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TOP 15 investment companies in the UAE

ТОП-15 инвестиционных компаний в ОАЭ

Investment opportunities in the UAE economy are constantly growing. Local and international entrepreneurs are actively investing in all sectors. Segments such as the hotel business, real estate, manufacturing, financial services, construction, and design are of particular interest.

To make the right investments without risking losing capital, it is better to contact professional consultants. In the UAE, there are investment companies in every economic sector that provide similar services. From them, you can choose the one that best suits your interests. However, this is not so easy to do: there are too many organizations. This article contains material about 15 leading firms involved in investing in various sectors of the economy. A detailed study of each of them will help you navigate and make an informed decision.

Dubai Investments PJSC

Dubai Investments PJSC

As a pioneer in the world of capital investments, Dubai Investments has managed to become a key player in the economy of Dubai and the UAE in a short period of time. Now it occupies the first place in the ranking of the leading specialized organizations of the principality. Dubai Investments was founded in 1995 and registered in the financial market in 2000. Over the 30 years of its existence, the company’s share capital has grown to 4.25 billion dirhams, and the number of shareholders has exceeded 15,000 participants. This was made possible by reasonable investments in real estate, industry, education and healthcare, as well as in other sectors of the economy.

Strategic investment, far-sighted plans, innovation and the desire to steadily move forward have allowed the company to expand its capabilities, influence in various economic sectors, and in some of them to take leading positions. The coordinated actions of a highly professional management team help to make profitable sales and successful acquisitions, ensuring a stable financial position for the company and a good profit for all investors. The value of Dubai Investments shares, shareholder dividends, as well as the value of investments are constantly growing.

Dubai Investments continues to develop. Today, it is a force that is considered not only in the country, but also beyond its borders within the borders of the region.

Ali Cloud Investment

Ali Cloud Investment

It is a specialized investment banking firm located in Dubai. It started as a small firm catering to the financial and strategic needs of an ever-changing global corporate segment. The systematic implementation of well-thought-out business solutions and verified strategies helped Ali Cloud to take a strong position at the top of the country’s financial Olympus and provide high dividends to its shareholders.

Today, the Ali Cloud Investment team is staffed by experienced consultants who help businesses, investors and entrepreneurs explore profitable opportunities. They provide recommendations and solve complex tasks related to entrepreneurship in the field of capital investments. The team achieves high professional results thanks to a deep understanding of market relations, constant research and strategic planning. At the same time, Ali Cloud Investment supports young professionals who show interest and ability in finance, investments and decision-making related to them.

The founder of the company and its permanent head, Mr. Ali, is an influential tycoon who has accumulated extensive experience over three decades of work in the field of capital investments. He has worked on the development of venture capital structures and economic policies in India and other countries. As a gifted entrepreneur with empirical wisdom and practical acumen, Mr. Ali has helped Ali Cloud Investment remain profitable over the years, including difficult periods of the global economic downturn. His skill as an architect of an alternative economy is the backbone of the organization and the key to its prosperity.

Ali Cloud Investment participates in:

  • project financing;
  • direct investments;
  • financial instruments/SPE;
  • enterprise management;
  • public-private partnership.

The company is distinguished by its reliability and economic stability. At the same time, it is steadily improving, introducing technical innovations, modernizing the management system and decision-making models.

Gulf General Investment Co. (P.S.C.)

Gulf General Investment Co

The company, commonly referred to as GGICO, was founded in 1973 as a public joint-stock organization called Arab Economists Corporation. Initially, it was created for the implementation of industrial projects, as well as residential real estate development companies. This concerned the rental and sale of real estate in Dubai.

By optimizing the various opportunities available in the market, GGICO has managed to enter the TOP of the best investment organizations in Dubai and become one of the leading independent family business groups in the city. Its main areas include:

  • hotel business;
  • real estate;
  • industrial production;
  • the service sector;
  • retail;
  • healthcare.

The level of reliability and success of the company can be judged, for example, by the list of subsidiaries in the field of healthcare. It includes:

  • Medical Center;
  • Medical college;
  • Medical University of the Persian Gulf. 

When it comes to investments in residential real estate or industrial projects, here GGICO acts as a benchmark of market knowledge. Gulf General Investment Co. achieves success in various fields by applying a well-structured strategy to achieve goals and making maximum use of existing business opportunities.

