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Best Investment opportunities in Dubai

Best Investment opportunities in Dubai

Today, the United Arab Emirates is one of the richest and most influential countries in the world. Their reputation as a global economic center makes investment opportunities in Dubai wide, and the variety of schemes for opening and promoting a business allows you to choose the most suitable option in each case.

What are the benefits of investing in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can build a business for almost any audience, focusing on different segments of the population. The income of the middle class is about $83 thousand a year. People with incomes of millions and billions of dollars also live there. Everyone needs goods and services.

Favorable Rate of Return

The Emirates are generally recognized as one of the most politically and economically stable countries. The policy of diversification in recent years, which includes a shift away from the oil industry towards tourism, real estate, international trade and IT, has created favorable conditions for economic growth.

A strong national currency is also responsible for the stable position of the country. The Dirhama has remained stable for more than 20 years, including «pandemic» and other crisis periods. Moreover, it continues to grow. This means that even if the asset is «idle», there is still an opportunity to increase capital. Add to all this a low level of inflation and the absence of price spikes — an ideal economic picture.

There is not only a high standard of living, but also a comfortable «climate» for doing business. For this, thanks to the legislation of Dubai, which is very focused on foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Special offers for potential buyers, the absence of excessive taxes and bureaucratic problems, thanks to the zones provided for foreign citizens. In the Emirate, you can easily obtain ownership of real estate and conduct business.

Minimum Gains Taxation

Minimum Gains Taxation

There is a complete absence of taxes in Dubai. The exception is 5% VAT if you provide services in the UAE. You do not pay any interest on the activities that you conduct outside the country.

Businesses From All Over the World

Dubai is located at the intersection of the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Borders are open with all countries of the world. Numerous exhibitions and events are held in the city, bringing together businessmen from all over the world.

Investment Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai has been developing at a crazy pace in recent years. Back in 2020, it ranked 27th among the best cities in the world according to the Global Cities Index. This year, the emirate has already reached 22 places, overtaking Madrid, Rome, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. This suggests that now is the best time to start investing in Dubai.

Real estate

Real estate is considered one of the most stable options for investment. From the point of view of real estate investments, Dubai has the following advantages, thanks to which investors from all over the world choose it:

  • stable income in foreign currency due to rent up to 7-8% (at the same time, you can stay outside the Emirates by registering real estate management services);
  • the possibility of remote purchase and further rental of real estate without coming to the UAE;
  • mortgage loans at low rates (for non-residents they are 5-7%);
  • a wide range of offers for the purchase of real estate for cryptocurrency;
  • obtaining a resident visa for real estate investments (from AED 750 thousand or USD 204 thousand), which opens up many opportunities – from zero taxes to direct access to local exchanges;
  • no income tax for residents (including income from renting out real estate).

Langham Place

Langham Place

Langham Place Luxury Apartment & Hotel is a world-class residential complex in the prime area of Business Bay. It is a modern representation of the proven Longha philosophy, offering elegance in design as well as excellence in hospitality and superior service. Omniyat Group cooperates with a wonderful international hotel operator — The Langham Group, to create prestigious residences in the land of Dubai.

Burj Vista

Burj Vista is a new premium high-rise residential complex from the famous developer Emaar, under construction in Downtown Dubai in the center of Dubai, on Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, next to the new Opera House, the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment center Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain Park. First-class educational, cultural, entertainment and business facilities are concentrated in this area. Living in the city center opens up many opportunities for work, recreation and self-development. Downtown Dubai is the true heart of Dubai, providing an unsurpassed urban lifestyle with world-class attractions, entertainment and glamour.

Bahwan Tower

Bahwan Tower is a prestigious residential building located in the luxury area of the Burj Khalifa Tower, in the heart of the entertainment and shopping center of Dubai.

These exclusive apartments are located on the 5th floor and close to the Dubai Mall and Business Bay Metro Station. The apartment offers a beautiful view of the dynamic business center of Dubai.

DT1 Tower

DT1 Tower

DT1 by Ellington is a sharp and glossy statement about the modern qualities of Downtown Dubai. Individual and refined, the residential cluster offers attractive and luxurious properties for sale in Dubai. With a raw palette of finishes combined with a layered design in the style of hospitality, the project gives a functional and design result. The project was carried out in a truly boutique house, which is popular in the city, all thanks to its designers Perkins + Will.

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai also tops the list of the most profitable attractions. Over the past year, 16,730,000 people have visited the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai with a record height of 828 meters. The vast majority of them are foreigners. Each of them paid $37 for an entrance ticket. In total, the owners of Burj Khalifa in Dubai earned 621 million on tickets for the year.

Opera Grand

The Opera Grand project is located in the Downtown area. Downtown is one of the busiest areas of Dubai and a business center. If you are a city dweller who is used to street events, chic restaurants and the largest shopping malls, then downtown is undoubtedly your neighborhood. This place perfectly combines skyscrapers and classical Arabic architecture, entertainment and business life of the area.

Boulevard Crescent

Boulevard Crescent is a masterpiece of Emaar, is a high-class project located in the center of Dubai. The project is an elite residential complex with two towers with a height of 39 and 21 floors, respectively. The two buildings meet on the podium, where there is a fitness club and other facilities. In addition, all elements at the podium level and on the ground floor are interconnected by decorated aisles.

