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What are the rules of entry to the UAE for children in 2024

Какие правила въезда в ОАЭ для детей действуют в 2024 году

Since February 2019, an agreement on visa-free entry into the countries has been in force between Russia and the United Arab Emirates. According to it, citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to cross the border of the principality for the purpose of tourism and stay in the country for up to three months without a visa. At the crossing, a stamp is put in the passport, which is a permit to stay in the country (no fee is charged for the service). This is provided that all other documents are in order. Children have their own rules of entry into the UAE.

Documents required for an adult to enter the UAE

  1. International passport. A minimum of 186 days (six months) must remain until the expiration of its validity period, which must be counted from the date of the end of the trip. However, it is recommended that this period be 9 months.
  2. Return flight ticket.
  3. Booking at the hotel where you plan to stay.
  4. Medical insurance.
  5. Funds, the amount of which must correspond to the duration of stay in the principality and the purpose of the trip.

In addition to the documents, a scan of the retina will be required. Every tourist goes through this procedure at the airport.

Which documents have lost their importance


Since the end of 2022, all restrictions imposed in the Emirates during the pandemic have been lifted. From now on, it is not required to present a vaccination certificate or a PCR test to cross the border. Also, mobile «green» passes are no longer needed when visiting institutions.

Rules for the entry of minors into the UAE

The rules for crossing the border using a foreign passport apply to everyone without exception. Children of any age must have their own passport, otherwise they will not be allowed into the country. Passports of parents with their children inscribed in them and photos pasted on them are not permits to cross the border for the latter.

If a child travels with both parents and the whole family has the same last name, then he will need:

  • valid international passport;
  • medical insurance.

When minors with one parent enter the UAE (regardless of whether they are on the same last name or on different ones), in addition to the above documents, they will need notarized:

  • birth certificate and its copy;
  • consent to the departure of the second parent, indicating the date of departure and the destination (country).
Minor child

If a minor travels without parents or accompanied by third parties (brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, coaches), according to the rules of entry to the UAE or Dubai, he will also need, in addition to his passport and birth certificate, a notarized permission from both parents (or guardians) to leave with an indication of the date leaving the country.

Sometimes it is not possible to obtain the consent of the second parent. For example, if he:

  • died;
  • missing in action;
  • deprived of parental rights;
  • he does not maintain relations with his family or his location is unknown.

In such cases, according to the rules of entry of children to the UAE, a document confirming the reason why it is impossible to obtain a permit will be required.

If a person:

  • died – death certificate;
  • missing – Form No. 25;
  • deprived of rights – court order;
  • he does not maintain relations with his family and his location is unknown – a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs stating that it is impossible to establish his location.

If a minor has neither a father nor a mother, but has a guardian, he must provide:

  • a certificate of guardianship;
  • consent from the guardianship authorities, where the name of the accompanying person will be indicated.

It should be borne in mind that an orphan child (even if there is a guardian) has the right to travel only accompanied by third parties.

All documents must be executed in English.

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