Al Mazrouei Investments

It is a multidisciplinary family business, with most of its assets concentrated in sectors such as education, hospitality and healthcare, construction and real estate. Thanks to its diverse business portfolio, commitment to family values and the experience of Chairman Abdullah Humaid Al Mazroui, the firm has managed to achieve a high and lasting position in the UAE investment sector.

Al Mazroui Investments started with a strong family-owned enterprise, which had offices in a number of international companies, and diversified business interests covered the following areas:

  • construction;
  • real estate;
  • strategic investments;
  • object management;
  • catering;
  • healthcare;
  • education.

Al Mazrouei Investments has an iconic name when it comes to money management and a rich investment portfolio. The foresight and rich commercial experience of its founder and permanent head, His Excellency Abdullah Humaid Al Mazroui, acquired in the private and public sectors, allowed the organization to stand out from the mass of similar ones, creating a reliable business foundation.

Al Mazrouei Investments has managed to create a solid foundation for prosperity for all parties involved, including novice investors interested in joining the Al Mazrouei family business. 

Together with its “daughters”, the company continues to find new investment opportunities, profitable enterprises and startups to promote them using its funds, experience and knowledge. Al Mazroui Investments has created a stable and diverse portfolio of assets, which gives special strength to its business positions and allows it to attract more opportunities, ensuring stable economic growth.

The Ghobash Group

Gobash Group is a business conglomerate with representative offices located throughout the UAE. Regional offices are also located in Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, and African countries.

Ghobash Group is based on three comprehensive macroeconomic “pillars”: digitalization, personalization and individualization. The general trend is the idea of sustainable development, taking into account the impact of the company’s activities on the environment in everything.

The use of digital transformation technologies helps to create new business processes, customer experience and culture necessary to meet the changing needs of the business. Personalization strategies improve the quality of customer service. In particular, the omnichannel technologies used ensure their uninterrupted service in every office.

Ghobash Group has achieved success through strong partnerships with top-notch global brands. Her long-standing relationships with clients, as well as her ability to attract and retain specialists, have become the key to continuous growth. The company is actively expanding its influence in the global market, which is an additional guarantee of development and stability for all stakeholders.

Binghatti Holding

Binghatti Holding

It is a large holding company, the main office of which is located in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Binghatti works in the field of:

  • hotel business;
  • construction;
  • high-speed consumer goods;
  • design;
  • real estate;
  • food and beverages;
  • industry.

Due to large investments, Bighatti Holding has become the leader of the UAE in the construction of affordable aesthetically non-standard buildings. His real estate portfolio includes more than 40 projects and amounts to more than 3.5 billion dirhams. In addition, the Binghatti brand strives to introduce the world to real estate objects recognizable by their excellent architecture and branding.

All these ideas are being implemented under the leadership of the founder and chairman of Binghatti Holding, Dr. Hussein Binghatti Aljbori. Founded in 2008, the private enterprise began as a combination of all his previous successful endeavors. The high wealth of his family is a vivid testimony to the commercial skill and diligence of the Binghatti family clan for more than three generations.

The stability demonstrated by this company for such a long time has ensured its respect and boundless trust from investors. Binghatti Holding is a great opportunity for those who want to invest money in the profitable economy of Dubai and beyond.

Emirates National Investment (ENI)

ENI was founded by the late Dr. Mohammed Khalfan Bin Herbash in 1982. Emirates National Investment invests in:

  • agriculture;
  • construction;
  • real estate;
  • industry.

Its representative offices operate in all emirates of the UAE, as well as in a number of countries in the Middle East and Africa.

From the very beginning, ENI has set itself the goal of achieving leadership positions in its economic sector through the introduction of technical innovations, the latest market tools and systematic research of changing market trends.

ENI’s philosophy is based on full compliance with social, environmental and management principles. Over the years, ENI has maintained a steady growth trajectory through a good understanding of industries. In addition, the company’s management team managed to build sustainable business models taking into account the interests of all parties involved. The professional knowledge, experience and coordinated actions of the employees allowed ENI to take positions in the group of investment leaders in the Middle East.

Century Financial

Century Financial is a representative of the financial services market, which enjoys authority in professional circles. Its headquarters are based in Dubai.The company helps investors explore trading opportunities for investing in currencies, stocks, and treasury bonds. Those who contact them with questions about commodity financing or ETF trading will also receive the necessary advice.

