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How to open a beauty salon in Dubai and how much does the license cost?

How to open a beauty salon in Dubai and how much does the license cost?

In today’s society, a person’s appearance is more important than ever before. A well-cared-for haircut and visual look can make a huge difference in how people perceive us. For both men and women, a stylish and polished visage can provide the confidence to conquer any situation. This trend has led to the rise of beauty salons all over the world, with Dubai being no exception. 

Starting a beauty service studio offers a great potential for profitability since there is a high demand for beauty-enhancement services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Nevertheless, a legal performance of such a business is not possible without a license. 

The type of salon, location, and the services offered can influence the salon license cost in Dubai, but it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to run a flourishing company that helps people look and feel their best.

Uncovering the Advantages of Launching a Beauty Salon in Dubai


Dubai has a dynamic and vibrant population, with a strong demand for high-quality beauty services. The city is home to an eclectic mix of locals, expats, and tourists, all of whom are drawn to the luxurious lifestyle the desert city offers. With a thriving economy and a high standard of living, residents are willing to pay good money for top-notch beautification procedures, providing a lucrative money-making venture for salon owners.

In addition, Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture means that there is always something new and exciting happening in the beauty industry, from innovative products and treatments to cutting-edge technology. This presents a perfect opportunity for salon runners to offer their customers the latest and greatest in beauty services. 

One of the most appealing reasons to start a beauty parlor is the advantageous tax environment it offers. With no personal income tax or corporate tax, businesses can retain a greater portion of their earnings. Although enterprises may be subject to 5% VAT (Value Added Tax), the overall tax burden for salon businesses in Dubai is significantly lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive destination for those with commercial acumen.

Making it Big in Dubai: Can Beauty Salons Generate A Lot Of Money?

Absolutely! Dubai is a bustling city full of people who take their looks seriously, so a beauty salon business is destined to thrive. With a constantly growing population and a strong culture of self-care and personal grooming, a demand for beautification services is always high Dubai. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a regular self-care routine, people in the Middle East love to indulge in a range of perfection treatments, from hair and nail services to facials and massages. 

With the right marketing strategy and commitment to offering exceptional customer service and high-quality treatments, a beauty salon in Dubai can achieve great success.

Navigating the Various Beauty Salon License Options in Dubai

Dubai center

In order to operate legally in Dubai, beauty service establishments must obtain the appropriate license. The two basic license options available are the Women’s Salon License and the Men’s Salon License.

A license for a women’s salon enables the provision of a vast range of hair care treatments such as styling, coloring, washing, and trimming. Furthermore, women’s salons may also offer beauty treatments, which may include makeup application, hair removal, facial aesthetics, hair strengthening, skin cleaning, as well as manicures and pedicures. Additionally, henna services are also authorized by these salons.

A license for a Men’s Salon allows for a range of hairdressing services such as haircuts, trimming, styling and dying. Alongside these, Men’s Salons may also provide various beauty treatments including skin purification, facial aesthetics and hair removal, as well as foot care. To complete a comprehensive grooming experience, men’s salons can also offer beard and mustache treatments, which can include trimming, styling, shaping, and various grooming products like beard oil. Additionally, straight razor shaves are among the exclusive array of services offered by Men’s Salons.

No matter the type of license, Arabic beauty salons must adhere to strict regulatory standards and requirements, including health and safety regulations. These regulations ensure that customers are provided with top-quality services in a safe and sterile environment. 

Getting Your Beauty Salon Up and Running: Requirements for Licensing in Dubai

In Dubai, beauty salons are governed by the Dubai Municipality, and they need to comply with specific requirements to obtain a license to operate. These requirements ensure that the parlor is safe, hygienic, and provides high-quality services to its customers.

Getting approval from the relevant authorities is the primary prerequisite for licensing a beauty salon in Dubai. The location of the beauty salon should hold approval from the Dubai Municipality, and it should comply with all the zoning regulations set by the authorities.

The next important requisite is adequate lighting within the salon confines. The premise should have enough light to carry out all the services efficiently. The lighting should not be too bright or too dim, being comfortable for both the customers and staff.

The seating arrangement of the establishment ought to prioritize both hygiene and customer comfort. The furniture, including chairs, should boast longevity and be effortless to maintain. Adequate ventilation is ensured with a ceiling-to-floor height of at least 2.4 meters in the beauty studio.


A separate area should be selected for different beauty treatments, such as pedicures, manicures, hair removal, and henna design, as they require a particular set of equipment and tools. Each designated area should be larger than 2.50 m x 1.50 m and have a suitable partition. An area for facial and hair treatments must be equipped with a wash basin.

