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The Meydan City area in Dubai – should investors consider it?

Район Meydan City в Дубае – стоит ли рассматривать инвесторам?

Meydan City Dubai is a large young area of Dubai. Its name translates as «Meeting Place», which fully reflects the idea of creating a location that will become a center for business, entertainment, recreation and an upscale lifestyle. Construction began in 2007 and continues to this day. However, Meydan City is already a major plus of the business and entertainment life of the city. One of the world’s largest racetracks is located here, which has turned Meydan City into a venue for world-class equestrian competitions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of living in Meydan City include:

  1. Convenient geographical location. The area is located near the main attractions of the principality: Burj Khalifa Tower, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai dancing fountain. This is the very center of Dubai.
  2. A wide range of properties to buy or rent.
  3. High level of security. All facilities are monitored around the clock.
  4. Beautiful landscapes: the windows of the upper floors of the buildings offer wonderful views of the areas of Dubai on the horizon.
  5. High-quality ecological environment due to the large number of green spaces surrounding the location along the perimeter.
  6. A high level of luxury. The location is designed to meet the needs of very wealthy settlers, which was implemented during the construction of residential, entertainment and office facilities.
  7. A wide range of entertainment options.

Among the disadvantages are:

  1. The high cost of living. This is one of the most expensive locations, where prices are higher for everything: from renting a home or office to the cost of utilities and ordinary everyday expenses.
  2. Heavy traffic causing air pollution, which is especially felt during rush hours.
  3. The noise level. Meydan is the center of nightlife. Here, the sounds of music do not stop around the clock. The proximity of major highways creates additional noise in the morning and evening hours. But the hippodrome causes the most trouble during the competition.
  4. Poor transport accessibility. The internal tram line is just under construction, there are few bus stops, and you have to go to the metro. Therefore, the most acceptable modes of transport are private cars or taxis. There are no problems with parking.
  5. There is an insufficiently developed social infrastructure: there are still not enough kindergartens, schools, medical centers and even pharmacies.


Dubai Meydan City

The most remarkable architectural structure of Meydan is the hippodrome with an area of more than two square kilometers with huge stands. It is one of the world’s largest equestrian stadiums and the main attraction of the location. The stands can accommodate 60 thousand spectators at the same time.

Another unique architectural structure is the building of the 60-storey Meydan Hotel. The structure has a twisted shape and a glass facade reflecting the sun’s rays. At different times of the day, tourists can admire the amazing lighting effects that arise due to non-standard engineering solutions and the use of the latest construction technologies and innovative materials.

Another object claiming to be the tallest in the world is the seven hundred and twenty–meter Dubai One Tower.



The level of comfort and technical equipment of residential and office complexes meets all the requirements of wealthy residents of the community. However, families with minor children have difficulties. There are still very few schools in the community, and there are no kindergartens at all. For this reason, many families have to arrange for children to attend educational institutions in neighboring locations. Although it’s not far away, but you have to spend more time.

But there are plenty of opportunities for both adults and children to play sports. At the Golf Academy, everyone can learn the game of aristocrats or improve their skills. The Tennis Academy also has groups for all ages and training levels. Kids begin to be taught from the age of three. Adults can practice this popular sport by training according to individual programs that match their existing skills.

And, of course, the Riding School. Toddlers learn to ride a horse in a stable with ponies, and older children learn riding skills on ordinary racehorses.

Adults spend a lot of time in state–of-the-art gyms, on outdoor running and cycling tracks, playing polo, and also engaged in active water sports – kayaking, paddleboarding.

There are also few hospitals and pharmacies in the community yet. The leading medical centers are:

  • The Medicare clinic, which has departments of pediatrics, gynecology, general medicine, dentistry, and physiotherapy;
  • Emirates Hospital, where you can undergo hardware diagnostics, as well as receive emergency and surgical care. The center has departments of surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology and neurology.