For almost 30 years, Century Financial has been advising corporate and private investors on investment issues. During this period, the company also opened representative offices in several countries of the Persian Gulf. The management team has managed to simplify access to global capital markets and make them accessible to both local and foreign investors.

In their work, managers are guided by a well-defined customer-oriented strategy, best practices in the industry, and continuously introduce innovative technologies. The main emphasis in working with the client is not just on consulting, but on training to give him the opportunity to make his own decision.

Century Financial is headed by the Krishen Ball. Everyone who has had a chance to communicate with this person notes his outstanding business acumen and organizational skills, which in many ways ensures the prosperity of the company. He takes full responsibility for the company’s actions, which increases trust among shareholders and investors. Providing clients with the best investment prospects can be regarded as his personal professional goal.

Daman Investments

Daman Investments

Daman Investments has been on the market for more than 20 years. It is distinguished by the transparency of professional standards, supported by competent management.

Daman offers its clients a flexible, personalized approach using the rich experience and knowledge of its management corps. The senior management team has knowledge and understanding of markets not only in the Middle East, but also in North Africa, which enhances the attractiveness of cooperation. In order to maintain trust and professionalism, Daman’s activities are regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

Daman Investments specializes in asset management and securities brokerage services. Investors and clients can get:

  • investment advice;
  • access to capital markets, as well as its in-depth analysis, which Daman conducts on its trading platform;
  • information about new forms of asset management.

The MAG Group

In the Dubai investment world, MAG Group is a multinational conglomerate whose portfolio includes services in the field of:

  • contracts and engineering;
  • real estate;
  • freight transportation;
  • industrial and commercial trade;
  • the hospitality industry.

Founded in 1978, MAG Group has grown into one of the largest investment players in the region. Its 50 representative offices and retail outlets, which are scattered across the Persian Gulf and the North African region, employ about 2 000 employees. It maintains an innovative and leading position in the market, continuously expanding its horizons. The volume of work is growing, however, according to the philosophy of MAG Group, it is impossible to judge the development of the enterprise only by this indicator. It is important that the growth of orders is combined with a continuous improvement in the quality of service, as well as labor productivity.

Levant Capital

Founded in 2006, based in Dubai, it manages several private equity funds, whose contributors are regional and international institutions, as well as leading family enterprises in the Middle East. The company is registered in the Dubai International Financial Center, authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the Principality.

The partnership group has been cooperating for more than two decades. During this period, she manages direct investments in funds and economic cycles related to the consumer sector and healthcare.

Levant Capital invests in organizations engaged in biotechnology and medical equipment outside the region, together with Stork Life Sciences.

Levant Capital also works closely with its subsidiary Stork Capital, which manages the assets of private clients. Its headquarters are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

AIX Investment Group Dubai

AIX Investment Group Dubai

AIX Investment Group is an investment consulting firm with more than thirty–five years of experience. Has a reputation as a reliable partner. The team of experts is renowned for its professionalism, ability to offer the best solutions, high quality and speed of service.

International Business Group

Managing money is difficult. Knowledge and experience are required to find opportunities suitable for investment. The International Business Group, whose head office is based in Dubai, has both. Has a reputation as a reliable partner. Area of interest:

  • telecommunications;
  • real estate;
  • jewelry;
  • medical and scientific research.

Rasameel Investment Company

Provides investment and consulting services in the field of oil well management. An experienced team of professionals helps businesses and individuals in the formation of investment portfolios, gives advice on where it is more profitable to invest in order to get the most profit. Rasameel top managers can offer ready-made solutions or develop an individual strategy for clients that allows them to increase profits from investments. Effective cooperation with service customers has made it possible to achieve credibility in professional circles, as well as gain the trust of the clientele.

Al Shirawi Group of Companies

The organization went from a trading house to an industrial complex, and then to a conglomerate consisting of trading companies with about 10,000 employees. A special corporate spirit based on feelings of pragmatism and dedication to their work helped them survive the difficult times of global economic downturns and not lose their earned positions. Al Shirawi Group has representative offices in all major cities of the country, as well as abroad. Her interests include:

  • oil and gas;
  • logistics;
  • print;
  • packaging materials;
  • heavy equipment manufacturing.

Investing money in the Emirati economy is one of the best ideas. But in order for the profit to meet expectations, you should act together with experts, such as UAE investment companies. In addition to the information collected in this article, before making a decision, it is worthwhile to study in more depth the current trends of the Dubai investment market, the peculiarities of its functioning and regularly read economic reviews.

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