Stock exchange

Stock exchange

The value of securities is constantly changing – it all depends on the growth / losses of the company. With an increase in the market price, the dividends will also grow. If we are talking about the company’s losses, then both the price and the dividends will fall. Investing in a profitable organization allows you to earn a lot of money – the more you buy stocks and bonds, the more you will receive dividends.

At the same time, always keep in mind the risks – if the company has financial difficulties, then the share price will be lower.

To make money on stocks:

  • Register on the exchange.
  • Open an account with a broker.
  • Get an ID number from the Clearing Department.

Bonds are usually bought for a long time with a fixed income for a year.

Dubai financial market

Every year more and more companies open in the Emirates that need competent financial support from a third-party contractor, because investment activity in the country is one of the priorities. The growing business activity causes an increase in demand for various types of financial services: lending, financial leasing, microcredit, money transfers for manufacturing, trading, service companies, various development projects, developments, startups, the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, etc. Investment and financial activities are supported by the state in the Emirates and are exempt from taxes when conducting activities within the country and abroad.


The Nasdaq Dubai Exchange, formerly called the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX), was opened in September 2005.

The exchange is intended for listing primary issuers, secondary and double listing, for trading stocks (ordinary and preferred), derivatives, structured products, sukuk and bonds, Eurobonds, depositary receipts, index products. Nasdaq Dubai can also trade restricted securities, the legal and actual owners of which must be qualified investors.

Investing in funds

Investing in funds

The process of earning on shares is similar to earning on shares. You invest and receive dividends, which depend on the amount of the contribution. With the development of the company, profitability increases.

Funds can be of open and closed type. In the first option, there is the possibility of buying and selling at any time, and in the second – you can buy shares only in a certain period.

There are also funds with active and passive management methods. In the first case, earnings and risks are higher. Joining the funds is possible through banks.


Dubai has a loyal taxation system for businesses, and therefore jewelers can sell their products at a price lower than around the world. The price for finished products, for example, is up to 40% lower.

There are no taxes in the Emirates when buying and selling gold. Even transactions for the purchase of precious metal bars are not subject to VAT and income tax.

For those who want to own virtual gold assets, an impersonal metal account is suitable. One of the obvious advantages is the simplicity of transactions: there is no need to go anywhere and there is no need to think about how to ensure the safety of bullion.

The banks of the United Arab Emirates have a service – an investment account. It works on the principle of any other account for foreign currency and will be designated XAU, and assets are presented in ounces.

Gold in the account is an electronic record that is able to grow along with the exchange rate. That is, investments can be profitable. For the purchase of gold and crediting to the account of ounces, a commission is provided – from 2.5%.

An option for physical gold is coins and bullion.


In the United Arab Emirates, professional activities in the field of crypto finance are regulated at the legislative level. The country’s authorities have established a special regulatory framework for companies that conduct business in this area. The state strictly complies with the requirements of international financial institutions, which provides guarantees of business stability.

In the UAE, entrepreneurs are engaged in investment activities using cryptocurrency when financing projects and acquiring assets. Cryptocurrency can also act as a monetary unit in trading and providing services.

Starting a business

Starting a business

The economy is growing rapidly in Dubai, so investing a business here is profitable. The main thing is to study all the rules and choose a promising direction. Among the best destinations you should choose:

  • Import and export;
  • Public health;
  • Real estate;
  • Information technology;
  • E-commerce.

Import and export

Trade is the most common field of activity that aspiring entrepreneurs in Dubai are engaged in. First of all, this is due to the fact that the country’s economy is dependent on imports: most of the goods consumed within the state are imported from abroad. Therefore, the Government of the Arab Emirates creates favorable conditions for attracting foreign investors who are ready to conduct a trading business. For example, the country has introduced one of the lowest VAT rates in the world for products sold on the domestic market — 5%, and there are no export taxes at all.

Public health

Thanks to multibillion-dollar investments in high technologies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Dubai has become the largest investment center in the region.

Real estate

Real estate

The Emirate is recognized as the investment center of the Middle East, a place with the safest environment for investment in the entire region. Approximately 80% of Dubai’s population are foreign nationals. The city holds notable positions in the top investment attractiveness among the countries of the world.

A favorable geographical location, a rapidly developing segment of commerce and technology and a large number of benefits for doing business attract investors.

Based on the location of the city area, a potential investor can find a variety of real estate objects for investing their own capital, having different price categories and methods of earning on them.

Information technology

The information technology sector is one of the fastest growing in the Emirates: in 2021, the volume of investments in this sector amounted to about $ 420 million. The government strongly encourages the development of the industry. The main strategic task here is the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of public life, including education, healthcare, energy and construction.

Other government goals in the field of IT include strengthening the country’s cybersecurity. In this regard, the demand for technological services from both the state and private business is constantly growing. In addition, there is a constant inflow of capital into innovative projects in the UAE. Venture investors are showing great interest in companies and startups from the IT sector.


In the recent past, various authorities have launched e-commerce initiatives in the UAE. Based on the vision of further strengthening Dubai as a distribution center, two free zones have recently been created, mainly focused on e-commerce — this is the free zone «Dubai Commerce», which is connected to the free zone «Dubai Airport», as well as «EZ Dubai» in «Dubai South».

Dubai is growing and developing every year. It is necessary to have time to take advantage of economic opportunities while it is possible. Investment opportunities in Dubai are a real chance to increase your capital without unnecessary difficulties.

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