courses in your chosen specialty, attend inserts and master classes. License holders have full control over any financial transactions of the company. If you are a resident of the UAE, in order to obtain a license, you will need to change your resident status to investor one.

Important! Before sending the name of the future company to the authorized body, be sure to read the rules for its assignment.

What kind of business can I manage from home?

You will be able to choose the type of activity that you like. Sociable people who have experience and knowledge in a particular field can start consulting activities or engage in online student education. If you have artistic skills and a non-standard view of the world, try to start your blog. Knowledge in the field of computer technology can be applied by choosing a job in web development and IT consulting. If you have an entrepreneurial talent, try doing drop shipping or e-commerce. Before starting your business, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary licenses that you are required to have under UAE law.

How much does a home business license in Dubai cost?


For obtaining a license of running a home business, the applicant will need to pay about 1000 dirhams of the UAE. The cost estimate is approximate. To clarify the information, you need to contact the DED or the competent authorities of the free zone.

Are there any restrictions for opening a home business in Dubai?

Yes, there are a number of restrictions. For example, if you have organized a business at home in a residential area, you should make sure that annoying noise or a specific smell will not appear during the working day. If there are complaints, the management may request the termination of the activity.

It is important to know that the license obtained in DED does not cancel the need for other permissions. If your business is related to the sale of food or alcoholic beverages, then you will need to obtain an official permit issued by the Dubai Municipality and the Licensing Department.

Do I need other licenses to start a home business in Dubai?

In practice, the requirements for obtaining business licenses depend on what exactly you plan to do in the UAE. Provided that the business will be connected only with online platforms, you will need a license to conduct electronic commerce, regardless of whether you will be engaged in the sale of goods or services.

In addition, you may need documents such as a freelance work permit or a license issued by a certain influential person in the UAE. In order not to make a mistake in choosing licenses and permits, it is better to seek help in their registration from specialists who know everything about business formation in this country.

Get a home business license in Dubai today

The man at the computer

Any business endeavors are associated with exciting prospects. People who are ready to engage in entrepreneurial activity cannot but be attracted by the opportunity to manage processes without leaving home. By getting a license, you can turn your dream into reality.

Do not worry about the upcoming procedure for obtaining a license in the UAE. It is quite simple, almost everyone can become the owner of a freelance permit. As soon as the application is submitted, pay the necessary fees and start organizing a home based business in Dubai.

If you need to know for sure that the application is executed in the correct way, contact a professional consultant for help. The specialist will ensure that there are no errors in filling of the fields and will help to make sure that your business complies with the regulations adopted in the country.

Contact us at the phone numbers listed on the website or fill out the online form for finding out more detailed information. We will do our best to help you to take your business for the next level.

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