The community has a well-developed road network. Therefore, there are no problems with movement for car owners. There are enough parking spaces both in residential complexes and in office buildings. For those who are used to using public transport, movement is difficult, because there are few bus stops and you have to walk to them, as well as to the metro station. In the near future, a tram route will be laid through the area, and more bus stops will be made.


The main attraction is the Meydan Racecourse, a racetrack where the most prestigious Dubai Cup horse racing competitions are held. The prize fund is $ 30 million, of which the third part is intended for the winner.

Club Godolphin

The racetrack has a riding museum and a gallery of awards from the Godolphin stable, where you can get acquainted with the history of horse racing and the achievements of riders in different years.

Another attraction is the palace of the ruling dynasty of the principality. However, there are no guided tours inside. You can admire the architectural structure only from the outside.

Recreation and entertainment

All conditions have been created for free time in Meydan City. There is a shopping center, parks, a racetrack and a golf club, which were mentioned above, a boat station and a yacht club.

Those who prefer to spend time in cafes and restaurants can choose suitable establishments with different cuisines: European, East Asian or traditional Arabic.

For example, Al Ain Way Restaurant and Cafeteria offers a menu made up of dishes from Arabic and European cuisines. Visitors note the excellent service and the amazing relaxing atmosphere in the hall.

The Track Restaurant has several halls inside and outdoor terraces overlooking the racetrack. Many visitors like to watch horse racing from here.

There is a water channel in the community where you can go boating, kayaking, sailing, but there are no beaches here. To sunbathe, you will have to go to Jumeirah, which will take about half an hour by car.

Night life lovers can spend time in:

  • Soho Garden, where parties are held every Friday, similar to the famous Cafe “Mambo” in Ibiza;
  • Soho Beach, where parties are held accompanied by live music, the club can accommodate up to 8 thousand visitors at the same time;
  • The URBN club, which hosts hen parties for women only on Fridays, and on Saturdays everyone can listen to hip-hop.

Fans of hiking and outdoor sports come to Heights Park, where you can play volleyball, run, spend time with family or friends over a barbecue or just walk along the shady park paths.

Soho Garden


Various types of commercial and residential real estate are represented in Meydan City. All of them are made taking into account the high requirements of future residents, and from the windows of most rooms there are amazing views of the canal, the city and its surroundings. For living here, you can choose the option of luxury multi-room apartments, villas or townhouses.

Commercial real estate is concentrated in a separate multifunctional complex, equipped in accordance with high technical requirements. The office premises are spacious and equipped with high-speed Internet. There are large areas for exhibitions of luxury goods, comfortable conference rooms, lounge areas.


The prices for rental housing are quite acceptable. A small one–bedroom apartment costs about 85,000 dirhams per year, with two – 113,000 dirhams. Renting a five–bedroom villa will cost an average of 300,000 dirhams per year, and a four-bedroom townhouse will cost 160-180 thousand dirhams.

For sale

The cost of one-bedroom apartments starts from half a million dirhams. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will have to pay at least 1.2 million dirhams. 

The cost of townhouses and villas is estimated in several million, depending on the area, household territory, furniture, additional amenities.

Investment attractiveness

Investors are showing great interest in acquiring real estate in the community. Despite the fact that prices are quite high, they are still lower than they will be in a few years, when all construction work is completed. Now developers offer a lot of discounts and bonuses when registering real estate. When buying residential or office space in a building under construction, you can save up to 20% of its cost. The average investment yield in the location is 8%, and the payback period of the acquisition does not exceed 12 years.

The attractiveness of the location will continue to grow. It is constantly evolving. In the near future, a tram line will appear here, the construction of the Meydan One shopping center will be completed, which, according to the architects, will become the largest in the world. It will house a ski slope, a park, a dancing fountain and 6 hundred retail outlets. 

The Meydan City Dubai area is a large sports center where football matches, equestrian competitions, and golf championships are held. All these events attract tens of thousands of tourists and are additional factors that enhance the investment attractiveness of the community. In addition, the location is considered a freehold zone, which gives the right to one hundred percent ownership of real estate.

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