It is imperative that the salon’s materials are resistant to fire and adhere to the safety protocols mandated by the authorities. Regular maintenance of a water heater system is necessary to guarantee a continuous flow of hot water.

Finally, a storage area, such as a closet or cupboard, is essential for the proper organization of equipment and consumables in a beauty center. This storage space must meet certain criteria; it should be secure with a locking mechanism, easy to maintain, and regularly checked for signs of wear and tear.

What is the Process of Licensing Your Beauty Salon in Dubai?

After getting familiar with the main requirements for opening a salon in this bustling metropolis, you can proceed with bringing your intention to reality. It basically revolves around securing a license and legitimizing all the business activities to be provided. Here is how you can get into action:

Submit Your Visa and Passport

The first and foremost step towards obtaining a beauty parlor license in the UAE is to secure a residency visa and passport. For starting a business, the applicant must have a valid residency visa issued by the Dubai Immigration Department. Without it, the applicant cannot apply for a beauty salon license. If it is a joint-effort venture, you must also submit the passports and visas of all your business partners. 

Make up a Trade Name 


The second phase is to create a trade name that reflects the business and its offerings.  A trade name must comply with the Dubai Trade Name Regulations and not offend religious or cultural sentiments. Besides, the trade name should also be unique and not already in use by another business in Dubai. To obtain approval, the name should be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

The DED may reject a trade name if it is too similar to an existing trade name or if it is deemed misleading or deceptive. 

After a trade name has been given the green light, it is possible to formally register it with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Once registration has been completed, businesses can then begin the process of securing appropriate licenses and permits that will enable them to operate legally within the UAE’s business landscape.

Attain the Initial Approval 

Next, you need to get an initial license approval from the DED. This approval confirms that the proposed beauty salon complies with the UAE’s legal and regulatory requirements. The applicant will need to submit detailed documents, including floor plans and design plans, to obtain approval. 

Rent a Shop Space 

Rent a Shop Space 

Leasing a shop space in Dubai to set up a beauty salon can prove to be a more budget-friendly option as compared to investing in commercial real estate. This is particularly true if the rented space ticks all the boxes in terms of adhering to the set standards for fire safety, hygienic safety, and space conformity.

An ideal beauty salon features stunning interiors and exteriors that catch the eye of every passerby. The space must be carefully designed to ensure that every inch is utilized to perfection, with chic decor that leaves a lasting impression on clients. The immaculate hygienic standards coupled with the latest equipment and products can ensure the safety of clients and personnel. Fire safety protocols must also be in place, with all necessary measures taken to prevent any unforeseen incidents.  

Apply For the Salon License 

Upon coping with all the necessary preparations, the final crucial move is obtaining a license. To do so, prospective salon owners can apply for a license via either the DED or the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). The license requirements and procedures may vary depending on whether the company is set up on Mainland or a free zone. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainland and Free Zone Businesses


Establishing a beauty salon in mainland Dubai versus a free zone presents its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here, we outline the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

 Mainland Business Advantages: 

  • Access to a larger market. Mainland businesses have access to a larger market as they can operate within the entire UAE. 
  • More affordable. Renting commercial space in mainland Dubai is more affordable than free zones. 

  Mainland Business Disadvantages: 

  • More Regulation. Mainland businesses have to abide by more regulations and legal compliances. 
  • More Expensive Licensing Fees. Starting a mainland business involves paying for licensing fees and registration charges. 

  Free Zone Business Advantages: 

  • 100% Ownership. Free zone companies offer 100% foreign ownership of the company. 
  • Tax Exemptions. Free zone businesses offer tax exemptions and customs duty concessions. 

 Free Zone Business Disadvantages: 

  • Limited Market. Free zone businesses can operate within the free zone for the most part, limiting their market reach. 
  • More Expensive. Renting commercial space or setting up a business in free zones is more expensive than mainland Dubai.

Approximate Cost of Starting a Salon

The costs of running a salon may differ based on the salon’s size, location, and services provided. One of the major expenses is the beauty salon license cost in Dubai, which can range from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

Opening a beauty salon company in the UAE requires a significant financial investment beyond just the cost of a license. Interior design, equipment, supplies and staff salaries can add up quickly, totaling an average of AED 200,000 to AED 500,000. Marketing and advertising campaigns are also critical investments in keeping the business flourish. Although the initial financial commitments can seem intimidating, a well-managed beauty studio can generate significant returns in the thriving market of the city. 

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