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Organization of public services in the UAE: centers and digital services

Организация госуслуг в ОАЭ: Центры и цифровые сервисы

The organization of public services is a key aspect of the development of any state. The purpose of the development of the structure is to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency for citizens and residents of the country. The UAE is continuously improving this system, actively introducing new technologies, and opening specialized centers.

Amer, Tasheel are the key links of the public services system. By applying here, a citizen of the country or a resident can extend a visa, register a car, get medical insurance, pay a fine, file a complaint. You can also issue any document through a mobile application and a number of online services, which will be even faster and more time-saving.

Amer Centres

Amer Centres

Interaction with various government agencies takes place on the principle of “one window”.

In Amer Centers, you can issue or extend:

  • resident visas for family members, including spouse, children, parents, dependents;
  • visas for domestic staff: governesses, nannies, housekeepers, gardeners;
  • work permit for foreign workers;
  • change of visa, for example, from tourist to resident or working;
  • medical insurance for residents, foreign workers;
  • application for entry into the country or exit;
  • Emirates ID (identification card for residents);
  • permission to visit the Emirates for family members, friends, as well as business partners;
  • appeal and complaint against decisions of immigration authorities.

In addition, Centers can consult on migration legislation, as well as paperwork.

Addresses of Amer Centers in Dubai:

  1. El Muhanna: Oud Metha Street, Al Muhaisnah 4.
  2. El Barsha: Hessa Street, Al Barsha 3.
  3. El Karama: Kuwait Road, Al Karama.
  4. El Quoz: Al Quoz Industrial Area 3.
  5. Umm Al-Sheif: Umm Al Sheif Street, Umm Suqeim.

Tasheel Centres

Tasheel Centres

Tasheel is another network of service centers for the provision of public services. Tasheel specializes in services related to labor relations, as well as employment. Here you can issue or extend:

  • work permit;
  • employment contract or card;
  • permission to attract foreign labor;
  • temporary employment permit;
  • application for training, as well as certification of professional qualifications.

In addition, Tashil Centers provides advice on labor legislation.

Addresses of Tasheel Centers:

  1. Dubai: Oud Metha Road, Umm Hurair Building, Ground Floor.
  2. Abu Dhabi: Moussafa, M-17, Street 13, Industrial Area.
  3. Sharjah: Al Khan Road, Al Qasba Area.
  4. El Ain: 115 Street, Al Jimi.
  5. Ras al Khaimah: Khuzam Road, Al Dhaid North.

There are specialized centers in the country that provide public services in a different direction:

  1. Tawjeeh-Centers advise on the rights and obligations of employees and employers in accordance with the legislation of the UAE. They also train entrepreneurs and employees. More information about the work of Tawjeeh-Centers can be found on their official website: https://tawjeehdip.ae /
  2. Tadbeer-Centers are created to ensure high-quality, safe hiring of domestic staff. They are engaged in the selection of personnel, their training, paperwork. Details are provided on the official website: https://www.tadbeer.mohre.gov.ae/en

Online resources and mobile applications

Man with phone

There are many online resources in the UAE, as well as mobile applications that simplify the registration of various types of business papers:

  1. DubaiNow provides more than 120 public services. With its help, users can pay bills, check fines, update driver’s licenses.
  2. MOHRE is intended for employees and employers. It provides information about the rights and obligations of both parties, through it you can formalize employment relations, find out about available vacancies, training courses.
  3. GDRFA Dubai (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) provides assistance in obtaining visas, checking their status, as well as the status of the passport, for example, when it expires.
  4. RTA Dubai (Roads and Transport Authority) is an application designed to solve problems related to transport: parking fees, finding public transport routes, paying fines for traffic violations. 
  5. Dubai Police allows users to file crime reports, pay fines, and receive information about city events. 

Emirates ID and its role in obtaining public services through centers and online services


Emirates ID (identity card) is an official identification document that every citizen and resident of the UAE has. It is issued by the Federal Office of Identification and Citizenship and plays an important role in obtaining various public services. 

An identity card is required for its owner to communicate with any government agencies, including Amer Senters and Tashil Senters. Emirates ID is also required when using online resources, mobile applications that provide government services: before you start working on any platform, you need to log in and confirm your identity by entering Emirates ID data.

“Emirates card” is an analogue of an internal passport. It is required literally at every step, since most of the services of all spheres of life in the principality are already issued online, where the first step is authorization. The presence of the card greatly simplifies the solution of many social and economic problems for the population, acts as a guarantor of security for organizations.


The system of organization of public services in the United Arab Emirates is thought out to the smallest detail. Specialized centers provide a wide range of services offline, and online resources facilitate access to them at any time.

Our company’s experts have experience and high competence in the work of public services. If you have any difficulties with obtaining any service, leave a request for a free consultation. We will help you deal with any problem related to the provision of public services.

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