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4 good reasons to move to the UAE

4 веские причины для переезда в ОАЭ

The United Arab Emirates has taken a strong place among the most attractive countries to live in. The standard of living in the Principality is considered one of the highest in the world. In the ranking of the safest countries to live in, the UAE ranks second after Iceland. Summer lasts here all year round, the main world trade routes converge and vast prospects for career growth and business open up.

The government is trying to simplify the rules of relocation for expats and their family members, creating conditions for the development of a multicultural society. It is not surprising that 90% of the country’s residents are newcomers. And the Emirates is also a world center of medicine, science, culture, and education.

Favorable business environment


The UAE’s economy is built on oil production, tourism, financial services and e-commerce. Dubai is rightfully considered the main business center. Over the past 30 years, the emirate’s GDP has grown 11 times. Its prosperity is promoted not only by its favorable geographical location (it is both a large air and sea port), but also by well-thought-out urban planning, developed infrastructure, high technologies that are present everywhere, facilitating people’s lives and work.

Dubai is the center of several dozen free economic zones that provide benefits for the work of certain types of companies: financial, media, logistics, pharmaceutical, trade, IT. The main one is the absence of taxes on profits, dividends, royalties, interest, capital gains, personal income. The key to stable business development is the constant exchange rate for years. Among other attractive for entrepreneurs  

conditions can be distinguished:

  • simplicity of the financial withdrawal procedure;
  • high level of confidentiality of business and banking transactions;
  • the existence of agreements with the leading countries of the world on the absence of double taxation.

The level of reliability, stability and profitability of doing business is also evidenced by the fact that many major international corporations, such as Microsoft, Sony, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, Nokia, BBC World, are located in Dubai.

Ease of obtaining a residence permit


It is almost impossible to obtain UAE citizenship. But for employment, study or starting a business, this is not necessary. In order to attract as many qualified specialists from different fields as possible, the UAE government has made the procedure for granting temporary residence permits for various categories of applicants as simple as possible. 

Depending on the purpose of stay, a visa can be opened for a period of six months to 10 years. A minimum package of documents is required for registration, and the procedure itself takes no more than 10 working days. Expiring visas are easily extended. According to the law, a specialist who has received a residence permit has the right to move his family according to it.

High standard of living

Implies a high level of income, accessibility and quality of housing, convenience of transport infrastructure, a high level of educational and medical services, security.

Real Estate

Real estate in the UAE

The real estate market offers clients hundreds of options for purchasing housing: studios, apartments, townhouses, villas. It can be rented or bought.Regardless of the chosen option, there is no doubt that the housing will meet the highest requirements of comfort, environmental safety and technological equipment.


Communication between the districts is maintained due to a dense network of public transport: ground, underground, and water. All stops and stations are located close to each other, which facilitates transfers. But many people prefer to travel by car, because:

  • vehicle rental is low;
  • gasoline is cheap (0.57 US cents/l);
  • the quality of the road surface is the highest;
  • there are many convenient parking lots in residential and work areas.


Medicine in the UAE

The UAE’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Local clinics are distinguished by a high level of comfort and service, regardless of whether they are public or private. All of them are equipped with high-tech equipment that allows treating the most complex diseases. They employ certified doctors and nurses invited from leading clinics in the world. The mandatory availability of health insurance ensures the availability of medical care for expats and their family members. When moving to the country, everyone is obliged to undergo a medical examination, proving the absence of serious diseases: HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. This measure effectively protects the Principality from the penetration of the most dangerous diseases.


Education received in the Emirates is prestigious. The diploma opens the doors to any global companies. Children are admitted to a nursery from the age of three, at 6 they are transferred to a kindergarten, where literacy and numeracy training already begins. School education is divided into several stages: primary, preparatory, secondary. This is followed by the level of vocational training and university.

Education in schools is conducted according to English, American, Canadian standards, in English with a diploma that allows you to continue your studies in another country. In all schools, it is mandatory to study three languages: English, Arabic and a third to choose from (German, French, Spanish or Chinese).

Expat children can study only in paid private schools, but they can receive a grant covering from 5 to 100% of the tuition fee. Universities in the UAE and many other countries of the world work closely with schools, giving children the opportunity to be automatically enrolled in a university based on the results of final exams.

There are university campuses in Dubai and Sharjah, where branches of many universities of the world are open. Here you can get a bachelor’s, master’s or Doctor of science degree in the field of IT, oil production, economics, tourism, banking, business. Diplomas are recognized all over the world.


Security in the UAE

Strict legislation and strict control over its implementation ensure the observance of public order and keep crime at a low level. For many violations that are not serious from the point of view of a European, a prison term is provided, for serious ones they can be sentenced to death. The ratio of a low crime rate and a high level of security allows Dubai to be considered the safest city in the world, which is a weighty argument in favor of moving here for permanent residence.

Recreation and entertainment

Dubai is not only a business center, but also a great place for recreation and entertainment. For beach lovers, dozens of comfortable zones are organized on the coast, where you can simply sunbathe or do water sports: diving, yachting, surfing, water skiing. Hiking enthusiasts can go to Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure theme Park. There is even an indoor ski center Ski Dubai.

Hundreds of concerts, theatrical productions, art, scientific, educational, technological exhibitions, fashion shows, presentations are held annually in the emirate, both in the open air and in covered ultramodern pavilions.

And, of course, shopping. Dubai shopping malls are a separate type of attractions and entertainment. Few global brands do not have their own stores in the UAE. In addition to boutiques, cafes, restaurants, play areas for children, cinemas, sports complexes are located in the shopping center. Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world, which houses 1,350 boutiques of the world’s leading brands, more than 200 restaurants, as well as a lot of entertainment venues for children, including an ice rink.

About Relocate UAE


Relocate UAE consulting company specializes in registration, business support in the UAE, and is also an accredited partner of all major Free Zones of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman. Every month we register 20 new companies, more than 100 clients have entrusted us with business support.

Opening a commercial enterprise is not such a complicated process, taking from 2 to 4 weeks. However, it is important for every businessman not just to register a company, but to solve a specific business task.

Our specialists:

  • identify business needs, offer a suitable registration form (select the appropriate Free Zone, reliable local counterparty, partner);
  • will prepare a package of documents required for registration;
  • will issue a license, as well as additional work permits that are required for some market segments;
  • they will pick up a bank, open an account;
  • will prepare documentation for obtaining a residence permit for employees;
  • will provide accounting support.

In addition, we provide consulting services on:

  • structuring business in new conditions;
  • commercial as well as operational activities of the company;
  • tax payments;
  • legal issues;
  • problems that may arise at the stage of adaptation in the local society.
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Vladimir Sviridov
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With a Postgraduate Masters in Finance from The, Moscow State University, Russia. Vladimir started his professional career as an auditor of the financial sector of EY. After that, he worked for several years in senior positions in corporate banking. In 2018-2021, he managed the finances of a large agricultural holding, and is currently responsible for strategic planning, corporate partnership and financial management in the role of General Manager of RLC Consulting GROUP in the UAE.

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